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  1. I found it just by searching "AJSA"
  2. Oh, you havent tried Zhukovsky? I got it for free (idk why, just got it). Well I havend knew IL-2 has gunner in back, good to know. I just boosted my IL-2 in one historical battle and earned 25k experience. I hope more unlocks for it
  3. Great game, I have been playing for week now and Im lvl7 pilot. It is really easy to level up if you know what you are doing. Yes, I agree britain is worst to start off. I started with Soviets and Im lvl5, but zhukovsky is still best plane (besides IL-2 and MiG)
  4. I dont belive that Portal 3 will come out. Maybe more like Portal 2 : Episode 1, because valve (gabe) cannot count to 3..
  5. It is great game, from what I have seen and heard, it should cost more than 15$. But sadly I am way in debt so I cannot afford it..
  6. Rush doesnt suck. There are a lot of new players who switched and are not used for this game mode. Also I have never, ever seen anyone say GG at end of the match before Battlefield 4 came out. That is sign that lots of people switched to BF4 and used to play games where they did GG. So dont remove rush, add more interest to servers.
  7. I thought people were cheating, but its actually a bug.. Good to know, almost reported someone
  8. Hello, this is my first thread on this community who I really like. So this thread is about Caspian Border for upcoming DLC: Second Assault. Levelcap did review on it and I think this map is huge improvement and will bring more dynamic gameplay and tactics into battle.
  9. This got me thinking of getting Premium. Caspian border is do badass. For price of 2 DLC's I can buy premium on web at that price.
  10. Normal. I recently played on HC server and after playing on Normal server for 2 years, it is hard to get used to no spotting, no HUD. Also snipers ruin whole experience, there is like 50% of snipers on maps.
  11. I started with Bad Company 2 (who is best battlefield yet). I had enough of Call of Duty, and I was only playing CoD4. Buying BC2 was best gaming decision ever. Then my friends bought BF3 so I had to buy too to play with them, I was dissapointed because you cannot destroy every builing like in BC2. BF4 came, with such errors and bugs I regret buying it so early.
  12. I am same: Powelus (I use this name also as music producer) and I play mostly as engineer, but now learning to scope as its different than BF3
  13. First of all, I used to love Call of Duty untill they screwed up game and made it totally repetitive. I vote yes if only is for Modern Warfare (Call Of Duty 4).
  14. Cheating is for the weak who have no joy of unlocking items and finishing game normal way. Their fun is sadly to enjoy someones anger after paying $60 for game and get owned by some noob cheater. No, I would never cheat and I don't understand how low you have to be to think of doing that.
  15. Many problems actually. Random freezing (now less of freezing), audio gets lost, crashing on levolution events, very long loading. EA, you did it again, well done (sarcasm)