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    Somewhere around Hamburg
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    Gaming, Military History, Management Theory, Scuba Diving, Metal

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About Me

About me


Being born in Hamburg, Germany I spent most of my childhood living in its suburbs. Nonetheless I lived for 4 years of my childhood in The Hague, Netherlands where I began to appreciate cultural diversity and foreign languages. To further broaden my horizon I decided to study abroad and thus completed my Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Management in the United Kingdom and am now studying for my Masters Degree in the same subject. Having been a student offered me a ton of free time thus far, which I mostly spend on the AJSA teamspeak, playing games or chilling with other members.


I myself am aside from computer games very interested in Military History, especially from the Napoleonic Wars onwards with an emphasis on central Europe. Aside from that I am a scuba diver, holding an Advanced Open Water Diver certification, with about 75 dives on my record. Although my last big interest sounds very dry, I am interested in Management Theory, especially in terms of Motivational Theories (which is one of the reasons I study Human Resource Management in the first place).




I myself was introduced to gaming at quite a young age, albeit at a very basic level from which I gradually developed into a true gamer over the years. I still remember that among the first games I played where Star Wars: Shadow of the Empire, Sim City 2000, Age of Empires I and Lego Island. I am primarily a PC gamer and have only ever owned a single console, namely a PS3. Whilst my genre preference was changing and evolving over the years, I have by now developed a liking for Strategy Games and Simulations. Nonetheless I am still playing Planetside 2, wherein I invested thus far over 1500 hours. Aside from that I basically play everything that gets my attention.


My History and my current role within the AJSA



Shortly after joining the community in November 2013, I decided that I wanted to be a part of the staff. Nonetheless my ambitions where very basic; I aimed for a Sergeant position, on which I was content to remain.



This position was granted to me in Planetside 2 after applying for said position and taking charge of a squad during the first operation. Although I was unfamiliar with teamspeak and its whisper lists, as well as being relatively new to leading, I still did a decent enough job to be recommended by Officer Sparro.



During the early months my fellow Sergeant Wildfox99 (who is now a Commander) formed a permanent squad for PS2, which for the lack of a better name recommendation remained with the provisional name Fox Squad. I joined said squad pretty much immediately and was one of the admins for it. Whilst Wildfox99 was promoted to Officer for his initiative and leadership capabilities, I remained a Sergeant under him. In this time frame I started to withdraw rather slowly from ingame leading and took on more of an administrative and advisory role.



After some members of the staff - most notably Officer Weynard - left the PS2 staff around April 2014, to pursue employment in other games within the AJSA, I was approached by Wildfox99, who inquired whether I would be interested in a position as an Officer. Being taken completely by surprise, I stuttered an incohesive and vague answer, yet it introduced me to the idea of taking on more responsibility. By the time DoctorEvil formally offered my said Officer position, I had given the proposition some thought and accepted it.



However my responsibilities were not defined and a clear Mission was not stated. This was around the time of the 24 hour Op, after which Wildfox99 was officially promoted to the leader of the game. To make these major changes to the leadership structure even more severe, Wildfox99 had to leave for a Military drill for 2 weeks right after the 24 hour Op, which left the staff in a bit of disarray. Nonetheless upon Wildfox99s return, things stabilized.


Following these events, my focus shifted even more from ingame leading to being the administrative Officer. Whilst my responsibilities were still not defined and I was not yet informally referred to as being the one in charge of the spreadsheets, I still was running most paperwork by then. This caused problems during the summer, wherein I went on a month-long leave for an internship with the German Military, where I only had internet access during work hours. In this time period Angry Joe announced (without giving much of a warning) that PS2 would be the official game, completely overwhelming our leadership capacities with sheer numbers. After returning I found that the staff had been significantly increased and Wildfox99 became a Commander, which furthered my relevance as the Master of the Spreadsheets.



During the autumn of 2014 Wildfox99s game launcher broke, preventing him from playing the game itself. The customer support was not helpful, meaning the problem never really got fixed and thus Wildfox99 was slowly delegating more responsibility to PS2 Officer Dark Templar (in charge of events) and myself. Having worked out a work routine, things remained rather stable.



In January 2015 Wildfox99 approached me, informally telling me that he would formally promote me to the leader of the game, with the justification that by now I knew what to do and me having to go through Wildfox99 was a mere formality. However things did deteriorate rather fast from that point, for various reasons. One of them was the release of H1Z1, which used the same engine as PS2 and was apparently run through the same server block. This decreased the performance of PS2 significantly, with the ping rising on all servers. This was further worsened by the disgruntled playerbase of H1Z1, who launched multiple DDOS attacks on the servers, taking them either down or causing significantly higher ping. I myself could not play the game for most of February and part of March, seeing as my ping was usually above 800 ms, with long lasting ping spikes going up all the way to 230.000 ms. Additionally with the acquisition of SOE and the firing of half a dozen PS2 devs, things where looking rather grim for the game. For the most part it was buggy and unpolished in that period, with the ping making playing impossible for many players. This caused our numbers to plummet and the atmosphere surrounding the game turned toxic quite fast.



