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Found 1 result

  1. Most of you are probably familiar with the english version, which is like Ace Combat 2 without a story whatsoever other than in the first mission that's in text form. The one I'm talking about is not this version, I'm talking about the original japanese version with a great story, anime characters and multiple pathways to play through. For those not familiar with the plot, I'll give a brief summary. Have you ever played Syndicate before? Basically it's the same plot, the world's government is in ruins and 2 mega corporations General Resource Limited and Neucom Incorporated are fighting for complete control. You play as a pilot named Nemo, and he belongs to Universal Peace Enforcement Organization (UPEO) which is a small section of the government that wants to stop these 2 from dominating everyone. Now the girl in the first cutscene Rena Hirose is a part of the General Resource Limited super pilot project that will grant General Resource complete dominance if she actually go to battle. Fortunately she's still in training, so if want to, you can prevent her from serving General Resource. Basically the plot is pretty deep. There's 5 routes that the game can take place in and it will determine the ending. There's even a mission where you go to space firing super laser missiles. Too bad the english version is completely fucked. There's an english subtitled version of this game on youtube, BUT IT'S TAKEN DOWN. Why??? Thankfully translated cutscenes of the game is still there. I want this game remade for PS4 with Assault Horizon's control scheme and high octane plane combat.