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Everything posted by RogueKnightKisuke93

  1. Out of all the consoles I've played, I personally enjoy handheld consoles more than normal consoles. Seeing that I'm a bit scorned that there's nothing good on the vita other than terrible indies with piss poor games (and the fact that a Vita 2 is nothing but a fleeting dream), I'm just wondering if the Switch will be worth my time and money as a portable console for this year. It's a stupid question, but I usually like to ask other communities before I buy my consoles/games.
  2. Bought it for PS4, and I love it more than Tri, Freedom, Freedom 2, and Freedom Unite combined. I might get into some multiplayer, but I'll see how far I can go solo before I perform a perfect dive into the multiplayer. While I'm at it, I might as well share some info for multiplayer. Character: Karyl Korrigan Preferred weapons: Switch Axe (my comfort weapon), Long Sword (if I'm in the mood), and Charge Blade (getting the hang of it, and again, if I'm in the mood) Palico: Ratatoskr
  3. Banned, because I was not worthy to hold The Ban Hammer.
  4. You're not alone. Take it from me, I was pretty much the emotional punching bag from elementary all the way to 8th grade, and gaining friends was no easy task for me (Not to mention my parents would always fight 3-4 times a week). Gaming was pretty much my only way to wash out all the terrible shit I went through school wise and home wise. It wasn't until High School where I became The Cool Cat Gamer. Till this very day, I can easily gain friends, but at the same time I still struggle to physically socialize. You can say the gaming world is where I feel more welcomed and at home, (regardless of preferred console and skills) where as in certain parts of the real world, I feel like the main character from "Welcome to the NHK". Gaming is my way to gain friends and socialize, and I'm always grateful for that.
  5. Ugh.....where oh where do I begin. Well, let's start from the top. Death Note is considered to be one of my favorite anime/manga series of all time. Despite the second half bullshit, it was mostly creative, and a blast to both read and watch. It had good morals like the question of what is good/evil, and how people can have their own views on justice. Netflix's take on this is dumbed down...waaaaayyyyy dumbed down. For starters; in the anime/manga, Light Yagami is a highly intelligent student who's respected by everyone, and later on starts to form a godly complex. For some reason, they turned him into a semi-whiny d-bag who no one respects, and his name is Light Turner. If Timmy Turner is related to this guy, that would be hilarious. He discovers the Death Note and bumps into a Shinigami called Ryuk in school. Now, here is where the problem begins. In the movie, Ryuk pretty much tells Light what to do where-as in the anime/manga, he mostly sticks to the background. He rarely interferes, and provides some commentary/humor. Oh, and Light has a girlfriend, and he shares the Death Note with her just to get laid, but she can't see Ryuk, because the owner can only see the Shinigami......even though the anime/manga points out that anyone can see the Shinigami whenever someone touches the Death Note. On top of that; Light and his so called girlfriend are called Kira..........*Chugging on a full bottle of sangria* After a few murders, L appears in a crime scene that happened in a strip club. First, Lakeith Stanfield is a pretty good actor, but I don't see him as L. He's mostly too whiny and he sounds like one of those kids from school who thinks he/she knows everything. Second, L never reveals himself. He mostly communicates through a laptop with an L on the screen, and a few trusted police officers can communicate with him physically (including Light Yagami later on). Here, he just goes out and about on public dressing up like a piss poor character from Watch Dogs. The hunt for Kira is nowhere near as exciting and intriguing as the anime/manga (in fact, I had a hard time trying to stay awake). So skipping ahead, L's assistant gets killed before he reveals L's true name to Light, and his so called girlfriend double crosses him by writing his name on the Death Note. The police starts to chase Light, and L goes after him in every clichรฉd movie chase you've ever seen. Light somehow escapes from L, and takes his double crossed girlfriend go into a Ferris wheel where the girlfriend dies in a mere amount of minutes. Light survives, his father finds out about Light's true identity and his ridiculous plan, and L is determining whether or not he's going to write Light's name on a Death Note page. This is by far the worst adaptation movie I have ever seen. Williem Dafoe as Ryuk and the gory scenes were the best, but it's not enough to save this unbearable movie. As much as I don't like number scores, I'm giving Netflix's Death Note an epic fail. Have you seen this movie? What are your thoughts and/or opinions on Netflix's Death Note?
