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Found 139 results

  1. We should add each other to stay connected until ps4 releases and we can all team up and destroy in multiplayer
  2. So guys, what's your favorite indie game? I personally like Binding of Isaac.
  3. Welcome to the Age of Empires II thread on the AJSA forums! For those that do not know, Age of Empires II is considered a classic of the strategy game genre. So if strategy is what you're looking for (and fun ofcourse) you have come to the right place! Age of Empires II has always been one of my favorite games and I'm extremely happy with it's multiplayer revival on steam after the HD rerelease. However it can sometimes be hard to find people for larger games such as 4v4 or 2v2v2v2 (caotic but fun). Of simply finding people to play with if you want a tactical match. Therefor I have decided to create this thread where you can look for like-minded people to play with, create games events or simply share your experiences regarding Age of Empires II. Don't forget to have fun, and remember as the wise monk once said "Wololo".
  4. Soldiers I would like to introduce You to one of my most beloved game parodies created by one of most popular Newgrounds.com artist: Egoraptor. He created series of funniest game parodies, like Metal Gear Awesome, Resident Awesome, Gears Of Awesome and plenty of others. I'm sure that each of You soldiers going to find one match your taste. Metal Gear Solid Parodies: 1: 2: Legend Of Zelda Parodies: Pokemon Parodies: Gears Of War: L.A. Noire: There's plenty more on his YouTube account: http://www.youtube.com/user/egoraptor/videos?shelf_id=2&view=46&tag_id=UC0gEw6pgNkLkkzMwzX4UtHA.3.aseries&sort=dd PS: to dear Admins, I'm not posting this to promote Egoraptor YT channel, or Egoraptor person itself, it's just because I think his game parodies are hilarious and deserve to be shared with other people
  5. History has shown us that things will change from their normal processes. Do you think that the gaming industry is on the right track. 1) Where is the gaming industry now? 2) What can be improved? 3) The future of the gaming industry or the future of gaming? We all know that the gaming industry, just like anything else, is trying to make money. I believe that to many decisions are being made with a money focused goal, rather than pleasing us gamers 100%. We always seem to be sacrificing something in order to participate. Many times we get neglected and must accept what is being spoon-fed to us because ultimately we don't make the final decision, the people higher up in the company do. But we have certainly shown that we can influence results. I'm almost certain if more companies and developers focused more keenly on getting us what we want while also maintaining their vision of the product, the world would be a better place, and they will most certainly see great results. What do you think?
  6. I think we all been fantasizing about our very dream game. I'd like to hear what people's dream games would be! I'll start with mine: We start with character creation. Very important. All my favourite games has a character creation process, the more advanced you can get, the better. Race, gender, voice, clothes, background (a la Mass Effect or Dragon Age), everything should be customizable. The game itself will be open word, with a limited map. Anything could be around the corner, and you get rewarded for finding new places. The world is huge, and varied. I think I'd want it to be either High Fantasy, or some kind of Mythical Science Fiction. Everything would be approachable in whatever way you want to. Talk your way out of things? If you're good enough, sure. Fight all your problems? If you're strong enough. Just sneak past it... you get the idea. I'm not sure what the combat would be like, probably something action-y, close to either Neverwinter or Witcher, action but with focus on tactics and timing. You can make your own weapons and armour, and choose what they'll look like, probably by finding blueprints and learning new crafting styles. There'd be a ton of different armour slots you could put things, to completely have control of your look. ...hmm... That's it, I think. Now what's yours?
  7. Hi there the angry army! I've been a fan of Joe for many years now, and ever since his early videos, I've wanted to become a game designer. Well, I guess I was in luck! I am currently studying the last year of university where I study Game Design and stuffs are going my way! The thing is though.. I would love the rest of the army to give me some feedback on a horror game "proof of concept" that I've made, together with 7 other people from the university. The demo/proof of concept is for free to download and some of you might even have heard about "Stairs". We are about to start a real production for a full release, so we would like to get some last-second feedbacks before we go! The reason why I am posting here is because I believe in this community. But let's make some stuffs clear: 1. I am not here to advertise, all I ask for is feedback! 2. We are going to start a game company and sell the real product in the future. 3. This is one community I would love to have closer contact with for future games! 4. If you have any questions, please let me know! Here is a link to where you can download it for free: http://gamejolt.com/games/adventure/stairs-pre-alpha-demo/14970/ Thanks for taking your time reading this, I hope you'll enjoy the proof of concept!
  8. Anyone played or know about this game? For those that don't know, it's quite a simple game. The narrator of this game guides you through the game, and it's up to you if you want to follow him or not. The ending depends on if you follow the narrator or just screw with him, which will lead to a lot of hilarity. Here's the playthrough of the game from one of the LPyer that is actually in the trailer of this game. He cracks me up.
