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  1. I use the X-51 on a regular basis for gaming, She's reliable for her price with a few problems that came with mine. The USB ports in the back keep shorting each other out and I have to play musical ports with my mouse and keyboard every so often. Microphones also have extremely short lives for some odd reason with this machine.
  2. I would certainly love to play this game again, accepted or not.
  3. Welcome to the Army, I'm a Canadian with too many aliases to list here (Ineedtogetonealiasforeverything). I hope you enjoy your stay here sir and that we may have the opportunity to play together sometime and if you ever start doing reviews send me a link to one of your videos, I'm always looking out for new people to support and subscribe to.
  4. Pretty much this for me, cheats make the game more entertaining oddly enough. Same can go for modding a game, but talking about modding is another discussion entirely. The same cannot be said for multiplayer. (Where cheats are concerned)
  5. Welcome to the army I'm Claw/Devon/Draconis/(whateveryouwannacallmeIdon'tevencareatthispoint), don't stress too much as the group's hospitable enough. If you need to ask any questions you probably shouldn't ask me as I'm coming back from hiatus and I'm not so sure what's going on at the current moment or what games we are and aren't in outside of Planetside 2. Hope you enjoy your time here.
  6. I've got the dipping sauce.
  7. Super Mario Brothers for the NES
  8. Personally I wouldn't wish death on Arin, he may be shit but whatever. This'll just be a rerun of Sonic 06 for me that's even farther from redeemable, that's saying if I'd even bother to watch the Game grumps now that Jon up and left. I'm not partial to the new grumps and I never liked what Steam Train had to offer. (I also hate that intro as well as the Game Grumps intro currently and don't get me started on the Vs intro.) I mean at least it isn't Arin 1 and Arin 2 doing it.. it's Arin and Ross... though I'm not entirely sure that's any better.
  9. Halo 4 Left 4 Dead 2 Rome Total War 2 Dragon Age II The last five minutes of Mass Effect 3 Battlefield 3 and 4 Empire: Total War KoTor 2 Amnesia A machine for Pigs Sim City Glorified always online DRM bullshit Those were my worst sequels experienced. Some couldn't live up to the hype, some just sucked in the departments the original succeeded or it was a cheap cash in to milk the franchise a bit more before putting it down.
  10. Right now my go to Channel if I just want to hear voices in the background is Mr.CreepyPasta For gameplay and first impressions Total Biscuit For life related content Boogie2988 For Minecraft OldManWillakers and by extension the Minecrack team For my daily news fix Dodger, AlphaOmegaSin, ReviewTechUSA Weekly Podcast. Obviously the Cooptional Podcast If I want to hear someone angry A Dose of Buckley (Sorry Joe, but I look at you for reviews <3) If I want commentary over my gameplay (A let'splay) PauseUnpause , Seananners, Pewdiepie, RPGMinx. For animated shorts, Dasboschitt. Abridged Series Tahaka101 Misc! ScrewAttack.com and WatchMojo
  11. My favourites go along the lines of Majora's Mask, OOT, Twilight Princess. Why? The villains. Majora is and will forever be my favourite video game villain. It's a mask, we can't relate to it and it only wants one thing - Total Destruction. Ganondorf and Zant were your typical power hungry tyrants out to do whatever they could to accomplish their goals. (Zant was a bit more loony than Ganondorf when everything started to come down around him which made Zant more interesting than Ganondorf and a bit creepier with how different Zant presented himself.) I never did agree with the "Link's dead" theory either, it didn't make sense in a world where it's been confirmed time and time again that there are alternate realms of reality and who's to say that Link wasn't taken to a new realm of reality when he fell into that tree, that may have been the equivalent to the mirror or Twilight, a gateway to another world. There is also one -very- big problem I've always had with it, if link died in Majora's Mask then why is the Heroes Shade that of an Adult Hero of Time's skeleton using equipment we've never seen before his supposed death. The theory fails to account for both the adult skeletal form and the equipment, why is he an adult when he died a child? Some could explain it away with, "He's the hero of time he grew up during his journey, ect." So one could say he could project himself as an adult because of his adventures. But that armor still remains unaccounted for.
  12. The City of Heroes comics that were printed by Dark Horse are my favourite, I only one storyline. The one where Manticore betrays the Freedom Phalanx in order to infiltrate Arachnos.
  13. 2012 and moving forward from there have been very dark indeed. Life gave us lemons then stomped the proverbial shit out of them and told us to suck it up before driving away in their fancy cars while spitting on us. Like I've done to NCsoft, Day ones Garrys incident, Infestation survivor stories and many more before them, I'm considering boycotting them, will it do anything, probably not. But I'm not a naïve sheep who'll go back to the hand that keeps hitting me and saying how horrible I am before locking me away for good for a crime I didn't commit. I'm voting with my wallet, time and energy. Youtube and Google aren't worth any of it.
  14. You and I are in a similar boat, I want to start a Youtube channel. It's been something of a dream to get that fan base, even 100 people is a victory because that means 100 people enjoy my content. But I have real life medical issues that prevent the next step forward and the longer I take to make that next step the harder it gets - especially with Youtubes anti-content policy intimidating me - and the more likely I'm to give up. Always think positive FPS, that's my advice. The moment you start to think you've hit rock bottom and let the sense that you're failing start to sink in it'll start to be a chore, always try to have fun with what you do because people (as miserable a race of monkeys as we are) do enjoy watching someone else having fun, at least I do. Also another bit of advice, try watching your own videos to see how you could improve. Aside that (JonTron proves to be very popular despite his lack of activity) I can only offer words of encouragement to someone who could very well be another person I add to my list of subscribed channels.
  15. Kotor 2 - HK-47: "Definition: 'Love' is making a shot to the knees of a target 120 meters away using an Aratech sniper rifle with a Tri-light scope... Love is knowing your target, putting them in your targeting reticule, and together, achieving a singular purpose against statistically long odds." Overlord (Series) - Gnarl: "Evil always finds a way." Republic Commando - Sev: "Hold your guts in sir, while I rip theirs out." The Joker - Arkham City: "That's nice of you to say, Bats, But you of all people should know... there's plenty wrong with me." Skyrim - Hadvar: "'Dragonborn', huh? Was it your ma or your pa that was the dragon?" This turned into a top five, there were too many good quotes to choose from. :#