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  1. I really want more than the ones I have, but some of the games where I'm so close to them require multiplayer. I'm not usually the biggest online multiplayer, mostly because most of the games I have my friends don't have or don't have on the PS3. I also don't have microphone for voice chat, so it becomes difficult to play onilne. I personally think that trophies/achievements that force you to play an online mode of a game are bad. If I want to complete the trophy/achievement list for the game one has to play a certain mode, but what about the people like me who can't because they don't have a friend to jump into the game with or the online community for the game dried up and disappeared? Or, what about the player who lives in an area where they cannot get fast internet for one reason or another? I guess they're SOL if they are a game completionist. I wouldn't mind if the multiplayer was drop-in/drop-out couch co-op, but most games I've gotten that have trophies for multiplayer are all online not co-op. For example, I love Ghostbusters the game. If it had a co-op capability, I would have the platinum in that game already. Sadly, that's not the case. It is all online multiplayer & you are lucky if you can even get into an online match because there hasn't been a great online community for the game and now I believe it to be gone completely. Currently I'm playing Arkham Origins and am not sure about playing the multiplayer for a few reasons. One I don't think this specific kind of multiplayer should have been in the game, and two I have not heard great things about the online experience for PS3 users. Nothing bug related, but community related. If you don't think that's right, please let me know. My overall point is, I don't like feeling forced to play something in a game. I know forced is a harsh term, but I tend to be a completionist in the games I play. I can't do that if a game tells me I have to play online to complete the trophy list. If I'm playing a game like Street Fighter, a MOBA title or DC Universe Online then of course I'm going to play multiplayer modes. Thats because, those are games that are supposed to have them. But if I'm playing a game like; Arkham Origins, Mass Effect, Rachet and Clank, (games that are single player off-line RPG's) I'm not going to play a tacked on-to try get the game to sell-multiplayer. Those single player games, I like beacuse they're single player. I can sit back and lose myself in the games world and mythos. Which is what I look for in a single player game. And if that single player game has a couch co-op option for the story, I'll check that out. If anything, just to see how the game changes with another person playing in the campaign. It reminds me of what Joe said in his Mass Effect 3 review, where he mentions that the multiplayer section isn't what we wanted, but a couch co-op option for the story. I know I'm going to get flack for this thought, but it's cool. I just think that the trophies/achievements for games should be tied to the story mode and that's it. If developers want to add trophies/achievements for online multiplayer, make them a bonus. Not a requirement if you want the platinum/highest achievement to complete the game.
  2. Two so far. They're in Batman Arkham City and Jak and Daxter 1 (in the Jak and Daxter collection).
  3. I think they can develop for both. If you look up title information, they are still releasing titles for the PS2. FIFA 14 released for the PS2 as well as the current systems, so I don't see that there would be to big of a problem working on both. I mean, if you think about it; Sony only recently decided to stop producing the PS2, & the system is still getting games released on it. I believe that the PS3 can have a shelf life as long as the PS2, if not longer. Now, if you are a little sceptical on that, think about all the titles that are launching with the PS4. A nice chunk of them were or are being released on the PS3 as well as the PS4. I hope that they do continue to release games for PS3, at least for the next few years. That way I can save up for it, and see if the PSN titles I've downloaded on my system will work with the PS4.
  4. That would be awesome. It would give me a reason to try out the online mode
  5. I know what you mean. I got a Playstation Plus membership on my birthday and then I recently got Arkham Origins, so I've been pretty distracted game wise lol.
  6. I recently bought Little Big Planet 2, and I find it just as fun as the first. I was playing some community levels and was wondering, does any of the Angry Joe Army play this title? I think it would be fun to play. Members could create tournaments with maps. Highest scores win the bracket. The same can be said about Little Big Planet Racing. It's currently free for PS Plus members, and it would be awesome to play you guys.
  7. Hey Angry Army, My name is Clayton. I'm been into video games for a long time. My first home console was the Genesis, then we got an NES later the same year. I played the crap out of those systems till I was able to buy my very own console, which was the original Playstation. I've been a fan of the Angry Joe Show since almost the beginning, and always saw that he would play games online with fans. I had always wanted to join, but sadly I never had any of the games he would play online. So far the only game I have now, that I now know that members of the Angry Army are still playing is DC Universe Online. I would love to play with my fellow AJ Army members and look forward to meeting all of you. I currently live in Nebraska with my wife, and feel kinda isolated out here being a geek. Though I do have a set of geek friends, the geek community seems finda slim. But then again, I could be wrong and haven't looked in the right places. I hope to see you all in the games.
  8. I would love this. I've been wondering if the army was playing DCUO. I would been the first to sign up for an Angry Army Guild. The only thing I don't have is a mic to voice chat. However, I am able to type in the chat box pretty quickly when needed. Just tell me where and when to find you guys and I'll request to sign up all my characters in the AJSA in DCUO.