  9. Hello good sirs! Here is my first impressions style review of FORCED by Beta Dwarf. Very interesting game with an extremely awesome development team!
  10. Since there's a thread about the first game you have ever bought, I decided to propose the opposite. Pick more than one console if you can. Mine: Last PSX game: Ubersk or whatever. Its one of the worst piece of shit I have ever played in my life. Last Nintendo game: Karateka Last Sega Genesis: Adventures of Batman and Robin Last SNES game: Street Fighter 2 Last Game Boy Game: Yu Yu Hakusho Last Game Boy Advanced game: Silent Scope Last Dreamcast game: Shenmue Last PS2 game: Xfiles Last Xbox game: Shenmue 2 (where's shenmue 3???) Last Nintendo DS game: 999 Last Xbox 360 game: Red Dead Redemption before my Xbox bit the dust.
  11. I just had a blast to the past just now. I stumble across this game back when I was hunting down Dreamcast games that I can play through my emulator, and I found one game title that intrigues me when I first saw it. It's called Despiria. The game is completely in Japanese except for a couple of simple things like the main menu. My first impression of the first part of the game is: ..... what the fuck am I watching??? Then I heard the kickass looping music and I actually become intrigued with what the game is about, so I did a bit of a research. Turns out this game is made by Atlus, the guys behind the great Persona and Shin Megami Tensei series. The game takes place in the future where the whole world is dominated by the church, and body augmentation like in Deus Ex Human Revolution. You play as this girl who is an agent of the church who must go to eradicate heretics that wants to spread chaos to the world, or at least that's what one of the description of the game actually says. She uses the worm in the opening to unleash her psychic power that you can use to combat enemies and read people's minds. I don't understand what the characters in this game says since it's all in Japanese, but the plot is actually pretty straightforward once you play the game yourself. This game is like a mix between Myst and a typical turn based JRPG where there's random encounters and you level up through beating enemies. One unique thing about this game is that the combat system in this game uses these 2 little creatures similar to the Persona series that assist you in combat. You upgrade your creatures by going to this machine that gives you energy boost or whatever, and you can create different combinations of monsters depending on which monsters you combine. Basically it's like the fusion function in Pokemon. Surprisingly, even though I have no freaking clue what this game actually is about, I managed to finish this game till the end by just randomly doing different things. The graphic is pretty damn muddy and bland even for Dreamcast standard, and the character design in this game is what I can call nightmare incarnate. I mean look at these enemies right here. And look at these NPCs. What the fuck is up with these character designs??? You make the enemies in this game disfigured beyond belief and the NPCs pale white like ghosts?? Although the one with black bikini and the red haired robot looks cute. The music in the game kicks ass though, even though it's just a bunch of looping musics. It's oddly blood pumping and awesome, unlike the music from Terminator NES and Wayne's world that's just plain horrible. I'm not going to post more of the parts of this game since it's going to bring nightmares. Although if you guys are interested to see it, let me know! Meh, I'll post this part with the best music in the game. The music starts at 6:55. Enjoy!
  12. Just wondering does anyone here know what exactly is SMNC and MNC or if you're an ex-player of these games? Joe made a review about the first game (MNC) and an interview on SMNC which is the sequel. To you guys who don't know much about the game or never heard of it... Super Monday Night Combat is a F2P Dota-Style thirdperson shooter game, where you are suppose to attack the enemies base and defenses while protecting your own. The game comes with different kinds of classes that you unlock with ingame currency. Here's the trailer for SMNC: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiL7ItFZG9A Along with MNC: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1gKt-nQrxw Anyways I'm here to spread the message. The game is dead. The developers had stopped updates and such on the game since September 2012 without any notice. Yes its a shame..... because on release they had a few thousand players that flooded the lobby. But over time the game started losing players, heck its even a miracle to find a match using match making in North America right now. So I ask you guys, as part of the AngryJoeArmy we should all stand together and spread this game out. It deserves better than what it is now. Tell people about this game and maybe... just maybe... the game might live again. Thanks guys!
  13. as someone who is finally returning to the story killzone is telling. What had=s happened so far in the past games, What mechanics do you like from it, What does it do better than other shooters, and how is it original.
  14. Hello everyone! Much like yourself I'm a gamer. I play all sorts of games but i think i play RTS's the least. Games I usually find myself playing are: -Skyrim -Assassin's Creed series -Eve Online/Guild Wars 2 -Arkham Origins -Borderlands 2 But I have a shit ton of games and I'll usually buy things on sale and at least play the single player campaign like Max Payne 3 and Sleeping dogs, etc. Also I'm from Irvine, California. So if you're close by hit me up! Thanks for reading.