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Found 7 results

  1. So 2013 will probably be the last year a 7th generation game will be awarded GOTY. I think the main competitors are the one listed above and the ones that will win most of these awards, although there are other good games (Ex Fire Emblem: Awakening). In my opinion, 2013 have been a great year for gaming although there have been some exceptions (Colonial Marines, Ride to Hell, etc). So to end with, I would like to know what the AJSA community thinks which game is GOTY in their opinion.
  2. Hi guys I was wondering if I should buy the Burial at Sea DLC. I quite enjoyed Infinite but it didn't blow me out of the water and I kinda regret buying it for full price. Now is the DLC just more of the same or does it change things up? Did you buy the DLC? Are you going to buy the DLC? Please let me know what you think.
  3. I'm a person who enjoys the cold, so I would love to possess the power to freeze things. Thank you, Old Man Winter.
  4. WOW when i saw this in the steam group announcement i almost hyperventilated Now i want to see What yo guys think. where is the DLC going with this. looks like minds will be blown and the internet will explode once again
  5. So guys today i was browsing around the local gamestop and i noticed a good offer for Bioshock Infinite premium edition, 30 euros, is it worth to buy without trying the previous chapters? I'm asking because it's a genre i don't usually meddle with but i've heard only good things about this game.
  6. Hello to all! Retr0J here with a review for Bioshock Infinite's latest DLC - is it a Rapturous return? or should we let this one drown? Let's find out! http://youtu.be/2jgmuGbaJgc
  7. SO HEY I just noticed today that my Steam had started downloading a 5.4gb update for BioShock Infinite, meaning that new DLC has been released I was pretty pumped for DLC after playing through the main story, but had almost forgotten about it since it took so long to come out (though the game isn't even a year old yet). According to reviews (tried to avoid spoilers) it's a murder mystery set in 1950's Rapture starring Booker and Elizabeth (?). This concept sounds cool but I don't know how this would fit into the main story. Guess I'll see when the update is finally finished. Reviews are saying it's a bit of a letdown, but hey it's BioShock; I'm sure me and other fans will still enjoy it. Might write a review when I'm done playing it