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  1. There's really only two things I'm seriously pinning after this year is Fire Emblem: Fates and Persona 5. Everything else is going to be released ~2017. OTL
  2. I can sympathize, OP. Blasphemous as it is, I've never actually played any Fallout game. Total open world RPGs just feel, well, too big and tasking for my taste. I feel kinda left out, since so many people are raving about it, but c'est la vie. Hope you can either return it or sell it. Props for trying the games, though.
  3. To any of our members in France right now, please stay safe! There's been mass shootings, bombings, and hostage-taking in Paris right now. If you or a loved one are in France, please read below. - Emergency special number (if you need information) (please, use it carefully, too many calls will make the line crash): 0800 40 60 05 - Schools and universities are closed tomorrow. (in the whole country) - In Paris and IDF, it’s advised NOT TO MOVE. Don’t leave your home or the place you’re staying in unless you really have to. - It seems taxis are free tonight if you need a ride home. - 5 metro lines are closed: 3, 5,8 9 and 11 - Maps of the attacks (source: Libération). Streets are probably closed around these areas. Everyone, now is the time to support those who need it most!
  4. Thank you all for the lovely welcome~ Thanks! (●゜∀゜)You'll be pleased to hear that I don't discriminate based on coffee/tea preference, since I can relate to needing a large dose of caffeinated liquid beans to get through the day. Some teas are as potent as coffee, but those are expensive. You might also like it for the taste, and while I prefer strong and spicy tea, black coffee is just too bitter for my pallet. You're not a true Spawn of Lucifer until you walk into a Starbucks to order a single pumpkin cookie, and then proceed to eat said cookie at the table with a drink from Taco Bell. *clears throat* o(*'∇')o Thank you! Ta, it's lovely to meet a fellow tea enjoyer! (I'm from the US--I'm the only tea drinker out of a family of Gatorade and cola lovers. ┐(´∇`)┌ Thank you! <3 Thank you thank you~ Ohohohoh, you'll find that I'm very ​humerus. I'm a very intestin-g person! *gets shot*
  5. Hullo hullo, fellow Angry Army members! Your new caffeine and crappy joke supplier has arrived! (・∀・)キリッ C'mon by if you want to chat to someone about games. Or tea. Or games about tea. Whatever gets your kettle boiling.
  6. http://sta.sh/0etf1uubsli *dry laughter*