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  1. well this happen to me the other night I was checking out one of the... I guess you can call them the "Army guys" you know the ones dressed in old millatary stuff, ( Funny note on that, I found 2 guys wareing Navy Hats in Army uniforms). well I come over to one of there highway overpass base and I was attacking a guy that was on the lift to get up to their base. When my game glitches and freezes up for about 4 seconds, then I find my self looking at blue sky and falling to my death. And to note I wasnt on the lift I was behind a wooden wall that had the lift on the other side of it. also I think dogmeat don't like high-rise floors... I keep hearing him fall threw the floor and getting hurt and I hear that wine each time it happens and it happens a lot it seems​, on a funny note this isn't a glitch but I found in an apartment building in a bathroom a stuff bear sitting on a toilet, reading a news paper, I just died laughing after I saw that in a Locked bathroom, that was a cute Easter egg.
  2. Now to start this off and to stop people anger posts saying this is a great game and I'm fool thinking its bad, For one I do love the game as far as iv played its a Great game that makes me lose track of time. This post is not to bash on the game but talk or even joke about any funny/bad gliches you might have found. Now dont kid your self this is a Fallout game, and every fallout game i'v played had gliches. To start it off the First glich I had happen to me was a Robot I found in a junk yard East of Sanctuary and just west of the Military satellite base. the robot is a prototype Army bot, that you need a holotape to run it, and it can go to 4 bases/check points that are (to him) in need of help. Now here where the glich happen to me, I had to go to the Military satellite base to kill some bandits and retrieve a locket of a farmers dead daughter and this is how I came across this robot. well I started it up and it did its start up talk and I see on the list it can go to the base I was heading, so I pick the place on the holotape and it would move to it... well it didnt... move that is. FIrst I thought it wasn't stuck, it said "Plotting route to base" and just stayed in place, so I try to push it and it wouldn't move. so I thought "ok it glitched, lets restart the save and see if that help." and it did... in a way. I gave it the command to move to the base and it somehow teleported 10 feet away from me and exploded. so I restarted the save again and this time I find the robot half way under the ground, but as soon as I started him up he was back on top, but he still wouldn't move so I gave up on him and went down the road to the base and as soon as I got there it somehow teleported inside the fence line but stayed right in the front corner of the fence line and started to attack the bandits, never moving form that spot. Well after I killed everyone in the base and found a fallout lunchbox and a mini nuke, I came out of the base and the bot was gone, so I went back to the junk yard and there it was moveing around like nothing happen. the other glich happen when I turn on a robot to attack bandits and it some how came after me... I don't think I have that great of luck when it comes to robots. well I have more but nothing that funny yet. what about the rest of you?
  3. thank you for the welcome, and thanks for the info on Guildwar 2, sad thing I started on the wrong server and have to wait till I get some more cash till I can move my guy over. And hello to you as well Chris, I guess being a new recrut as well we be running the same drills together... lets just hope we don't get stuck cleaning the John with our tooth brushes.
  4. Hello all I'm new to the AJSA, but not to gamming, Iv been playing video games from the time Atari 2600 came out, so I'm not a new player. I've play many game type from FPS to MMO's right now I'm getting in to N1Z1, and Guild Wars 2, and by Friday I will be playing the hell out of Fallout 4, and yea Black Ops 3 when it come out (mostly getting it for the zombie mode), both for the Xbox 1. I own a good gamming PC, as well the xbox 360 and 1, (the 360 is now no longer needed thanks to that up date) a WiiU, and a 3ds, amd many old school gamming systems. I'm hopeing to join the guild in Guild Wars 2 and get to play with many people. Well Ill see you all in the games. Later.