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  1. Gonna start playing Half-Life 2 and the episodes now. I've been making my Half-Life 2 mod and I need some inspiration Before that I played a crapload of FTL and Civilization V.
  2. The prisoner is simply "176-671". He has no name after being assigned to the prison facility, just a serial number. We are currently in progress of creating the second level, and our plan is to do a short story of the facility's downfall. We are not planning to do a long game like Half-Life 2 or even the episodes, but to create a believable story and environments with the Hammer Editor. We decided to start playtesting early to find out and polish the levels as we complete the later levels. There is no ETA for completion, but we will work hard the whole summer to deliver as best we can with our current skills Also, I think a few screenshots wouldn't hurt. I'll add them soon-ish.
  3. Hello, people of AJSA, it is me, iRocket back here again! For some reason I just found myself not visiting this forum for a while, but I thought I should return, but with a bang! I hereby present my and my friend's Half-Life 2 custom single-player campaign: PROJECT OMEGA Project Omega is about the Combine prison facility "Omega", and the prisoner 176-671 who manages to escape after an incident happens in the facility. It all seems like an ordinary escape, but everything changes after a turn of events forces 176-671 to a deeper part of the facility. What will he find from there? Who is behind all this? What dangers does this escape lead him to? Project Omega is still very much a work in progress, but we are seeking playtesters to answer questions which we think will lead to a better product after the end of development. Please note, this is two amateurs making their first single-player campaign ever. We'd like as much feedback as we can collect from here. When you play it, think of these questions: How is the atmosphere? How is the game balance (such as available ammo and enemies)? How is the pacing? Any map problems we haven't noticed? Also if you could list everything good and bad you can find that doesn't fit there it would help us immensely. Project Omega requires Half-Life 2 Episode 2! (also, if you have it there's a high chance you have Half-Life 2 and Episode 1, which are also required) For now Project Omega consists of the first level, which we want playtested. If you are interested, PM me and I will get you the map file for the level. Here are some instructions how to play the level once you got the file: 1. Move the file to your steam/steamapps/common/half-life2/ep2/maps/ folder. 2. Launch Episode 2 with the launch properties "-console" without the quotation marks. 3. When in-game, load the map by typing in the console "map project_omega". That's all, iRocket out! If you have any questions, contact me by a PM! Oh, and here's some screenshots;
  4. I think I could have gotten it later and not lose anything. It was 60€ for PC at a local Gamestop. At least I got a kick-ass mousepad. But the game, it just feels so light on content compared to some competitors.
  5. http://goo.gl/0nzkyf <- just found this article, very nice details about the game! I think this is going to be a great game, but I have made an oath, that I shall not pre-order anything. I'll get it when I get it
  6. Even though it doesn't have a singleplayer doesn't mean there won't be a story. The devs themselves said that there is an overall story players can pick up from the maps, through inspecting the world and listening to dialogue during the games. There are actual characters, that are fleshed out in the epilogue of the battles and while starting the game. What I would love to see, is that there would be a "campaign" for both sides. You have to play the multiplayer maps in a certain order, and win them, so you can advance. For the other team, they are also on their own story mission, where they have different objectives.
  7. Metro: Last Light. It just deserves more praise, for the atmosphere, immersion, improvements over 2033, everything!
  8. I just got myself Starbound just to play the Mass Effect mod for it. It's very good for what it is, but it is still a beta, and a very unfinished beta that is. I want to play it more, and I'm not planning to stop but might have little pauses waiting for the updates. I've put almost 400 hours into Terraria and loved that game. I feel like Terraria and Starbound will both have their places on my gaming list, especially considering the new update that is coming to Terraria soon-ish.
  9. Lots of Red Hot Chili Pepper going on, we have a concert in my school where I'm playing, and the theme is RHCP!
  10. But EA as a publisher = hell no there's going to be mod tools. If there were, they couldn't sell all the expansion packs for a vastly overpriced amount of money! Respawn said "maybe", but we all know what that means. What's the last EA game to have full modding in it? Though SimCity is going offline mode and getting modding so that is a little better.
  11. The game is fricking awesome. One of the best first person sword combat I've ever seen. It feels very satisfying to chop up the demons into tiny bits. It reminds me of old shooters, very much in a good way.
  12. Long live the WIGGLES! Too bad they killed them :c They got no sense of humor. I've yet to get the game, but I have watched all kind of funny videos from random crap happening in Chernarus. I'll probably buy it sometime soon.
  13. Dune 2000 on the first Playstation. Good times. I really don't know how I managed to play it efficiently with a controller back then. Or maybe I didn't, but I still enjoyed it. I also played C&C Red Alert on Playstation. Then I played the PC-versions.