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  1. It would be awesome to get some teams going, but we will have to wait for the new ranks to be achieved. There will be a lot of instability of ranks during the first few weeks so serious teams should wait for everyone to find their place and get use to the new changes. Make no mistake, the warding system updates alone will radically change the battle field. Players and champions who rely on surprise will have to make strategical adjustments. Junglers will be the most affected with additional warding, new camps, and a hinted focus and staying in the jungle vs. constant ganking for gold and levels.
  2. I voted no, the reason is simply the community size. With so many people "one" official team won't be enough. We will at least need region specific teams and more importantly having several AJSA teams will increase odds of victory in tournament settings.
  3. There is no way to stop rage PERIOD if someone is gonna rage they will rage, even if you're having a good game maybe that player is just having a bad day and feels like venting on his team or the enemy. That being said.... there are plenty of useful tips to reduce feeding: 1: Buy wards (vision gives you time to run and/or gives your team time to react ie. show up, this can turn an enemy gank into an enemy tower) 2: Know your resistances (it pays to know if the champs you're facing do ap or ad dmg, it can save more than a few lives) 3: Cheer your team ( when someone makes a good play or scores a kill, tell them they did good. it boosts both their and the teams morale) 4: Play your best champs (playing a champ you know well beats playing a counter you don't 99% of the time) 5: Push to win (this tip is a must know that a lot of new and veteran players fail to master, failing to push when winning is thee #1 cause of lost games)
  4. Best tip for starting up LoL is to play free week champions. SAVE YOUR IP, you will need it at higher levels to buy runes since you can't buy runes with real world cash. Also, playing the random free week champs will make you learn the strengths and weaknesses of those champs and if you would like to play them in the future. Buying random low ip cost champs is a bad idea, they may not fit your play style.
  5. The only way to get an AJSA icon is to get a pro team into a tournament. So first we need some AJSA LoL teams.
  6. Summoner Name: SolomenFlame Rank: Gold 5 Level: 30 Hours: S1 so... all the hours Region: North America Roles: Mid and Jungle (but I can fill)
  7. Awesome plan, would boost community spirit. Gamers love achievements and it makes them feel more attached to their profile and community.
  8. Although I think since this is a gaming forum we're all a little biased.
  9. [AJSA] looks professional
  10. Testing the waters here, how many Terraria players are part of the Angry Army? Might start up a server if we have the numbers, or join one if someone else makes it. I haven't been on it in a while, so it'll be full of surprises for me and anyone else who hasn't been on for some time.
  11. Hey, greetings from Toronto, Canada. I'm new to the whole online community scene, but Angry Joe made me think it's trying out. The games I'm playing now are LOL, Starcraft 2, Harthstone, and Terraria. Hoping to become an important part of this community, as soon as I find out how everything works on this site.
  12. Just got into the beta, I'm running a Hunter hound rush deck right now. Most of the matches with this deck win before 7 mana.
  13. GP, his ult is very useful for supporting other lanes, but people tend to ignore this.
  14. My main is fiddle, and I think people don't realise how versatile he is. I can run him in any lane very affectively.
  15. Summoner name: SolomenFlame Region: NA Area: Ranked/Unranked