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  1. nyckyzhere: Oh, that was pretty interesting. I knew the word kayfabe, but that video explains it very well. Yeah, I'm aware of people thinking wrestling fans are dumb because "meeh meeh wrestling fake". But the guy in the video says it best: Wrestling is theater. And what I want right now is theater where guys pile drive the crap out of each other. Fridgeracer: TNA is a different company? Derp, I always thought it was a WWE event. I only know it because the Spoony One only has bad things to say about it, so I won't even bother. Ozzyman: Yeah, everybody tells me NXT is what's going to sell it to me. And through what I got to see on youtube, they're probably right. My big worry is that the moment I sign up for the WWE network is when NXT goes to shit. Rocharules: Is it just me or are Vince MacMahon and Reggie Fils-Aime the only two large company presidents who gleefully embrace their memetic status? IrishRogue: Is actual wrestling that much a small part of the show? Also, what is this about storylines resetting? Is it like a complete reboot where just last month two guys were at each other's throats and for no reason now they're best buddies?
  2. Oh, believe me, realism is not what I want. I saw on youtube a video on this Sami Zayn guy, and he jumped through the small ropes on one of the corner posts and did this sick move on the other guy. I want more shit like that.
  3. So, I listen to a bunch of podcasts, and all of them are wrestling fans and sometimes they talk about wrestling and what is going on and memes and of the medium and etc. But on the other hand, they all also talk a lot of mad shit about WWE and and TNT and what have you. So I'm left intrigued... Is it a good time for me to get into wrestling? I'm from Brazil, and the WWE network was recently made available here. So should I take the opportunity? What do you actual wrestling fans out there suggest?
  4. That's a hard one. Lenght wise, I'd say it's Tales of Xillia for its content, but most of it is side stuff you'd have to actively search for. On overall quality, I'd pick Tales of Xillia. Don't get me wrong, possible people who will post after me asking what I smoked, Ni No Kuni is freaking great, there's no other game like it, buuuuuuuuut it has its problems. The combat can be very frustrating at times, and the story really drags after a certain point. Overal I just liked Xillia better.
  5. Well, you'll keep the game once it's out of beta, so I'd say that if you liked it enough, you should totally get it now. Hell, you'd be helping the developers by reporting bugs and whatnot, and it is my opinion that actually seeing a game growing, having bugs fixed, and generally getting better with time is really cool. My copy is downloading as we speak. I had been following the game during development, and I really like the overal design and setting. I mean, their robot race is stuck in medieval times, that is both silly and clever. In any case, looking forward to playing it.
  6. Final Fantasy XIII, due to the fact I had just finished Final Fantasy VI before picking it up. It's weird how visually the game is superb, but it pales in comparison to VI when it comes to substance.
  7. You know what I love about games? Boss Fights. A well made boss fight is challenging, fun, may or may not be charged with atmosphere and story relevance, and usually boasts the best tunes in the soundtrack of their game. What's not to love about boss fights? Once they were restricted to certain genres of games, such as platformers and brawlers, but as time went on, we've seen some truly innovative spins on the concept of boss fights in genres you didn't quite expect. Hell, there's a reason Ace Attorney fans usually refer to the culprit of a case as said case's boss, and that's a flippin' visual novel/adventure game! With that said, let us gush about our favorite boss fights ever. I shall go first, and let's get the big elephants in the room out of the way. Liquid Ocelot in Metal Gear Solid 4: You fight this guy twice in the game, and I'm not sure which of them is the most awesome one, but both rank high as the best bost fights in the Metal Gear series. The first time is in Shadow Moses, and you face him in none other than Metal Gear REX, while he comes at you in the Metal Gear RAY. For a long-time fan of the MGS series, a boss fight between Metal Gears is like a wet dream come true. Then, of course, there's the final boss fight atop Outer Haven. It's a fist fight between two old guys. On paper, it shouldn't measure up to giant robot throwdown up there, but the genius of it is in its execution. Like I mentioned, atmosphere and story relevance can do a lot for a boss fight and that is very much true here. After all the depressing turns, all the hardships, the f*cking microwave corridor, Liquid stands between Snake and the ultimate ending to his struggle, so punch him, punch him like never before! This fight is climatic as hell, boasting several stages to it, each one a reference to a past MGS game and playing a song from that game to boot (Of course, the MGS3 stage of the fight is my favorite because someday you'll feed on a tree frog.), ending with the final stage where both Snake and Liquid are completely spent and their age bears its teeth. I don't know about you, but that part really got to me, even more than the f*cking microwave corridor.
