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Found 108 results

  1. I legitimately think people are abusing the appreciation month right now just so they have something to bitch at EA for. Premium players are getting shotguns and DMR's while everyone is getting grenades and pistols, I really think people are just unlocking all the DMR's and Shotguns BEFORE just so they can go and bitch saying the Appreciation month shortcuts are worthless because they already have it when in actuality they only got it right before the event! but hey, maybe its just my pessimistic look on the Battlefield Community that leads me to believe it.
  2. Just joined the community on here and the AJSA Platoon for BF4 users! If your into Battlefield 4 and Payday 2, etc. come check out my YouTube gaming channel! http://www.youtube.com/user/xxstevexd11
  3. For all of those who have gone unaware, DICE has added Platoons to Battlefield 4 just like in Battlefield 3. And since I'm a huge fan of the AJSA I decided to make a platoons for all fellow Battlefield 4 players regardless of the platform of the game. Be it PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and/or PlayStation 4 you, memeber of the AJSA can join The name of the Platoon is AJSA Division 1. Link to the platoon will be at the end of this post. Everyone is invited to join the Platoon. I'll be looking foward to seeing you all in the battlefied one day ;D Link to platoon: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/platoons/view/1738783799058865587/
  4. http://blogs.battlefield.com/2014/02/introducing-platoons/ So this thing is finally happening. Rolling out starting February 27 there will be Platoons in BF4. Some Admin needs to snipe Angry Army [AJSA] before someone else does this before us. Also other Army members will be easier to find. Yay!
  5. My current PSN is BritishTemplar18 send me a Friend reguest or a comment on this topic. Just Looking for People i could hang out whit in Battlefield 4... getting bored being a lone wolf on the Battlefield.
  6. Anyone know when platoons will be added to battlelog? I read somewhere that they said sometime in February, which i was hoping would mean it would release the same time as the DLC, but considering the DLC released yesterday, i guess not. Thanks for the replies.
  7. Can i Please have some Advice on these
  8. Domination isn't the best for 64 players in my own opinion but I want your guys' opinion! as the population of the server increases, so does its max players maxing out at 64. 64 players just turn into giant clusters where it literally becomes the spawn step die formula. Domination maps are just too small for 64 people even if its great to have such a population on the servers, I believe it'd be best for the max to be at 32 to avoid this cluster. Hopefully I created this right and the poll is above! Enough about me, I want to hear from you guys! the fellow members!
  9. so i was wondering if there are going to be any australian AJSA servers, it would help us out alot
  10. Took on the task of recreating an other classic Monty Python sketch - the "Firing Squad". One of my all time favorites! You can find a link to the original version in the description on YT. Hope you enjoy it!
  11. There are 2 different versions of the "How not to be seen" sketch. There is the (longer) original one that was part of the "Flying Circus" series, and then there is a short version which was re-done for "And now for something completely different". This video is based on the original from the "Flying Circus". The link to the original clip can be found in the description of the video on YT. Hope you enjoy it!
  12. hi, im looking for some australians to play bf4 with. all my friends play cod i have no one to team up with . i feel like im not having the full BF experience if im not cooping with someone. btw im 15.
  13. DLC Assignment: Eagle's Nest Hey everyone, I am having the worst luck unlocking the GOL Magnum sniper rifle in BF4 for Xbox One. So, if anyone is interested, we can find an empty server for Firestorm or Caspian Border, at least 4 players who will co-operate and just get what is needed. The pre-requisite is that you need to have Second Assault and you have to be rank 10. What needs to happen in game is each person who wants it needs at least 6 kills from the main towers on one of the maps listed above. My Xbox One gamer tag: OzoneKillerB6S4 Reply to this thread if you are interested and or just add me on Xbox One.
  14. Okay, after watching all 3 of our servers playing Ghost Town, today I finally saw that the Op Lock No Ex server was booming with life. And you know what? Half of the players used RPGs and Grenades. So, either get some kind of a script to enforce the rules, or get more Admins. It was a mess. Or maybe change it back to a normal, ruleless server. Also, we have 3 damn servers. 3! I find it funny, at best, that most of the time there is noone on them. And I do look for players in the morning, in the afternoon, and at night. So either the AJSA members stopped playing BF 4, for the last few weeks, or they play somewhere else.
