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  1. I think so, too. That's is why I decided to pre-order the game. Just have to see when I have time to play it, as I just got Uncharted 4 yesterday and Far Harbor for Fallout 4 is coming out 28 days later...
  2. I may have been falsely adverticed by Doom's twitter account, but they responded to my guestion on the single player campainge length with this:
  3. Hey AJSA, I just got my copy of Uncharted 4. Is anyone else worried about the v1.02 update being 5.043GB? or has anyone tried the game yet bafore installing the update?
  4. At this moment: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8arkHEE9oR4 (From a drummers perspective)
  5. I'll take a bullet an suggest Under The Dome. The series was cancelled and left hanging on shitty clifhanger, but if yoi have any interest in Stephen King,this is a good one.
  6. It is very, very difficult to put in words to explain how I feel about the movie. I did enjoy the movie, it was entertaining, but as Joe said, it was a safe pick with very little chances taken, following the New Hope story line. For the visual, I really was not blown away. And I do not mean there should have been more CGI (like the god awful prequals), but the movie did look "old/out dated" (to me. Could be a shitty screen, but still) Yes, there was innovating things, like the "baton" wealding stormtrooper, but still few and far between. And the design with new order tropps, brilliant and simply beautiful. Lets just leave it at that. I still stay behind my opinion on the Scheit prequals leaving so bad taste, that this movie is let of easier that it deserves. We've been waiting for a proper sequal for the story, but this is just too safe. And the main dabbie, "Kylo Ren", is just simply taken apart and made in to a little bitch (sorry for the language), with daddy issues. It just felt like a cheap idea with the family link and the revial was just simply so anti climactic, that you did not get any "Holy shit" feeling out of it. It was just too/very casual, as if people were already supposed to know or at least expect it. ***middle editorial*** These are just my views on this and I am not against who thinks this movie was a flocking master piece. Now, if some one could confirm if C3P0 did make a mention regarding getting his left arm back, I would appreciate it, as I still think it was just sloppy job from the production. **disclaimer**I apologies for the typos and grammar problem, i am quite drunk at the moment, in a train, writing this on a mobile phone. Bottom line, I do not hate the movie! Yes, I was disappointed, as with all of the marketing and hype you do build an expactation, but now I just think it was to apoloies for the prequals to old fans and bring the same store with new ethnical leads to the new gen. **disclaimer: above line is in no way ment in a racist way** It just felt, an extent, like Disney, without Mickey Mouse. Since I am drunk at the moment, I think kt is better to stop here, but K hope you understand (woth the fucktonof typos) my point and I really like to discuss this further. As a self defence I have to say, that after the hype an media machine behind the new James Bond amd the disappointment that brought, with very thin storyline links, I have just simply become a synical viewer. My apoligies one more time. -Max
  7. I've seen peoplw brace this movie very high, which got me thinking: Could it be that the mediocrity of this movie is goving a pass just because the episodes 1 to 3 just left so bad test in the mouth? I know that I am being very negative towards this, but I honestly was disappointed on what was delivered. Ye, the movie looks good woth no CGI scheit, but at the same time it does looka bit old without CGI. Just have a look on your remastered bluray copy (I know you have one) of the original episodes and it looks pretty much just a s good. I mean it is genious from Disney to make a generation change and make sure the cash flows.
  8. ... that there will be another Fantastic Four movie?
  9. *****EDITOR****** Could be that I have missed a line from C3P0 regarding the hand and therefore it would not be a continuation mistake. My apologies.
  10. Just came from the cinema... How to put this in to words..... I have to say the most accurate way to call it is "a reskin" with few funny jokes and one jaw dropper. I'm sorry, but to me it really was just a reskin very little new. The plot line went almost scene by scene exactly like the original. And I agree with Psykogrl, the flame was a thumb up and one of the few funny jokes. I don't know if anyone else saw it, but they even managed f**k up a cinematic continuation with C3P0's left hand in the end... It was an entertaining movie, but not really anything beyond that. Just seemed like a massive cash-in by Disney. I know these words will probably stir some haters, that is just how I see it and how I felt afterwards. It was as safe as they could make it and that's it. Sorry.
  11. As this is already bit overdue already, I will try to make it short and sweet. I've been following AJSA videos on youtube eversince I found the first by accident start of this year have gone through all of them multiple times. So I have decided to support the cause and enlist myself to AJSA. Just shortly something about me: I'm orginally coming from south Finland but have been living in central Europe now for 7years. I've managed to survive 30years on this spinning rock. I'm a heavy duty consumer of TV and Movies and, as many of my countrymen, a metalhead. I started to play drums about 2years ago with variating success. My weapon of choice on the great war against The Corporate Commander is produced by PS, with you standard tactical PS3, modern assault PS4 and the PS Vita as selected sidearm. And in case of a home invasion,an emergency Wii U. Fanboy of Fallout, Uncharted, Batman and Xcom series, but generally up for all games. (I just suck on FPS with the controlled.) I guess that's the jist of it. Stay metal! \m/O\m/ **P.S. Sorry for the typos, dyslexia combined with writing this with a phone, on a train, on my way to the office in the morning does wonders.
  12. Shout out to fellow metal head and a country man! Etelä vai pohjoinen? I'll try to find a chance to post my own introduction here, as that is customery for the new commers. \m/O\m/