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Found 1 result

  1. This week in the news; Warren Spector to work on Underworld Ascent and System Shock 3, angry trolls don't understand localization and try to damage voice actress' career, games developed in Iran come to Steam now that sanctions have been lifted, how models defined Doom, TwitchCon coming to San Diego in September, Rhianna Pratchett calls for more focus on story, Hearthstone pro Hafu talks about sexist Twitch trolling, Gears of War 4 coming this year, Kojima talks about his future, Ubisoft CEO says industry is less hit-driven and when Assassins Creed returns it may no longer be an annual title, Failbetter offers funding for narrative games, Master of Orion voice actors revealed, an adventure through hell created by one man team, Fallout 3 no longer banned in Germany, Riot built a private internet, Smite comes to the PS4, more DLC being created for Dying Light but team isn't sure if the PS4 and One have the tech to fulfill their vision of a sequel, and more. Warren Spector joins OtherSide Entertainment Warren is leaving academia to work on Underworld Ascent and System Shock 3. Here is another article with some information on what he will be doing. Article takes actress' interview out of context furthering trolling against Nintendo and employees The English version of Fire Emblem Fates has upset some very sad people who have no knowledge of how the process of game localization works, as usual, they have taken their anger out by complaining on chan sites and whining at, harassing, and threatening people on social media. So when some people saw an interview, reported on by the above site, they used their complete lack of understanding of how anything works to try to spread false information about Nintendo's localization team. Someone actually putting any thought into this interview would realize that the voice actress, Rena Strober, had actually just mentioned very common practices when working for games, not even specifically saying Fire Emblem. "You know, when you do video games, you’re not allowed to know the title of the game, you don’t usually know your character, you don’t know anything about it, because it’s very secret information." She also mentions that companies might change a characters name so that you won't know what the project is or if it is a sequel to something. As in many cases, people are not told everything about their character when they are auditioning, nor do they know everything about a game's story (possibly never knowing until the game's release or long after they are hired, as is the case with many games and movies). From the sound of the interview she is talking more about what happened when she was first auditioning, and even mentions that this took place about six or eight months before the original trailer released back in June of 2015, making the English character and title names even more likely to not having been set in stone since the game wasn't even out yet in Japan at that time. The article instead tries to frame this late night interview as Nintendo not caring about and getting worse voice acting for their localization (because you would obviously hire a voice actress and singer to play a singer if you didn't care about quality). This also could hurt a voice actors career if too many people take the interview the wrong way, whether it be the fault of the actor or (in this case) the bias and stupidity of the people upset about it. Strober has responded to the article which hasn't lead to a correction in the piece, and has the writer wondering why they may have made the video private (which he posts again) as he could potentially damage her career with misinformation by giving ammo to chan/reddit mobs. The most well known Fire Emblem fan site also created a thread in appreciation of Strober and she wrote a reply to them on the site and on her twitter. This shows why people really should try to have some understanding of how things work and what their platforms can be used for. République gets a PS4 release date In news for another game Rena Strober has acted for, Republique is about to have its final episode released and will be released on the PS4. Super Robot Wars OG: The Moon Dwellers for PS4 English version announced for Asia English text will be available in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia. Found the article thanks to Gideon Zhi. After last weeks Valkyria footage I thought I wouldn't need a PS4, maybe I was wrong. Twisted Teen Murder Game Danganronpa Is Still Great On PC Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc has released on Steam, I recommend everyone who didn't play the PSP or Vita version try it. Sunless Sea dev Failbetter offering funding for narrative games ET Armies, a sci-fi FPS developed in Iran, is coming to Steam TwitchCon 2016 announced, coming to San Diego this September Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata gets posthumous lifetime achievement award from gaming peers Reggie Fils-Amie, president and chief operating officer of Nintendo of America, accepted the award. Fallout 4 lands game of the year at the DICE Awards Rise of the Tomb Raider, Ori and the Blind Forest, Battlefront, Witcher 3, Helldivers, Rocket League, and Metal Gear Solid V take other awards. D.I.C.E. Summit 2016 - Hideo Kojima, Guillermo del Toro & Geoff Keighley Hideo Kojima on his future and breaking up with Konami, Metal Gear and Silent Hill Why neither Konami nor Kojima accepted Metal Gear Solid 5's DICE award Rhianna Pratchett calls for more focus on game stories Master of Orion trailer reveals a cast of sci-fi stars A thread about this was created here Industry has become