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  1. I think for me, the biggest red flag and why I jumped on the "listen up Joe, you can do better" wagon was his recent handling of FFXV and The Last Guardian. Two huge games people have been anticipating for a long time, that the gaming community is hyped for, that even Joe stated he was looking forward to, and all he put out there on his channel was a Twitch stream and a couple minutes of commentary. To me this just felt lazy and slopped together. And to me it would have been better for him to either not have put anything out, or to take more time to give a better opinion/review. It didn't have to be a full Angry Review, but it was insulting he didn't at least give a rating and highlight the good and bad points of the games. We know Joe's work and we know what he is capable of. I just didn't want to see him use the "twitch and run" format for any future reviews/impressions on his channel so I wanted to call him out on it right away. I am glad he put out this video to apologize and explain more what was going on with him. He did state he needed to be more transparent with his fans and more structured with his content and his plans for what he was going to publish ahead of time, and I agree. But Joe has always been a reviewer, and his fans come to him for reviews. He is a great voice for us gamers to call out games like Destiny and Elder Scrolls: Online and Star Wars: Battlefront and The Division for their BS. And at the same time he gives praise and publicity to games that deserve to be looked at. He gives thorough and honest reviews and suggestions for how to make a game better the next time. And if he doesn't continue to do that to his best ability, we lose that voice in the gaming community. I am not one of those "haters" who just trolls the YouTube comments to insult or belittle him. But I am also not one of those "white knights" who always says "ignore the haters joe <3 you're perfect just as you are!" I like most of his work. I like the movie reviews (don't understand why people hate on them), I liked his RapidFire reviews, I enjoy watching him on Twitch when I can, and I love his community. I don't agree with him on everything, but I also don't get butthurt when he does something I don't agree with, as long as he is doing his best and keeps his passion. Joe, like any person, is trying to live his life and do his thing while also trying to focus on his job. He will have ups and downs and need to deal with life outside of work. I know he won't always be able to deliver on his promises because there is only so much time and resources he has to get things done. I know he has a lot of passions and ambition to do more with his channel. So I personally don't mind if he changes things up, tries something new, and finds new and more efficient ways to do content. I get that an Angry Review takes a lot of time and effort and editing to get just right, and it is stressful to try and push one of those out while games are still fresh and people are waiting for his opinions. I also get the frustrations of having something you love and enjoy doing feel like a chore due to restraints and commitments. Personally, I would like to see his game reviews and Angry Reviews as two separate entities. I would like it if the game reviews came out similar to movie reviews, where he or him and his friends can sit down in front of the camera and talk about first impressions without spoilers, maybe show some game play on the green screen behind them, list the good and bad aspects of the game, and then give it a score so fans know if it is a play or a pass within the first few days of release. This way he can cover games he isn't planning to do an Angry Review on instead of leaving them in the dust because he didn't have time to rush a full Angry review.
  2. Hello friends, Long time Angry Joe fan here. Today something clicked, and I realized that I have only a few gamer friends, while Joe has this entire army of people always ready to go. So I am signing up in hopes that others like me are out there. I like to jump around to different games and try new things from time to time, so am very interested in what the Army as to offer. Recently I have been sinking a lot of time into the Witcher 3 on NG+, and also decided to play some Borderlands 2 for the love of guns. I am a huge fan of traditional Role Playing games and I enjoy open-world Role Playing games like Skyrim and Dragon Age. I also play MMO's (Currently FFXIV) and am looking forward to playing Fallout 4, MGSV, and Star Wars Battlefront in the near future. I am a PC gamer, so I can't explore Destiny and Halo, two games which look really fun. I have a steam account with the same handle (Darthgumby). Hopefully I'll see some of you online and we can team up.