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  1. have you been playing on a good Server? or single player like i have.
  2. New video for you guys! hope you enjoy!
  3. Hey Guys, Anyone on here dive into 7 Days to Die yet, I played a little bit of it so far and I enjoy it, I watched a bit of it on YouTube and thought it was awesome. I know that when I describe it to people I always say "its like Minecraft with Zombies" I always get back "but Minecraft has Zombies" then I go further to explain its like Minecraft and the Walking Dead had a baby.
  4. Hey Sarge, Now that you have had the XB1 for a little bit how are you liking it?
  5. I really hope you enjoyed the content. I have been super busy lately but I plan on uploading constantly. also if you guys want to see a specific game let me know and ill see if I have it or have the funds to purchase it.
  6. **Edited Statement. I will be using this post to be posting my ARK videos from here on (unless told otherwise).** Alright guys whats up, I started doing a youtube gameplay channel and I kinda want to get your guys opinion on it. this is something that I have been enjoying doing so far even if I don't get any views right now( which comes with the territory) none the less tell me what you guys think, please keep it constructive. What you liked, what you didn't like, I will value your opinions. please keep in mind that I have beentrying to show improvement as I have uploaded. and without further ado here is the link to my channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwI22zYdPUrAYgwsMEi_tgg
  7. Yeah i agree this is defiantly a great game and worth the buy
  8. HI Unknownplayer341! yeah i havent been much into the combat as well. i as stated earlier i have been on an exploration path right now. my next goal is the planet Wilson
  9. Yes the learning curve is defiantly steep, but im fairly confident in my movement knowledge so if you have a question dont be afraid to ask as im sure i can help
  10. So for anyone that is still interested in the Antics of CMDR Whit3lion i have made it back to civilization. and the payoff was pretty sweet. started at 600.000 credits and got up to 9.6M credits so it made me pretty happy. i was able to buy the ship that i wanted though i didnt have enough money to outfit it the way i wanted so i guess its back out to nothingness for me!
  11. Okay so an update. I have been to Saggitarius A and it was pretty cool. didnt get too close for to the black hole. dont want to lose all my data. anyways i have forsaken the other end of the universe for the shear amount of time it takes to get there, it took forever just to get to the center so i decided to turn around and get a new ship with better equipment. also as a word of warning for XB1 Elite Dangerous users wanting to visit Saggitarius A... Once you get within 1000LY of it the route plotting system turns to shit so you kinda have to navigate from system to system.
  12. Hey guys! Just wanted to see who out there plays Elite Dangerous. i have been super into it lately and am on a journey to the other side of the galaxy with a Pit stop at Sagittarius A. Ive been mostly on the explorer path. im interested to see what being part of a Wing is like though this Journey of mine is going to take a while being in at 5000LY of my 130000LY journey. anyways im rambling. who out there is into Elite Dangerous and Is Horizon worth the buy?
  13. So honestly there was only one thing i was super excited about and that was Dragon Quest 7, this game was and still is my favorite in its original for for Dragon Warrior 7 for PlayStation back in 2001. Had seen that they did an HD 3d rendered version in Japan. Saw that they weren't intending on bringing it to the West but heard rumors. so happy they decided to bring it over.
  14. Another reason i need a PS4
  15. honestly i think they would do a new Warcraft game before the put that much work into WoW.