Thus we decided to officially call an end to the second campaign of PS2. Whilst the ping problems were fixed in early March and even the bugs were slowly being addressed, we decided to pull out, seeing as the damage had already been done. Thus the final Op of PS2 took place on the 14th of March 2015, after which the game lost its official game status.



In response to my AJSA-specific unemployment after PS2 lost its official game status, I got approached by DoctorEvil with a new assignment on the 21st of March. He tasked me to fulfil his vision; namely to create a new division for the Angry Army, scouting out potential new games for it and ascertaining their popularity. And thus I was put in charge and tasked with the creation of the Expeditionary Force (EF). Ysnar was recommended to me as my first co-member of the Expeditionary Conclave (EC), tasked with building and running the EF. We also invited AverageSpacePope, Agosparti and Crazykidsbite to join us, due their specific leadership, planning and interpersonal skills we observed to varying degrees in them. Successfully keeping the creation of the EF a secret, it was teased on the 1st of May and officially announced on the 8th.



To break the ice, we decided to choose Star Wars: Battlefront II as the first game for the EF. With the interest in what some have lovingly dubbed the "AJSA ADD Brigade" being quite high, we received a lot of players and also quite a few applications for our temporary Sergeant positions. Among those we received an application from AJSA media Sergeant ArisingFlame, who runs the Community Youtube channel. Because of his unique positions and talents, we decided to employ him as a permanent Sergeant (which we initially didn't anticipate).


With my new position as a Commander I was now also able to become the PoC (Point of Contact) for different games within the community. Being now the only member of the High Command who played Mount & Blade actively, I took over duties as PoC for that game from Commander Seph, enabling me to now formally offer support and guidance to the Mount & Blade casual leader Crazykidsbite and the leader of the competitive regiment Balthazar.



To honour what is by now a classic among games, we chose to support Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for the EF during the month of July. The game had quite a lot of active players, especially with the game being offered for a discount on Steam shortly before we started the game. Thus our server was always full during the events, seeing as public players constantly flooded in. Sadly during that month EC member Ysnar formally resigned from the Conclave, seeing as IRL things would keep him from playing with us for a long time. As such he nominated ArisingFlame as his replacement and the fact that Flame was already helping us out greatly, there was no objection to his promotion.


At the same time, Planetside 2 received official game status again, after General Bravo (with Crazykidsbite as his second) started to hold events again under the supervision of Commander Seph and later Commander Eiousx. As such I also volunteered for this game as a PoC, seeing as I worked with most members of the current staff before in this and other games.



The third game of the EF was decided to be Rocket League. At that time it had only been released for a very short while, but was already shaping up to retain a competitive community around it. Given the games design, it was ideally suited for the first EF tournament, which was largely overseen by ArisingFlame. Overall the tournament shaped up to be a massive success, with even our Lord Commander Angry Joe in attendance.


However during this month I had to take a leave of absence, as I had an eye surgery. Sad to say that during this absence things deteriorated quite fast. As such the EC lost most of its members, with Agosparti, AverageSpacePope and Crazykidsbite stepping down due to various issues, including - but not limited to - IRL stuff and work overload. As such Crazykidsbite also stepped down as PS2 Officer (and defacto leader), which caused the leadership and thus also the game to collapse.



With myself still being visually impaired after my eye surgery, the EC was now mostly handled by a single member, namely ArisingFlame, who managed to bear a burden that was intended for 5 people by himself and even managed to achieve a novel feat within the EF by hosting its first tournament. As the only acting EC members, he managed the EF during the month of September in the game Dirty Bomb, which was a relatively new free-to-play FPS.



Due to the disarray of the EF staff, the AJSA High Command (of which I am a part) suggested to select Wildstar as its next game. This was suggested as this was a pet project of Commander Seph for a long while, who would manage the vast majority of the game during the month. This in turn enabled the EF to rebuild and recruit new members. As such over the next couple of weeks Acepilot666/USAFace666 (who helped the EF in the past as a temp Sergeant), Brandykins1982 (who helped ArisingFlame during the tournament) and Digs (who collaborated with ArisingFlame in his additional duties in the past) joined the EC. Additionally the EC also recruited 2 permanent Sergeants who assisted the EF in the past, namely Evo5794 and Sargefan19 to further help out.



For November the EC decided to hosts its first racing game with Coffin Dodgers, which was a Mario Cart like racing game. Whilst the gameplay was simple and entertaining enough it certainly generated a fair amount of controversy, yet as our decision had been made we completed the game for the month as planned.



Given that December itself is a rather busy month due to the holidays at the end of of, we decided to host SpeedRunners for the last month. As it is uncomplicated and cheap and thus not restricting players too much in their commitments for the holidays. The game was considered by the participants during the month to be a very entertaining and yet challenging game. Yet due to the the holidays at the end of the month, we only held three events for it.


During that month we also came into contact with Stream Team member Faizyr, who expressed interest in the EF itself. Given that 2 of our EC members were also Stream Team members and that other EF staff members where on some level either interested or also involved with it, he received widespread approval and joined us a another permanent Sergeant.



For the month of January we focussed on the first official game for the EF; namely TeamFortress 2, which was being run by DoctorGlados.

This game is still in progress as of now!