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    I love video games (duh) as well as cool people. I mostly play singleplayer rpgs like skyrim, fallout 3, kingdoms of amalur, etc. I don't play much multiplayer games but i do have black ops 1 and 2, Red Dead Redemption, Uncharted 3, and soon assassins creed 4. So add me and we'll have a good time :)
  1. With rumors going around about a gta game with all the cities included being made or considered, which GTA game has the best map in your opinion? For me, it's gotta be a tie between San Andreas for it's massive size and distinct cities and GTA 3's Liberty City for it's charm. But it's all about your opinion.
  2. I gotta say it's Fallout 3 for me. The gameplay, quests, characters, and just about everything was fantastic. NV wasn't as good and didn't have that distinct "Fallout" feel to it like 3 and 1 and 2 had. Nonetheless, ALL the Fallout games are fantastic and top-notch.
  3. Which RPG game has the best soundtrack. For me, it's a tie between Fallout 3 and Skyrim.
  4. I love nintendo, i love RPGs, which nintendo character or franchise would make an amazing RPG?
  5. In my opinion, change nothing. Battlefront 1 and 2 were amazing how they were. I dont want battlefield 4 with star wars skins. give it space battles, 1st and 3rd person option. If you want a battlefield-like star wars battlefront, fine, but DO IT JUSTICE!!! make it stand out, give it a good campaign!!!!! no crappy campaign from battlefield thats only 4 HOURS!!! I was amazing at Battlefront 2 i could go 100+ kills 0-2 deaths. make it like the originals. the question is, what do you think would make it awesome?!
  6. I say it's a tie between Megaman 1 on NES and Ninja Gaiden on NES. NES had some merciless games on it.
  7. What TV show would make a great RPG or MMO? Tell me ideas you have on making an awesome RPG based on a TV show? In my opinion, Doctor Who Would make a fantastic RPG/MMO if it were based in the Great Time War or during the show. Imagine creating your own Timelord or Dalek character and traveling across planets and galaxies as a Timelord or Dalek. IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES!!!!
  8. My opinions 1. the tenth doctor (david tennant) and Rose 2. I will see the 50th anniversary in theaters 3. I want an mmorpg based on the Great Time War or the show itself. Imagine the possibilities!!!!!
  9. If you watch Doctor Who, then you know that soon the 50th anniversary will be out. If you love Doctor Who you'll see it and answer me these questions. 1. Who's your favorite Doctor and companion 2. Will you see the special in theaters 3. Tell me some ideas about how the franchise in the future.
  10. I want it to be like Skyrim but better. The new Fallout style is fine with me. But i do want some elements from the originals. I want deeper choices. Fallout 3 and New Vegas's choices were really black and white. The choices were either be a messiah or the devil or just a merc. I want to have a reputation system like the first two. But have a good setting, i honestly dont want Boston, I personally want to see a great west coast setting or if its in the east, do NYC or something like that. I want sprinting but not limited grabbing of objects like skyrim did. Grabbing seemed useless on consoles and a waste of the button it used, make it like half life 2 or Amnesia the Dark Descent where you can throw pick up almost anything and has a use for grabbing stuff. If you do keep the control scheme the same as 3 and New Vegas, at least up the sensitivity and give grabbing things MORE PURPOSE that just to have it. Make puzzles out of it like Amnesia did or half life 2 where you can stack things to get to higher places, etc. grabbing things need a purpose. Also, no cazadores, pick a perk every level, cool perks, ads option (that actually improves accuracy,) balance V.A.T.S. once and for all, dont sh*t on Playstation players, take your time, make it more like Fallout 3 not NV, get more radio stations and songs, no numbers station conspiracy, (please!) and this list could go on and on but the last thing for now is take your time and think about what the players want and what makes Fallout good and so much fun to play. I know Bethesda wont see this but you guys will and i hope that all of you agree. This is my opinion whether its heard or not!
  11. Im just beginning DOTA 2. Ive had my fist battle against bots. So does anyone have any advice or tips on the battlefield. Add me and play me on steam. Please help me out. Steam ID: Therealgdudegarrett
  12. I suggest we have support for the game no more room in hell. Its a really good zombie survival horror game. Its a half life 2 mod and its FREE on steam. has anyone else played it?
  13. I know a lot of you will hate me for saying this and i respect your opinion but i think Fable (as a whole) has become a joke in the RPG genre. Before you go nuts let me say this, it's not for me. To me it's too dumbed down and easy. Many Rpgs out there like Elder Scrolls and Kingdoms of Amalur make you feel awesome and badass with cool combat, armor, weapons, a cool world, etc. As for where it's going Im sorry to say but it doesn't seem to be looking up unless some serious changes are made. It has the potential but after Fable III it's started on going downhill into the laughing stock of the genre.
  14. If anyone here plays or has played a pokemon game which region is the best in your opinion. Mine personally is gen 3 hoenn!
  15. Im gonna wait until the price drops or i can afford it. Knowing that, it will take a little while to get my hands on a gorgeous PS4.