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  1. Yeah you have a point but I still would not mind seeing even 100kb instead of 50kb
  2. The thing is that the Kraken uses virtual surround sound which you need Razer Synapse to have it work. So yeah...
  3. Youtube has a megabyte i think which is plenty!
  4. The PS3 uses usb 3.0?
  5. I'm thinking of getting the Razer Kraken 7.1 for my PC, but since most of my friends play on PS3 I want to use it for the PS3 and I can't seem to find any answers on the interwebs, if anyone know that would be great. If the Kraken does not work on the PS3 then suggestions would be appreciated ( It has to be some-what the same price ). -Vista Signing Out. UPDATE! Also will the microphone work on the PS3? And the kraken 7.1 uses USB, so if the I plug it in directly towards the PS3, will it work...
  6. Thanks so much guys, this will surly help pick between the 2!
  7. Hey, which should I get, I'm asking this because I've heard that the super slim is always faulty and unreliable. I've heard good stuff about the original Slim, so I'm kind of torn between them. ( also I need the space, the original slim is quite wide ) - Vista Signing Out
  8. Wow... Thanks for all the amazing suggestions, this will surly fill up my PS3 library!
  9. Yeah exactly, the new consoles are coming out so there should be a major price drop sooner or later.
  10. So I'm getting a PS3 soon because my Xbox broke down and I want to see what a PS3 is like and play their exclusives like Last of us, uncharted etc. But I don't what other PS3 games i should get. I bet some people are going to say why don't you get a PS4 or an Xbone, I won't because I don't have the money to spend on a new console and I like my PC to be the powerhouse in my room for now. I'll get one when they have a sale and such. -Vista Signing Out
  11. WOW paint.net never even crossed my mind when I was doing the Icon, thanks so much for the help. I'm still going to have the post up because it would be nice to have the option to upload better looking images on AJSA, and maybe just maybe Joe may see this post and could raise the file size for the icon -Vista Signing Out Thanks for the help!
  12. The reason it's so big is because I drew a most of it on my Note 2 and there is no way ( that i can find ) to lower the size of the Drawing's, I tried saving as a Jpeg and using the lowest setting but it saves as a 70KB file .
  13. I'm posting this because I can't add my own custom made icon which looks really good with the Angry Army, but sadly 50KB is not enough. I know I'm not only speaking for myself, other fellow members have the same problem. I'm not asking for a 1GB limit but maybe 200KB or 100KB would be much better! -Vista
  14. Yeah they did design the game a whole much better than the last one, but like you said that the traffic is absent, there is going to be an update sooner or later which is going to have completely new re-written AI code which will be hopefully better, but for now you could install a traffic mod which increases the amount of AI there is and thus having more traffic if you enjoy that sort of thing . You can easily search on google "ETS2 Traffic Mod you'll get a whole bunch of choices . -Vista .
  15. This is a topic about one of the best simulators there is... Euro Truck Simulator 2! Don't let the name put you off the game. ( Heh, that rhymed ) This game is for the casual gamer or even the hardcore gamer. This game is perfect for those who like a relaxing, calm game, its a beautifully made open world of Europe. You can either do a job or just free-roam around in your truck, fun for the whole family . So launch up Euro Truck Simulator 2 and your favorite podcast and play the dang game . This topic is about everything and anything about ETS2 ( Euro Truck Simulator 2 ). Post your questions or your favorite moments in the game! -Vista Signing out!