less hit-driven, more dependable - Ubisoft While talking about the future of the Assassins Creed series Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said, "The goal is not to automatically come back to an annual cycle, but to come back on a regular basis. We can't say every year." DICE 2016: HOW UBISOFT CREATED THE DIVISION, GHOST RECON: WILDLANDS OPEN WORLDS A video can be found at the link for The Division and a Q&A about the new Ghost Recon. Firaxis is "working very furiously" to fix XCOM 2 performance issues Though they have no set schedule the team is "working furiously" and says that updates are coming soon. The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine Leak a Hoax? Epic Expansion Tipped to Launch this June Some details were leaked about The Witcher 3's upcoming expansion, the leaker would later call it mere speculation. How Gears of War and Unreal Have Shaped Epic's Next Game: Paragon Mistwalker reveals new project in partnership with Silicon Studio Hironobu Sakaguchi's studio is collaborating with Silicon Studio on a new title, there are no details but they released a piece of concept art. Tales from the Borderlands being collected on disc, launching worldwide in late April Hearthstone pro Hafu speaks out about sexist trolling on Twitch The Division Could Join Destiny in Becoming One of Biggest New IP Launches Ever, Ubisoft Says The beta broke records with 6.4 million players. Street Fighter 5 does not punish players who rage quit Players can expect a change, but they aren't sure what kind of system they will use or when it will be added. A Game Disappeared From Steam, And Nobody's Saying Why Just Cause 3's First Expansion Adds Mechanized Wingsuit and More BioWare Producer Asks If You'd Play a Dragon Age "Tactics" Game Mark Darrah asks twitter users if they would play a Dragon Age Tactics game similar to XCOM or Fire Emblem Fallout 4 Dev Has Three "Longer-Term" Projects in the Works Todd Howard teased that Bethesda is working on three projects at the 2016 DICE Summit. A thread about this was created here Square Enix Invites Miss Universe to Final Fantasy 15 Release Date Event New Adr1ft trailer teases zero-g gameplay and astronaut dreams Star Wars Battlefront's Outer Rim Expansion Gets First Image, More Details The first paid Battlefront expansion is due out in March and will have new maps, weapons, heroes, and a new mode. Gears of War 4 Will Be "Graphical Showcase" on Xbox One, Producer Says Gears 4 is due out in the fall with a beta test happening before launch. It will run at 60FPS and be a "graphical showcase" for the Xbox One. Dying Light will get more DLC in 2016, Techland promises Techland was pleased to see the reception for their latest DLC and have chosen to work on the game for the remainder of the year, they are already working on new unannounced content. On the topic of a sequel they are not sure if they can fulfill their vision on the Xbox One and PS4's tech. Smite: Battleground of the Gods Coming to PS4 The game went into closed alpha on the 19th and there will be a closed beta in the near future. A thread about this was created here Fallout 3 No Longer Banned in Germany - Report Giants: Citizen Kabuto spiritual successor First Wonder cancelled After their Kickstarter failed the team had been hopefully about being able to continue development if they could find other funding, they were unable to. Unpacking the stigma of mental illness in The Town of Light Former Sony exec Shahid Ahmad joins Double Eleven While working for Sony over the last few years people might have come to know him for helping to bring a lot of indie titles to the PSN and working with those indie developers. Quantum Break Goes Gold, Dev Celebrates With Huge Bottle of Champagne League of Legends was too slow, so Riot built a private internet to make it go faster Tales of Symphonia port gets much needed improvements thanks to modders HTC Vive is $799, Ships ‘Early April’ And You Can Answer Phone Calls In VR Price point and other details have been revealed. A thread about this was created here In eSports news League of Legends 2016 World Championship will take place across North America this fall Riot has revealed that the World Championship will take place across North America this year. Smite Oceania Pro League has a $100,000 prize pool in 2016 Australian and New Zealand Smite teams will compete for a $100,000 prize pool. This week in Kickstarter Projects Pinstripe — An Adventure Through Hell Made by a one man team. An article about the game was written here. A thread about this was created here A Place for the Unwilling Article about the game were written here, A Place for the Unwilling: Lovecraft meets Majora's Mask and Sunless Sea and here The Charming Gloom of a Place For the Unwilling Takes To Kickstarter. A thread about this was created here. Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch Kevin Smith is trying to get funding for a Jay and Silent Bob game. Other articles I found interesting this week This is my back: Being a game developer is just about the only thing I can do Olivia White writes about finding a home in games and developing with disabilities. Models from Hell: How practical maquettes defined the original Doom NIGHT IN THE WOODS TO UNRAVEL ITS ANGSTY TEEN TALE THIS FALL Guest Column: Skin to Screen Janine Hawkins explores the history and appeal of "skinship" in games. Being Edited Designing Interactive Story (PART SIX - FINAL PART) Greg Johnson finishes his six part series on interactive fiction, which are good reads for anyone interested. HAVE A LITTLE MORE FAITH IN THAT DRAGON, CANCER THE VIDEOGAMES THAT WANT TO BE DISOBEYED A look at obedience and disobedience in video game design.