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  1. Faravahar1200 liked a post in a topic by RogueKnightKisuke93 in How I lost my social life to gaming   
    You're not alone. Take it from me, I was pretty much the emotional punching bag from elementary all the way to 8th grade, and gaining friends was no easy task for me (Not to mention my parents would always fight 3-4 times a week). Gaming was pretty much my only way to wash out all the terrible shit I went through school wise and home wise. It wasn't until High School where I became The Cool Cat Gamer. Till this very day, I can easily gain friends, but at the same time I still struggle to physically socialize. You can say the gaming world is where I feel more welcomed and at home, (regardless of preferred console and skills) where as in certain parts of the real world, I feel like the main character from "Welcome to the NHK".  Gaming is my way to gain friends and socialize, and I'm always grateful for that.
  2. RogueKnightKisuke93 liked a post in a topic by Shagger in Should video games be accessible to everyone?   
    Personally, I have to disagree. Whether people want a proper challenge in a game or to causually breeze through and enjoy the story, style and whatever else in a game then that should be thier choice, plus that's what higher and lowel difficulty settings are for. There are, of cource, exceptions. Games for very young children need to be designed to not frustrate them and there are games like Cuphead and Dark Souls that are designed to test the limits of your skill and patience to ultimately improve both and make you feel empowered for progressing and accomplishing. I truely get it, but 9 times out of 10 when a game is badly balenced, especially with limited difficulty settings, that's a flaw. Making games like this is often a way to pad them out, cover up bad AI (Demon Souls being a prime example of that), bad control set up or shitty stories. Look at Horizon: Zero Dawn, a game with literally none of those things, but it's still a challenging game. Easy to play, but not easy. Still, it gives one the option to make it a "turn on the death counter" nightmare or a casual breeze if all you want is to enjoy it's other elements without unnecessary frustration. That, to me, is an example of this done right.
    It's created another problem as well, elitist ass holes. I mean, what is wrong when somebody is stuggling with a section in a game, goes to a forum or something like that to seek advice and instead of being answered with, "Well, I tried this and it seemed to work..." they're met with, "Git Gud!" and all that stupid bollocks these idiots say. I know the creation of these monsters are not the fault of the games, but this is a consequence that probably won't have happened or at least be greatly reduced is these games were designed differently.
  3. RogueKnightKisuke93 liked a post in a topic by Kaz32 in Sooo.....Let's Talk about Netflix's Death Note.   
    Just watched it on Netflix. It's, actually not as horrible as I feared. Even though the way people die in this film is more like Final Destination with its ridiculous circumstances and is fucking dumb as hell, the way the Death Note is used in this film is clever, like usual. However, Mia being unable to see Ryuk even though she used the Death Note, and the "if your burn the note with a person's name already in it, they will live" rule are complete bullshit!
    William Dafoe as Ryuk is perfect. He's pretty much the only guy that's faithful to the anime. It's what I expect Death Note to be like in a different country other than Japan and if the people using them are different from the original anime/manga/live action Japanese films.
    Only problem is whoever made this film just had to make this a remake of Death Note in US, and completely changed a lot of the characters. Light Turner that's pretty much not an egomaniacal genius killer but instead a teenage emo teen which is not as insane as Yagami but instead more like a reasonable Punisher esque person that only kills criminals and not the police?? Mia Sutton that is a complete evil bitch that uses Light for her own gain?? An L that is more like Marcus from Watch Dogs 2 but a lot more vengeful which makes him the same as Light Yagami?? WHAT ARE THESE HORRIBLE CHANGES??? These characters are NOT the same as the Japanese counterparts at all! It's like that Godawful Dragon Ball Evolution film where Goku is a whinny high schooler with teenage drama bullshit! What have they done to you people?? WHAT HAVE THEY DONE???
  4. KairiKGaming liked a post in a topic by RogueKnightKisuke93 in Philippine Representative for the Angry Army   
    Welcome to the AJSA future comrade.
  5. MastersunGaming liked a post in a topic by RogueKnightKisuke93 in I have been following Joe on Youtube Since 2009 - New to the AJSA Website   
    Welcome to the AJSA.
  6. Raxyn liked a post in a topic by RogueKnightKisuke93 in Looking to play with a Angry Army group in Planetside 2.   
    I think I missed the party. I was on from 6:30-8:00 pm EST Friday, then I logged off and played something else. =/
  7. RogueKnightKisuke93 liked a post in a topic by argetlam350 in Cheating In Dark Souls 3   
    What gets people banned, unfortunately, is that the person who is cheating might drop an item to "GIVE" to the player. This item was no doubt cheated into the game which however Fromsoftware does cheat detection is why people get banned. Unfortunately the innocent party picks up the item and thus the cheat system thinks they are cheating because they have a cheated weapon so they get banned. So the lesson is, if there is a cheater and they drop an item, don't pick it up.