  6. Banned because.....I am a necromancer.
  7. .....Quite honestly, I love it. I wish Guilty Gear can be part of the cross battle, but I love it.
  8. Best Zombie Levels: World at War, Black Ops 1, and half of Black Ops 2 (Mob of the Dead, Origins, Nuketown, Town, and Buried ftw) Best Customizations (Campaign, Multiplayer, and Zombies): Black Ops 2 Best Campaign/Multiplayer: Modern Warfare 1 Update: Black Ops 3 would be my runner up for Best Zombie Levels, but the lack of map customizations and the fact that they force you to perform these tedious easter eggs turned me off. HOWEVER; Kevin Sherwood is amazing, and it's nice to hear Elena Siegman again.
  9. Too true, and I'm very excited that Jubei is finally playable. It's always refreshing to have another good year from Arc System, and I've heard some slightly old rumors that they're planning on adopting Melty Blood. If they can do that, they can take all of my money and I would give them a hug.
  10. Ain't that the bitter truth. I'm looking at you Kingdom Hearts. >_>
  11. Nothing but Unit 13, Grand Kingdom, Nioh, Planetside 2, Doom, Darkest Dungeon, Variant Story, Binding of Isaac Rebirth, and Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army Trilogy. Nioh's DLC will be out a week and a half and The Crimson Court will be out August 22 (hopefully) on PSN. So it's pretty much a DLC drought for me. If they ever decided to make a Lord of The Rings HD Collection (Say The Two Towers, Return of the King, Conquest, and The Third Age) that will be my anti-drought game right there.
  12. My favorites: 1&2 PS1 version, 4, 6, Crisis Core, 8 (biggest guilty pleasure), and 9. Least Favorite: 10 because I really didn't enjoy the protagonist Tidus (The rest of the characters were ok and everything else didn't really catch my attention) and 11 because.....Shantotto.
  13. That is tragic. All I can say is that they better go balls deep on the future Tekken, and for god's sake fire that boring narrator and replace him with someone that's more charismatic.
  14. Unit 13 (Vita) A military cover shooter that is done right. While there is hardly a story, the game makes up for it with a lot of replay-ability. There are 4 types of missions out of the 36 total missions in the game: Action (standard missions that can be done through any style), Deadline (Time based missions), Infiltration (typical Stealth missions), and Elite (Which is the hardest mission type in the game. You basically complete tasks with a health bar that can only be replenished once a task is done, and the checkpoints can be very stingy). There's also a dynamic mode which randomizes the difficulty, length, enemies, and objections making the replay value extremely high. At the end of a mission you get stars depending on your score that will eventually unlock High Value Target missions. HVT are special missions where you have to kill terrorist leaders under high resistance areas, and some are extremely hard if you go in guns blazing COD style. There are 6 characters that are unique from one another along with a progression system that gives you more weapons and abilities to unlock. My only small complaint is that the weapon variety is very short, and you can't equip enemy weapons like the AK-47, AK-47U, RPK, etc. CO-OP is a blast, but it's a ghost town right now. If you own a Vita, this is a definite must have game for a portable shooter.
  15. I just got done with Castlevania on Netflix. It's very short (4 episodes), but it's a good rated R show.
  16. It can be anything: - Favorite/ least favorite enemies/bosses. - Bosses/enemies in a nutshell. - hype for The Crimson Court coming to the PS4 and Vita. - tips, stories (good and bad), etc.
  17. Well well. Looks like the new target release date for the Crimson Court on the PSN is pushed to August 22. Still hyped though.
  18. Welcome to the AJSA future comrade.
  19. Nioh is perhaps one of the best games of 2017, and it has my vote for Game of the Year. As for the worst...well I'm with Crazycrab. To me there's nothing new to the table for Nintendo and the Switch is just like the Vita, but with less features. I don't see why it's so highly praised, nor will I understand the hype. In fact, I'm already worn out from the ones that like to trash talk whenever I enjoy my Vita (hell, anything that's not made by Nintendo).
