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  1. The game is one large grind, but a fun one if you have something that you are grinding for. Simple advice: The only form of crafting in this game is through vendor recipes and using currency that increases item quality. Using any other form of currency is not crafting but gambling; and it usually is something you only want to do if you cannot trade for the results you would like to have. Know what loot to pick up (study the vendor recipes). For example, a three linked item that has blue, red, and green sockets connected can be traded in for a chromatic (this is very useful at early levels). As for build, best way to play the game is to figure that out by trial and error.
  2. I was supporting the US and Spain, but Spain sadly is out already. Hope they can at least have a good last game. This world cup has been very good for the concacaf; probably due to "home field" advantage. Who would ever have guessed the world cup would have gone like this so far?
  3. Every Pokemon game.
  4. The review is old; much of that has changed. If the game is discounted, I say go for it. I've had a lot of fun with it and there have been a good amount of changes to the game. The only problem you will run into is that there still is dlc to consider and the political system is still pretty useless. I recommend playing it with talent and traits, 4 turns per year, and champLoo unit mods. Macedon is available in the vanilla. Your point still stands though; slap in the face indeed.
  5. Arsenal jersey ftw. Hope his family problems may be resolved to his satisfaction if at all possible.
  6. I think I'll stick with cockatrice
  7. It only bothers me when a good franchise is ruined; I'm looking at you Mass Effect 3. Otherwise, it saves me a lot of money by making me glad I still have older games that are better and having cheap indie games that I can buy instead. /sarcasm, it does suck though that games are launched broken most of the time. That is one thing I miss about older games that could not be updated via internet.
  8. i7 930 ~ 200 Radeon 5830 ~ 100 RAM ~ 50 1000w psu (I don't understand why 1000w was needed for this rig) ~ 180 Motherboard ~ 150 Cost wise, if the parts are in good condition and you get a fully built pc with an os already installed, it is a good price. I'd upgrade the graphics card when you get the chance if you intend on gaming with this rig. I should also note that the price to power ratio isn't as good as it could be for a gaming pc, but for the parts that are offered, the price could be about right depending on the condition.
  9. You need the optical drive for the OS
  10. Good build. If it is too much money, I'd go for a cheaper motherboard (my personal opinion, it isn't going to be the correct action for everyone) and then a 500gb hd (I've never use that much space on my hard drive).
  11. The voting options were not that great. To explain a bit more, the only reason I knew it was a mass effect trailer was due to the audio. In other words, it didn't really didn't capture the mass effect atmosphere. I think having a more crew-and-ship theme would have been better since the game revolved mostly on the character development of your team.
  12. You lose a lot of bang for your buck by going for a laptop to game on. It really isn't difficult at all. If you can put together a lego set, you can build a pc (lego instructions are 100x more difficult).
  13. Too bad that video used the Keira Knightley version, that was the worst one