    If you run into a cheater who wants to fight well your choices pretty much resolve around, killing yourself, getting to the boss fog door, or finding the means to trick them into falling off an edge. But you shouldn't be banned if you are invaded by a cheater, only if you pick up something that was dropped by the cheater.
  8. Kaz32 liked a post in a topic by RogueKnightKisuke93 in Awesome obscure game music & hidden well known game music thread.   
    My favorite tracks from these under the radar fighting gems.
  9. RogueKnightKisuke93 liked a post in a topic by Lazilot in Awesome obscure game music & hidden well known game music thread.   
    "Cover me you f*ckin dim diode! We can't leave until this god damn piece of sh*t is fixed."
    Honestly this game is just fun as hell; I mean it's got Lasers, Explosions, A BS racing section (which is only worth it for the kickass music as seen above) some comedy and a shit ton of profanity!
    What's not to love?
  10. RogueKnightKisuke93 liked a post in a topic by Raxyn in Looking to play with a Angry Army group in Planetside 2.   
    As soon as I get home I'll head on. I can also start a party chat so we all can chat together without having to hope the one in game works lol
  11. Raxyn liked a post in a topic by RogueKnightKisuke93 in Looking to play with a Angry Army group in Planetside 2.   
    Let's see....TR would either be Ra Ra Rasputin or Moscow, NC would be America Fuck Yeah, and Vanu is a bit tricky. I can see Daft Punk, but I think this would work too since the spandex is a big give away.
  12. Raxyn liked a post in a topic by RogueKnightKisuke93 in Looking to play with a Angry Army group in Planetside 2.   
    It's like my old moto from God Eater: if your going to slay your enemies, slay them with style.
  13. Cyborg-Rox liked a post in a topic by RogueKnightKisuke93 in mass effect andromeda   
    For Andromeda, let's just say the visuals at launch went something like this....
  14. RogueKnightKisuke93 liked a post in a topic by Raxyn in Looking to play with a Angry Army group in Planetside 2.   
    Yeah, same here...but still I'm happy with my Vanu look right now...took a whole new helmet and armor set and then got some tinting so I can look like a Cyber Knight...I'm a nerd so sue me XD
  15. Raxyn liked a post in a topic by RogueKnightKisuke93 in Looking to play with a Angry Army group in Planetside 2.   
    Sounds good to me. I'm down with TR or NC.
  16. RogueKnightKisuke93 liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in A real INJUSTICE (rant)   
    To late and you kind of answered your own question.........  It's clear that everybody is already getting their shitty, wallet raping ideas from Blizzard.
    I'm sick of Microtransactions... COMPLETELY!  It seems like every multiplayer game that have comes out lately is a half-assed cash in full of this crap.  I haven't played a multiplayer, or at least the multiplayer section of a game in a while and not I'm sure I ever will again if this trend continues!.
    I will give this game a little more slack in that (if it is as they claim) it's not Pay to Win or a fucking retarded RNG lootcrate lottery that forces you to pay or play over and over like a dumb gambling goblin.  However this level 20 boost, morphing, shaders and cosmetic adjustment crap is STILL annoying.  If I'm going to spend the extra money I rather just go to a simple storefront, throw a couple of quid at the stupid Adam West Batman suit and just play it!

  17. RogueKnightKisuke93 liked a post in a topic by Raxyn in Looking to play with a Angry Army group in Planetside 2.   
    I've been practicing again this weekend to get back up to snuff. Then I got tired at how dull my soldier looked so I got a subscription to the game, bought some nifty looking duds and now I look like a Knight.
    On an actual productive note, I've found that I'm still really liking playing the Engi but I also have a knack for playing the Heavy as well and have a fondness for driving, so that could come in handy for training if we get that far. Let's all see about having a day where we all get together and practice together being in a squad since I bet it's been a while for all of us.
  18. Raxyn liked a post in a topic by RogueKnightKisuke93 in Looking to play with a Angry Army group in Planetside 2.   
    lol Excellent. I have a few ideas for the outfit (if it's possible that is).
    - We're going to need events. Normally weekends/Summer days are the perfect  for events. It should be both lengthy and flexible enough for fellow comrades to attend.
    - Power/command checks to prevent players from abusing their rank.
    - Second in commands/ backup leaders just in case if the main leaders are unable to attend.
    - A strict, but not too strict policy. We should avoid troll kills and keep the friendly fires to a minimum.
    - Comrades are free to suggest strategy ideas and open minded suggestions.