  20. I played the Crimson Court on my friend's PC. I actually like it. While it does suck that the torches are only good for burning the nests and the Croc boss can be a pain sometimes, but you'll get a lot of bang for your buck. The courtyard maps are huge, but if you leave, it will save the progress of that area and lets you pick up right where you left off. The Crimson Curse is also a cool feature, but it's unwise to have your cursed parties mixed in with your normal heroes (church, sanitarium, bar) since that will spread the curse faster and your cursed heroes will eventually die if you don't feed them blood. Districts are another great way to expand the Hamlet. Districts are additional buildings that can give small boosts like gold, stress healing, food, and passive boosts on your heroes. As for the flagellant...omg I love him as a frontline healer. While his damage and heal over time isn't impressive, but when his health is < 50%, stressed out, and his punishment skill, that's where he really shines. Think of him as like Lucario, the more damage he absorbs the stronger he becomes. Whenever he's on Death's Door....
  21. Grand Kingdom: PS4/Vita This game is an interesting RPG with a few twists in the line. I actually picked this up on a mid year sale for $20 and it's a bit pricy for $40. The campaign (if you can call it that) involves with you and your group of mercenaries fighting other mercenaries until an annoying nation steps in and thinks it's a great idea to summon demons and rule the world. The campaign is nice and all, BUT there are some difficulty spikes within the campaign. Take for instance the final guild chapter where you have to fight 4 tough bosses that are challenging, but mostly fair only to find out that you have to fight six people while you can only hold up to 4 members (3 if you have a Dragon Mage in your party) and they can steamroll your party in minutes. No joke, I had a party of Lv 37 (dragon mage, fighter, and paladin) with some of the best skills and gear, and two lv 26 enemies reduced their health 50% ( oh and you can't do anything to retaliate that other than sucky healing skills that do squat). On top of that if you fail that unfair fight, you have to do the entire mission all over again.....FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!! Do yourself a favor, max ou your party members before you do the final campaign mission, because the final enemies are cheap and they can cause a major heartache if you don't have party members that contain 100+ defense and 1000+ health. Aside the annoying campaign is the multiplayer aspect. You have four factions to choose from a form a timely contract with them. Depending on the length and the likeness of that faction , you can get a mix between gold, exp boosts, and new gear for you and your squad. There are two ways you can increase the reputation for the factions: Going to war where you can meet other online players and have a strategic battle with them or complete missions from those faction ranging from trivial quests to BS verses quests where the cpu cheats on those missions oh so commonly. It's an addicting rpg, but I would recommend other rpgs that are mostly fair and doesn't rely on a lot of grinding that can take days to max out one character.
  22. Uff I feel your pain. Him, Flesh, and Hag are some of the trickiest boss fights if you don't have long ranged characters with or without bleed. The best build I had for the Prophet was: Vestal/Highwayman/ Man at Arms/Leper. I always bring heavy hitters because if you destroy those wooden obstacles, you can get a hefty amount of gold after the fight. I wouldn't recommend destroying all of the wooden obstacles, just enough for your frontline heavies to hit him where it hurts. Man at arms is really good due to his bolster( increases your dodge and speed for two turns) and retribution. As for vestal: single heal if you have one hero at Death's door, group heal if you have more than one hero at Death's door (Make sure your Vestals have at least two healing trinkets). Hellions, Arbalest, Houndmasters, Bounty Hunters, and Jesters are good for those long distant fights. Abominations and Flagellants (If you have the Crimson Court on PC since it might be mid July for the release of the dlc on PS4 and Vita) are good too if you want to go for a high risk high reward approach. Occultists are also good to soften those high damaging attacks (Just be prepared for those infuriating 0 & bleed healing). I also recommend buying all the holy water and anti blight potions to make the fight less heartbreaking. Keep in mind that the RNG plays an important roll too. I had a few runs where he fumigates my party quite rarely, while other runs he did it like it was going out of style. One more thing: if you ever fight the Swine Prince, DO NOT attack Wilbur. Let's just say I had a bad time when I did it on my first blind play-through.
  23. Welcome to the AJSA.