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Found 1 result

  1. Ok then you dirty land lovers,armchair generals and wannabe heros, the time is coming (aka next week) where i will unlease our newest event, the much waited for and feared 2v2 event. Things i know this will enclude: Problems Delays Bad people (darkjedii93...trust me he is a bad person!) Things you guys need to know atm: Pairing rules: this event will be open to players from ALL elos, however, if you team has 1 or more players ranked plat 1 or higher then you will have to play with draft mode rules and the other team will be allowed to ban 3 champs (the team with the player(s) over plat 1 will not be allowed to ban anything) to even up the chances for weaker pairings. The event will be done like a league with 1 (more if possible) games played aweek and a weekly table posted up to show each pairings current standings for that week. Howling Abyss map shall be used for this event. The normal game set up will be bilnd pick (unless team has a plat 1 or higher member in it) and there will be no limit on champ usage. Suciding IS allowed however your kills and deaths per your team will be recorded. Point base system shall be used for the event, 1 point for a win, 0 for a lose. Atm this will be a no prize event (unless someone wants to start paying entry fees lol) Sign ups to this event are open now so that i can get a rough idea of who wants to play...note you may come up with a team name for your duo should u want ^^ And the current player sign up list (will keep updated as new teams/players join): Team/player sign up list DTT (die trollenden trolle) - Morgomir1 (x3C) and Seabourne MemeAcademy - DarkJedii93 and Kurisu Makise Dirty Rednecks - Lord Kesharq and Elekttronas (reping AJSA the down and dirty way xD)