  19. RogueKnightKisuke93 liked a post in a topic by Raxyn in Looking to play with a Angry Army group in Planetside 2.   
    This is all amazing ideas! We would need to talk to @Withastick to see about setting up PS4 events but I think it could be done  He's the PS4 commander in charge.
    As for your points, I have a few answers for them.
    -If we can set up community events, we could have them during the Saturday Game Nights thing they have, so that helps out folks.
    -The best way to start those checks to give the respect of command to whoever we decide on being in charge of the group itself as much as whoever is the host for the game nights and/or the community forums and such. Showing that respect will give others the idea that they should do the same. If there are those who don't, they get kicked. That lets others know that this person has the power to get things done and deserves said respect. As for a ranking structure, we could somehow incorporate the rank system for armor into that maybe?
    -The best way to get a policy running is to borrow from groups that are still around. That should be too hard to find and adjust here on the forums really with all the active groups that are still playing.
    -I think that's a good idea but I do have reservations on what could happen if everybody has an idea and nobody license ya know?
  20. Raxyn liked a post in a topic by RogueKnightKisuke93 in Looking to play with a Angry Army group in Planetside 2.   
    Well, you know what they say: Rome wasn't built in a day.
    It's always nice to look at the big picture here, but try to look at this like a plant seed. It starts out small, but if you give it enough nurture and time, it can grow into something large like a tree or something. Who knows, if we could spread some good reputation, we can get more recruits, and the AJSA outfit could return to it's former glory.
  21. Raxyn liked a post in a topic by RogueKnightKisuke93 in Looking to play with a Angry Army group in Planetside 2.   
    Fair enough. I do have Heavy Assault characters on all factions, but I play my heavies depending on my mood. Most of the times it's TR/NC, and VS gets some attention every now and then.  I also like to keep a sharp eye on the map as well and provide some helpful strategies, but they can backfire if all factions get involved with one area.
    Let's see..my TR is SassyGhost - main weapon: Le Bull
    NC is ClassyGhost - main weapon: EM6
    VS is BrimstoneWolf - main weapon: Orion for now, though it's going to be either SVA-88 or Flare later on (I wanted to name him SpicyBum  just for shiggles, but I stuck with a semi-cool name).
    Assault, suppression, and defending positions are my specialties. 
  22. RogueKnightKisuke93 liked a post in a topic by Raxyn in Looking to play with a Angry Army group in Planetside 2.   
    I generally play Vanu and I love playing the Engi but wouldn't mind playing the other factions so we can all play on one set.
  23. Raxyn liked a post in a topic by RogueKnightKisuke93 in Looking to play with a Angry Army group in Planetside 2.   
    If you're planning on reviving or creating an AJSA group/outfit on the PS4 version, I'm in. I'm normally a TR/NC Heavy Assault, so you just tell me where to go and where to capture.
  24. RogueKnightKisuke93 liked a post in a topic by Ranisel in Bosses that Intimidate you.   
    This motherfucker is just... even his name sounds intimidating as fuck, Dettlaff... it sounds lik Death Laugh .
    He's a vampire but he ain't sparkling and garlic won't do you any good... especially when he enters second phase and he's like:

    And you can't even kill him, Silver can only damage him but he will regenerate, you need another higher vampire to finish him off. Which means confrontation is not advised.
    But honestly, what could he do to you to frighten you so much? Sure he can eat you alive, rip you apart or stab you with his nails and that's that, a painful death, there are worse things than that... and that is being tortured "till the stars expire".

    Gaunter O'Dimm, initials spell out GOD, not much is known about him in the Witcher universe, just that he's been around for thousands of years, each culture mentioning him. Someone who grants your wishes, always with a twist, then comes to collect... He can manipulate time, and there are no known ways to harm or kill him. His only weakness is his ego, he thinks nobody can outsmart him on his wordplay, and so his boss fight is basically navigating through a nightmare as you struggle to solve his riddle, and be betrayed.
    There's actually a song, or rather a lullaby you can overhear from children while playing the game, it's creepy as fuck: 
    "His smile fair as spring as towards him he draws you. His tongue sharp and silvery as he implores you. Your wishes he grants as he swears to adore you, gold , silver , jewels - he lays riches before you. Dues need be repaid, and he will come for you. All to reclaim, no smile to console you. He'll snare you in bonds, eyes glowing a'fire. To gore and torment you till the stars expire."
    And as if purposefully designed to crank the creep dile to 11, children are singing it:
    Chilling... but this is one of few games with such villains I enjoy so much. I'm usually not a fan of the whole "Gods are real, so is heaven and hell" like in Warcraft it's hinted and in Elder Scrolls with the Oblivion Plains but.. I don't know, I suppose given the Conjunction of the Spheres lore, there might be a whole world of psycho, allpowerful 4th dimension fucks like him but... I still liked the expansion.