  15. Hey Angry Army! I just reached level 101 over this past double XP weekend and I was curious about something. I'm almost level 110 and I was hoping that the level cap in BF4 would be increased. Do you guys think it will be increased in the future? Thanks!
  16. I know BF4 is having problems on PS4 right now but when it pulls its head out of its a** i would like to start a team on BF4 for the PS4. i wont be playing when the game is like this but for anyone who wants to join just reply here and when the game works we will get started. Fell free to add me on PSN <-----
  17. So the weirdest thing happened to me last night. I was playing on a pistols only server on BF4 and got like 30,000 points so I was super happy. I got like 2 medals and a domination service star but when the game was over and I left it didn't count ANY of the points. The weird thing is that they still gave me the level 40 battlepack but according to their servers I am still a level 39. But the kicker is the medals counted without giving me points so I have to get 50 more ribbons to get another medal -.- it's pretty weird. Anyways, has anybody had this issue and found a fix? Its annoying to spend like 30 minutes in a game and have it not count. Post any weird BF4 glitches down below for the lulz.
  18. Hey everybody! I'm kind of lonely when it comes to PC gaming because all of my friends game on consoles, so i'd like to ask the Angry Army to help me out. If you guys want, feel free to add me on Origin or Battlelog (still new to this whole scene) and we should play some BF4 together! I probably won't have a mic until around Christmas time because i'm waiting for the post Christmas blow out sales haha. So, if any of you fine gentlemen or gentleladies would like to play with me add me! Origin ID: HailedFanatic Thanks again!
  19. Can we have a room on teamspeak for BF3 as BF4 still has a lot of issues as some BF fans might not want to buy into BF4 at the mo because of the terrible launch I am one of them. I found this Platoon that is not officially backed by the AJSA but wants to represent the AJSA on the BF3 front. I have joined so I can do some representing with tags. Some feedback and action could be good for the cause. http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/4382-join-the-ajsa-platoon-in-bf3/ Hopeful by me drawing attention to this might bring about some more platoon members eg raise awareness I think Server support is one thing for a game and Teamspeak is another. More games can be support through teamspeak as less bandwidth is used. This can give the council abetter idea as to what games to support on the server front. Just a thought
  20. Hey guys! I'm a long time Angry Joe Show fan, and a brand spanking new recruit. I tried doing some research on how the whole process works, but I am still a little confused. I'm not entirely sure how to rank up, or how to play games with you guys. Also, am I allowed to wear the AJSA clan tag in BF4, or do I have to be a full fledged member to do that? I would love to play some Battlefield 4 with you guys. I won't have a mic for a while, so I hope that isn't a problem. Add me on Origin if you wanna play some BF4! Thanks for the help!!! HailedFanatic
  21. Looking for some help with starting a LP show If your interested comment below what games you have, and how we could work together on this project I have L4D2 Gw2 BF3-4 and BC2 HL2 with synergy Garry's Mod Minecraft Thats about it
  22. This is for all of us PS4 gamers who have the DLC already. I want to know your thoughts on the new DLC and Game Mode. Such as how well do you think it's done and whatnot. All I have played so far is Air Superiority, and my game crashed so I only have one match in, but I'll update later with my personal feelings on a more educated scale. But for the first impressions, I feel that it's too short of a game, and that the map wasn't big enough. It was the Dragon one, can't remember the whole name. Then again, this is coming from someone who wishes Ace Combat still existed as it did on the PS2 with today's multiplayer capability.
  23. Hello, I was just wondering on what your guys opinion was on what your game of the year was. Mine would have to be GTA V
  24. I built a new beast PC a couple of weeks back after deciding to abandon the "next gen" consoles. I played a few Team Deathmatches on BF4 to check how my mouse/keyboard skills are... they seem to be pretty good getting K/D of atleast 1.0.. So i don't think I totally suck I also got a good quality Mic. So, Add me on Battlelog (Sgt_Rex_Pwr_Colt) if you're looking for a Multiplayer team up. AJSA Community FTW!
  25. Hey AJSA people! For people that have weird sturrering while playing the glorious BF4 (not talking about rubberbanding) They forgot to install the directx that came with Battlefield 4! oh those silly buggers at EA! This is what you need to do! go to the folder where you installed BF4 and follow this path to freedom _installer/directx/redist and run DXSETUP. This reduced allot of the shitty stuttering for me.