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Found 108 results

  1. You done f***ed it up!
  2. Hey guys, so I'm having trouble finding the AJSA server for battlefield 4. I'm on 360 and I dunno if there just arent any servers for the 360 version yet or what. anyone care to help? and if this is in the wrong place then I apologize
  3. The AJSA East channel still needs some team channels, just so everyone who goes on Teamspeak doesn't get to listen to the other teams' tactics! I also suggest keeping all the team channels uniform, probably following the Europe channel's example with US - CN/RUS. Problems might arise when it is CN vs RUS though, so some sort of guide might want to be added. For example if you're on US and the map says it's CN vs RUS, make US work as CN for that map.
  4. Seeing how we are a week away from the awesome release of the PS4, I was just wondering if there will be any BF4 servers up for the PS4 around the launch date. It would be awesome to kick of the next gen. with a great community to play with!
  5. Hi, I just wanted to see how many of us also plays BF4 on the xbox 360! And if there is a interest of a x360 server when that time comes ? if it's possible to do so ?
  6. is it
  7. One of Battlefield's 4 main market stragey (rightly so) is to have beta players talk about some "awesome moment" that they've had to a game. Now most of us who played BF3(or BF4) for a sufficent amount of time have had these moments that just make you jolt in your seat and just feel awesome. Mine was in a BF4 game on DawnBreaker. My friend and I were in the Little Bird. We just got done killing a Attack Heli, so it was spining wildly out of control, fire spouting from the cockpit and the back router, making a awesome speculate. Suddenly, and enemy jet passes inches beneath us, with the amazing sound qualtity of the jets in this game making my friend and I jump in our chairs. At the same moment a friendly F-35 passes just above us, barely missing us. We were later killed by a moblie AA, but moments like these are the moments that at least to me, make Battlefield 4 worth the money. I would like to hear your "moment" in either BF3, or BF4. Excuse my spelling and grammer thoughout this post.
  8. Battlefield, as well as similar FPS titles in recent years have delivered sub-par singleplayer components in order to draw in the casual crowd. Does Battlefield 4 differentiate from this? Find out in my video impressions of the singleplayer campaign!