    And lastly of course I wouldn't be able to forgive myself were I to skip World of Warcraft, that game has no shortage of intimidating Bosses like Nefarian, Ragnaros , Arthas and Illidan and many others but for me, it has to be Kael'Thas:
    Honestly I think this brings up a very good question, what's more important for a game... to have interesting, memorable characters playable or to have them as Bosses? Kael'Thas and Illidan specifically in my opinion fell victims to horrendous writing, as you see they are not villains, not in Warcraft III at least, at worst you can call them anti-heroes, but in The Burning Crusade you might as well paint twirly mustaches over their lips because they've completely went mad, both of them.
    Each took 180* on their original Character, but nonetheless the Boss fights are still the fondest memories of many Azerothian adventurers and so I ask myself whether this was the right decision? Because, if they were Allies to the player, they would be easily forgotten and would be largely irrelevant, they might have a cutscene or two in which they are awesome, but in-game they would just stand around, wait for the players to kill the Boss and then they would be credited with the good deed at the end.
    I have no doubt that the developers of days past in The Burning Crusade would have came up with other epic characters to battle in order to save the day but... I am skeptical whether they would look cooler than these guys.
    Anyway, this was a really interesting question to ask, thanks.
  25. Raxyn liked a post in a topic by RogueKnightKisuke93 in Bosses that Intimidate you.   
    Bosses are fun, bosses are cool, bosses can provide miserable memories just like school....
    Semi Caddy joke aside, bosses are pretty much the best to provide good lore/story and a decent challenge to us the players. You have good bosses that will stick with us for years to come, bosses that make us laugh and cringe due to their poor design, and you have bosses that intimidate the shit out of us regardless of skill. After beating the Ogress on Nioh (personally the spookiest boss in the game), I thought it would be interesting to create a topic about bosses that would intimidate us and why.
    I'll start this off with my "Holy Trinity":
    Mysterious Stranger (Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep): Out of all the secret bosses in Kingdom Hearts, this one intimidated me the most. After completing the story, you have two little nightmares to deal with: Lingering Spirit Vanitas (aka the mother fucker who loves to steal your healing stuff), and the Mysterious Stranger who is a young Xemnas. If I had to describe this fight in a nutshell, I would say think of Sephiroth from KH1 on pure cocaine.  This guy.....This guy can 2 shot you no matter the level and defense. He leaves a very small window of opportunities to strike back, and to make matters worse, he clones himself into five/six nightmare fuels that terrify me every single time. To this day, I can't even beat him with or without the cheese.
    False King Allant (Demon's Souls): Let's go back to the day long before the annoying git guders existed. Throughout the game, we had very little information about this guy. We didn't know what he looks like nor the capabilities, but all we knew he had relations to that one knight whom I already forgot his name and was the one who made the entire world a mess. So after killing his son, we head up the elevator only to be greeted by one of the leading conductors to the pain train. When those organs to the main theme kicks in, he doesn't play around(Nor does he play forgivingly). He's agile, fast, and has a grapple attack that delevels your soul level by one (and it stacks). Not to mention he has shockwaves that can go through your shields, and let me tell you they hurt. Sure you can make him less intimidating just by cheesing it (use two thief rings, go through the door, hang back and empty all the arrows you own, and finish him off), but it's horrifying to fight him fair and square.
    I saved the best one for last...
    Feral Chaos (Final Fantasy Dissidia 012): This guy.....this thing haunts my subconscious and dreams more than all the bosses I fought combined (The Dancer from Dark Souls 3 was close, but not close enough). I will never forget that day when I stared up this game and I talked to that lying son of a bitch moogle: Cid. When he asked if I was good at this game, I felt pretty confident and said yes.....only for this game to throw me into a pit with a lv 1 Lightning against a lv 255 Feral Chaos. I shat myself when I saw that on the loading screen, and it took me 30 minutes...30 minutes to push X and I got desecrated by this monster. "Ok" so I thought "Maybe if I come back with stronger characters, I can take him on".....famous....last.....words. Sure God in Fire was a cool track (hell, it's one of my favorite boss tracks throughout Final Fantasy), but Cantata Mortis made the fight very intimidating along with his bullshit summon. It is possible to fight it without the cheese, if you have the mad skills of a professional (or a god) in order to achieve that. I lost so many times to the point where I gave up, came back with Kuja, went up to the very tippy top of the arena, and spammed Ultima like a madman. Not to mention the EX mode. It's fun as hell when you do it, but it's terrifying when the npc does it and comes after you like that truck from Sonic Adventure 2 (oh and those monstrous roars.....T_T).
    Are there any video game bosses that Intimidate you?
    Which boss or bosses intimidate you the most and why?