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    Music, Anime, Manga, Playing on guitar, singing, movies, GAMES !!!!!!!

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  1. pc

    Thanks .. will do
  2. pc

    Well , Me too love both but here is the thing... I have PS4 for Exclusives only, I will buy Xbox one X cuz i have a lot of friends there to play with and I am playing on PC all the time now but I have no one to play with on PC
  3. Maybe we can play together What ya thing ?
  4. Hi there I just want to ask there are any Polish people that I can play with ? or any from EU ? I love playing with guys from USA but the issue is timezone. When most of USA people are playing in my timezone it is about 2:00 am xD Thats why i cant even wait for them cuz i am going sleep every time i am waiting. NEVER SURRENDER
  5. I am playing overwatch all the time. I have changed my p[latform , I was playing on Xbox one but now I am playing on PC ... I am not good player but not worst either xD
  6. hmm... i cant see myself on the list. Anyone keep update this list ?
  7. ID: ansi920408 I use to play on xbox one but I am playing on PC now and I still trying to be better with mouse and keyboard. I love playing scout , the sound of Headshots is just amazing
  8. pc

    I have noticed that to... and i thing new character is so OP but still is fun to play Now I only need to reach 25lvl to play ranked games.
  9. pc

    Hi I have build my PC and I am looking people to play with. I love playing overwatch but I hate to play with randoms ( if you know what i mean ). If you platying alone or looking some crazy people to play pls answer below. thank you angry army
  10. Here is mine kamilus#21410
  11. GamerTag: kamilus42 Forums: kamilus42
  12. Fu ck I forgot . Sry guys. In exchange I giving all what I can to the our guild I hope you will forgive me boss LoL xD
  13. Welcome and I'm looking forward to play together
  14. WElcome to the Angry Army. If you like LoL then maybe also you gonna check Smite on Xbox One
  15. GO try Elfen Lied or Code Geass maybe you will change you mind about this