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  1. Honestly, I think you just aren't its demographic. You just walked into a game you've never played before and wanted to rush into leveling up? Plus, it doesn't look like you did much research if you thought dungeons were the best way to do it anyways. Edit: Wow I didn't realize how old this post was, but as someone who came back to the game because I thought the same thing you did at first I think Guild Wars 2 is a game that you have to take in and not take too seriously to enjoy the experience. I came back because out of pure guilt for never playing it anymore really, but now I know that it was worth all of my time getting to 80 because the endgame content is fun as hell.
  2. Oh right, really sorry I didn't see that at first. I guess I can join now though right? Invite away Treeps!
  3. I'd love to join! I bought the game at launch but never really played until this point so I've decided that I want to get in on the meta and meet some people to play with as well. The only problem is that I'm on Dragonbrand and I'm wondering if that's going to be a problem since it looks like the guild's main server is Northern Shiverpeaks, do you think I can still join?
  4. I've watched Joe's videos for a long time now and really wanted to be a part of a bigger community so the AJSA felt like the perfect match! My life has pretty much revolved around games, with my introduction to it all being through the NGC and my dad's old PC that ran Windows 98. I'm 17 years of age and have lived in California my whole existence. I built my very own gaming PC just last year but it wasn't until now that I've decided to become truly committed. I like to play RPGs, MMOs, and survival games with the occasional RTS in the mix. I learned to be a pretty big film enthusiast from a really young age as well so I'd always be down to critique some films with anyone else! Anyways, I'm really psyched to meet some new people and play some games with all of you! I almost forgot, look at my dog!