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  1. PepeSilvia2392 liked a post in a topic by wdishon in Star Wars Battlefront Game Review   
    please leave your feedback on what you thought of my review and if you enjoyed it please consider subscribing or leaving a like,I would really appreciate it.
  2. PepeSilvia2392 liked a post in a topic by Mr_E_Meatshield in New Sakura game on Steam!   
    There's no nudity or sex in the game though. Not all visual novels have nudity or sex. Not even risque ones like this developers put out. Now, HuniePop, that's a different story. Even "Uncraft Me!" has no nudity or sex.
  3. PepeSilvia2392 liked a post in a topic by Noahman90 in Hello Angry Army! I just joined the group!!   
    I have been watching the AngryJoeShow reviews for the past year, and i was so impressed with the accuracy and honesty of a majority of the reviews ( and comedy :")) that i felt compelled to make an account! I hope i can contribute to the website to the best of my ability! I mostly play Xbox One, although i do play steam/ps3 as well. Thanks for being awesome joe/joe !
  4. PepeSilvia2392 liked a post in a topic by Shagger in Hello Angry Army! I just joined the group!!   
    Welcome to the AJSA. If you want to join us on Xbox One check out the Xbox One sub forum.
    I also run a messaging system on XBL to keep people informed of the latest events. Check my signature for the info.
    There is also a very active and great variety of supported games on PC. Check out PC Gaming Central to see if any games you play are supported.
    Hope you enjoy the community.
  5. PepeSilvia2392 liked a post in a topic by PwnnYClubbeD in Bounty Hounds Online (o-beta)   
    those who like a melee/shooter sci-fi mmofps game is in open beta if you wanna check out.
    polling the community to see if theres a casual/hardcore interest in the game.
  6. PepeSilvia2392 liked a post in a topic by Raspharus in Games on Steam   
    team fortress 2 is a good one and also free. There is bound to be lots of players playing. Also check out CS:GO, its like 10 dollars but it is one of the best shooters out there.
  7. PepeSilvia2392 liked a post in a topic by Alexander452 in If you thought FNAF world was a horror   
    Think again 

    apparently it's some sort of "rpg"
    somewhat odd approach after the horror games, but it might work
    either that or there is some hidden message in the trailer, maybe or maybe not
    Here is a picture from his website
    what are your thoughts
  8. PepeSilvia2392 liked a post in a topic by kamilus42 in May the force be with AJSA :)   
    Hello all .
    I am from Poland and I started watching Angry Joe two months ago and I am amazed how one person can hand so much emotion over through reviews. Therefore I am joining to this community, in which I will be proudly. For now I only playing on Xbox One but in the future It will change.
    I hope that with many people from this forum I will play in the future 
    Thank you and forgive me for my not-perfect language  

  9. PepeSilvia2392 liked a post in a topic by Batty in New to the Proving Grounds   
    Hello Fellow members of the Angry Army.
    I have been watching alot of the Angry Joe Show and would like to join the community.
    I love playing most video games, and plan on proving myself among my fellow members ^-^ 
    I prefer Mobas and sometimes FFS games but anything with friends works as well.
    basically i'm a gamer and just want to have some fun with friends =)
  10. Guest
    Guest liked a post in a topic by PepeSilvia2392 in Hello AngryArmy   
    Hello to the AngryArmy out there. Im obviously a new recruit to the army and I was just wanting to drop a hello to everyone. I'm looking to meet other members, become friends and just join in everything that the angryarmy is all about. For starters if anybody has cheap PSN games that are great for their price(no more than $15 roughly unless the game is truly amazing) also any great indie games for the pc. Joe and Markiplier from youtube have been building my interest in these games. I look forward to meeting all!!