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    West Orange
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    I like FPS, Sandbox, strategy, and RPG games. Zelda is my favorite series of all time.
  1. Xcom: Enemy Within has all the features from EU, DLC, and new content for 20 dollars less than the original. I'm definitely getting this for my Xbox 360, anyone have any other thoughts they'd like to share about the game
  2. I agree with you the graphics look flat out amazing. I'm pretty neutral about QTE events unless they're the button mashing ones, I HATE those. Ryse is a game that I wish was coming to the Ps4, does anyone know if its going to PC
  3. Definitely got to be Halo 2 that game was so revolutionary and innovative for its time
  4. I really liked the BO campaign with all the twists and secrets. I played the Bo2 campaign and I started liking it until I reached the StrikeForce mssions. These missions are a good concept but poorly executed. After finding out I could only get the best ending after beating all the strikeforce missions I kinda just gave up on campaign and moved to multiplayer which was amazing.
  5. Does anyone know if Titanfall will be coming to the Xbox 360 and the Ps4
  6. I really wanted to like dead rising 2 but I just couldnt get over the limited time based system. I'm the type of person that likes to take my time and explore everywhere in open world games. I've read though that dead rising 3 has a more lax time system so I'll look into the game and I might consider buying it.
  7. Before E3 I was really supporting the next gen xbox but after E3 I just couldnt justify buying the xbox one with its old policies especially DRM. I preordered the Ps4 but at least the Xbox One is buyable now. Competition is good for products and I think this is gonna be the best generation to date.
  8. Joe seems like a guy that picks up on the little details in games, Ghosts is running on a 780 resolution on the Xbox One and a 1080 resolution on the Ps4, I think he would chose either PC or Ps4 to play Ghosts on
  9. I've always been an infamous fan so i'm looking forward to that and watch dogs looks pretty good but it got delayed
  10. I've already pre-ordered killzone so I'm all set for this tournament idea