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  1. Brutal Legend
  2. Dynasty Warriors 3. All Weapons, saddles and items, unlocked every offier and maxed them all full stats and level. It took AGES! Lol
  3. Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate (PS4) because the Warriors games are always awesome
  4. I might be the only one but hell yeah I want a new Gex! B-)
  5. Wow so I have to choose one, so hard haha guess I gotta go with Devil May Cry 3. Its just so freakin badass! Honourable mention to Mass Effect 2 for having such amazing characters, story and the best universe ln gaming
  6. I think its a simple matter of looking back at past gaming generations and seeing what used to be the standard length for a game. Now obviously games a more expensive to make these days but the average retail price has also gone up. Back in the ye oldel days of the PS1most games (in my experiance) could average at least 15-20hrs easy, with the Final Fantasy games being among a few to rack up at minimum 40+ hours. Today huge triple A titles try to get away with ridiculously short single player modes and campaigns, were 6-8hrs has become sadly the excepted norm. Instead developers now pad games with multiplayer or promised DLC content. I feel that online gaming has caused a dramatic shift in focus, and that a game doesnt need to be long or packed with great content, just a multiplayer to.appeal to todays gamers
  7. Aligator nuggets :-D yum
  8. Thanks dude appreciate it
  9. Awesome will send a friend invite after work, im in the UK so working out a time might be difficult
  10. I honestly think Dice are gonna fuck it up :-( as others have said, it'll be a Battlefield reskin to cash in on the name. No heroes, no space battles, copy paste classes for Empire and Rebels. Not to mention the single player being short and lackluster so they can push multiplayer to the forefront. I hope im wrong I really do but im worrid
  11. Hey guys just wondered if anyone could add me so that I can finally do a raid. PS4 lvl 30 Titan. PSN VikingSkull. I really wish Bungie would just add match making :-/ if I have to go to external sites to find a group of random players I dont see whats so badhaving match making
  12. Everything from DEADPOOL :-D "Now be honest, im not the only one with a little bit of shit in their pants right now am i"
  13. Awesome but not surprising haha Joe is just that damn good \m/
  14. To be honest the worst ive had is a douchebag elitists Corki who wouldbt shut up lol im sure that will all change soon
  15. Was actually asking about LOL but thats cool too ;P