  8. Yoshi's Island. I clearly remember 7 year old me gripping the controller and his leg shaking in anxiety as the final boss fight started. The final boss theme is probably what also started my fondness for heavy metal.
  9. Origins is certainly problematic and at the beggining I thought it was actually kind of bad, but as the game progressed, my opinion of it rose sharply. Most of my problems with it have already been mentioned here (Mainly bugs and how everyone in the City is a goon), so here's what I actually thought Origins did -better- than the previous Arkham games. 1 - Enemy variety. Past games mostly had your avarage goon, and all variations thereof were either the same goon with a different weapon or wearing armor. Here they introduce two new kinds of goons: The enforcer, and the martial artist. Granted the enforcer is a downgraded version of the Abramovici twins from City and the martial artist is a downgraded Deathstroke, but it still adds more flavor and challenge to the encounters. The ninja ladies from City also return, but just like there you only meet them once or twice. 2 - Character study of the Joker. While Arkham Asylum was a classic good vs. evil romp with a good dose of flavor from Batman and his rogues gallery, and Arkham City was a more intricate plot with pretty extreme turns, Origins plot really delves into who the Joker -is- and what goes into his head. Hell, SPOILER WARNING: You actually play -as- the Joker inside his head. While I was at first disappointed that once again the Joker hijacks the plot, I ultimately liked what they did with him. 3 - The Boss fights. I honestly think this is as better as boss fights in the Arkham games have ever been. There are one or more misteps here and there (Lady Shiva, the greatest martial artist in the world, is a reskinned mook and fights you with a bunch of other mooks instead of a duel), other bouts, like Deathstroke, Bane, and Copperhead are very well executed and challenging. Hell, I even liked the Deadshot boss fight, which was a predator segment (And really punishing at that. Deadshot will literally hit you from anywhere in the map as soon as he suspects you're around).
  10. Two words: Dark Souls. If you want a true challenge, you can't go wrong with Dark Souls. Demon Souls is great too, but I prefer Dark Souls for its 3D Metroidvania map done right. Also, God Hand. It's not from -this- Gen, but it's a PS2 classic on PSN, so by Jove it counts!
  11. Lately I've been on a Don't Starve kick. Anyone hear of it? It's a survival game from Klei Entertainment, the guys behind Shank and Mark Of The Ninja. It's pretty difficult, but has a lot of charm, and they not only tend to update it from time to time, but there's also a pretty thriving modding community on steam, so that's a plus. I personally like the Insanity metter. Once it gets down to a certain point, you start having hallucinations. Once it gets down even more, the hallucinations start attacking you.
  12. Considering I'm only interested in the PS4 and -that- thing is coming out with the absurd price of R$ 4000,00 (Although I've seen ads of places selling it at 2300), I'm totally not getting it at launch. Launches tend to be problematic anyway, so I'll wait for it to get some killer app I really want to get.
  13. The Last Of Us is one of those games that, after I finish, put me in this state of trance. I put the controller down, sit back and just stare into the distance for some time as my mind digests what I just experienced. Aside from TLoU, the only other game this year to do that to me was Bioshock Infinite. I loved the way the story developed in both games, and they stand as a testament of how a linear story doesn't make a game automatically bad. Everyone harps on how choice is the name of the game, but frankly, diversity is the name of the game, and we also need linear experiences.