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  1. that was a good review. lots of honesty in just how much EA and Dice dropped the ball on this one. its obviously taloured towards the online multiplayer community just like battlefield and call of duty. i don't think i will be picking up this title anytime soon seeing as its just a huge lack of content, un-balanced game modes and virtually no replay value for full retail price. i played and loved battlefront 1 & 2 and after seeing Joe's review along with this one i can honestly say that its not worth the asking price. great job man. if you keep posting good honest reviews like this i will keep watching
  2. hello from one noob to another lol. i am new to the AJSA myself so i know we noobs gotta stick together. i read that you play on steam every now and then to, if you wanted a friend and fellow AJSA member on steam my steam id is PepeSilvia9223. downloading team fortress 2 right now. its the only multiplayer game i got going on steam at the moment since the computer im playing on is shit.
  3. sounds cool i'll have to check it out
  4. thnx man i'll check em both out
  5. lol wtf was that FF FNAF?? i don't know how good this will be seeing as it is miles away from its original concept. also is it true that they are making a FNAF movie??
  6. Hello angry army what games are members of the AJSA playing on steam?? i was looking to get in on the action with fellow AJSA members seeing as i just joined steam yesterday. Mainly looking for free to play games right now but i am hopimng to upgrade to other games as well like The Elder Scrolls Online and hopefully The Old Republic Online(i know these aren't great games compared to other titles from the franchises) im mainly just looking to game with the AJSA community. i'll try anything to(so long as my shit computer can handle it) Look forward to hearing from members of the AJSA
  7. is this game only available on xbox one?? or am i reading your thread wrong??
  8. all this is kinda unfortunate to hear since i've been dying to play the game. but in the overall perspective of things it sounds like small problems that won't really effect my choice to purchase and play when i get a ps4. and since i don't have a ps4 im gonna be jumping back into Oblivion: GOTY edition with both dlc's. im so looking forward to this since i have "never played dlc for any game ever". i know that sounds really brutal considering how old the game is now and how much dlc's are now essential to games(especially rpgs) but i've never really had good or great internet and when i do it takes hours to download(i usually have to download shit over night and into the next morning at least depending on file size) anyway im getting off topic and i thanks to everyone for their honest takes on the game that are currently or have already beaten the game. i will most definitely be buying this when i get a chance but i will also be more open to critiquing the game as a whole also instead of getting caught up in the sheer awesomeness of next gen console gaming
  9. hello angryarmy, I am looking for ppl who play DC Universe on PS3. I really enjoy playing that game but have no-one to really play with at all so i've kinda stopped playing lately. i am not a high level yet either(i think i am around 13-15) but having members of the army with me would truly re-spark my interest in the game as it is really cool and can be loads of fun
  10. and may the force be with you fellow noob lol im new to the army myself and am always looking for new ppl to be friends with so hope you don't mind i will be adding you as a friend and i look forward to our future encounters
  11. sup fellow army noob. i am new to the army myself and am in the process of metting other members and making friends with all.
  12. hello fellow new recruit. just thought i'd drop a comment seeing as us noobs to the army need to stick together lol. what systems do u play on?? and what games do u play for those systems??
  13. Hello AngryArmy, I've been looking to get into ESO but i cannot find the system requirments for it. I just need to know minimum requirments(as highest quality graphics do not matter to me) so long as i can get it running smoothly and am able to interact with other members of the army i will be happy. i am currently looking to play on the pc until i can get a ps4
  14. thnx man i will be considering this strongly since i am looking to upgrade from ps3 to ps4 and i have heard many great things about it
  15. Hello to the AngryArmy out there. Im obviously a new recruit to the army and I was just wanting to drop a hello to everyone. I'm looking to meet other members, become friends and just join in everything that the angryarmy is all about. For starters if anybody has cheap PSN games that are great for their price(no more than $15 roughly unless the game is truly amazing) also any great indie games for the pc. Joe and Markiplier from youtube have been building my interest in these games. I look forward to meeting all!!