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  1. he can always make all of konami fuck up into the same number like #1 konami did this and that and this and some more of that
  2. the year has only just begun my boy. I don't know if you knew this but we're talking about last year.
  3. It sucks because last year was full of drama and controversy and lots of goodies
  4. I don't know, he forgot about all of his top 10 lists of 2015
  5. I plsy it but I stopped playing it cause of no one to play with lol
  6. Destiny was a pretty enjoyable game. I was patient and waited for the game and my patience was rewarded with the taken king disc so I got that for the ps4 it's a pretty fun game especially with friends doing raids and stuff and the competitive multiplayer is fun too.
  7. halo use to be a really great game up until it decided to become a cod clone >.< every franchise wants it's own call of duty is what I always say.
  8. I believe they were shut down due to inactivity. Hopefully we get our own server again.
  9. yes I'm NA
  10. I want to get into this game I think my profile is lvl 15 would anyone like to play it with me and give me tips? my IGN is AngryAlexTV
  11. guild wars 2 went f2p so there's no harm in trying the game out. It's actually a pretty fun game. I bought it before it went f2p and I loved it.
  12. do you have a capable pc?
  13. I applied
  14. Is this game free to play? what's it about?
  15. get the refund and use the money to pay for next month, it will be as if you payed for 1 month lol