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Found 179 results

  1. Hello everyone. I'm looking for someone to play Rust with on a small server. I'm just looking for someone to give me some tips in game and someone to help me build a base. Best Regards.
  2. Hey guys my name is Liam and a week ago me and a few friends made a Youtube channel. I know what your thinking 'This is just going to be a bunch of kids who play Call of Duty and who scream hate in game-chat' but your WRONG. We are kids (15 years old) but we don't play Call of Duty and we don't think we are bada** trick shooters. We are just a few kids who like to play games and recently discovered we like making content for YouTube too. Link to our most recent video is below! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x03kU43J8B8&list=UUF2gcjKjqMwWnMUCRifrDDg
  3. HEY ALL, Just wondering what peoples thoughts on doing more retro gaming here are?
  4. https://www.facebook.com/KSITHUNDER help me start up by liking it and giving me tips
  5. Hey guys this topic is about what are pet peeves are in gaming like for example a British voice actor is voice acting for an English game character or qtes etc etc. Mine are sequeal bait endings which are annoying as is but are even more annoying when there's no sequeal to the game, No New Game + mode this really irritates me in games where you level up your character for hours of playtime in games like Deus Ex or Far Cry then to beat the game you can't replay as you're ranked up Rambo that's both annoying and limiting your play anyway you want down to play anyway you want with Urkel as the starting character. Those are mine what are yours feel free to post below.
  6. Hello Angry Army I have been a fan since the colonial marines review. I registered today because im curious about the AJSA involment in battlefield 4. I have the server added to favs but no population and no sign of it being populated. Battlefield 4 has come a long way since release and i hardly get the dreaded rubber band lag and other issues. I noticed Joe does not have a BF4 review up and i understand why but its still one of the prominent shooters of our time deserving of a second look. EA fault not Dice's. What is up with AJSA and BATTLEFIELD 4? I envy the large community in game. Battlefield is one of those games that's only as fun as the people you play it with. So lets go AJSA! BACK to the FIELD OF BATTLE. I go by Pandawatch88 from WA living in california. I love objective based game types; mainly rush on hardcore. Chivalry would be cool too. older pic of my system built for battlefield 3, today the internals are upgraded with the intel 4770k asus gtx 7704gb
  7. Hello fellow angry army xbox one gamers. I created an idea on a website that I wrote in the topic above, that was about Microsoft giving gaming communities on the internet like the Angry Army and also physical established gaming communities in the EU/USA/North America the ability to form e-sport teams, (for example EU team vs North America team ) for international gaming tournaments for games like Destiny, Cod(Advanced Warfare) and compete against each-other. Whatever game that fits the e-sport genre.To clarify, for example one gaming community team from Europe faces another gaming community from another country in Europe, the same for other gaming communities in North America.Whatever country wins most matches goes up against the AJSA's xbox one Army. Microsoft could give gaming communities on the internet like Angry Joe's AJSA community aka the Angry Army and also other physical existing gaming communities in the Europe and North America the ability to recruit a team, (for example EU team vs North America team)) for international xbox one gaming tournaments for games like Destiny, Cod(Advanced Warfare) and compete against each-other. Whatever game that fits the e-sport genre. Different teams could exist for various games and the teams could be rotated depending on what game is up for the tournament. If you guys think this idea sounds good and is possible to execute please let fellow angry army gamers know about this idea here on the forum and tell them to vote if they like this idea, you can click on the link below this text to log in to the website with your xbox one/360 gamertag and vote on my idea. Please click on the topic when you find it for additional info on what I mean, and read the comments to. Many thanks if you could do this and share it on twitter from the website if you wish to for more and faster votes. I've already forwarded this to a gaming community in my own country and will reply back here if they do respond. I think this could be a good thing for the AJSA xbox one community as well if executed right. Update: xbox one game officer doshka 17 is maybe going to forward my link/ idea to his commander to maybe try to advertise it better. Thanks guys. https://xbox.uservoice.com/forums/251647-gaming-achievements/suggestions/6192466-arrange-tournaments-of-numerous-multiplayer-games
  8. Hey Angry Army! How's the battle for our passion, video games, going? Well, I came back because I have something special to promote here. As awesome as Let's Play videos are, especially to me, and as much as I try to put a spin on them, I decided to promote something different. How about you join me to watch me watching my older videos? That's right, that is what my "Let's Watch" series is! It's only 2 episodes currently, but as new ones are uploaded I will make sure to post them into this very thread. Angry Army, show that love and that support for me, an ever improving YouTube Gamer!
  9. Hi So i wanted to know what my angry brothers and sistas listen too while they game. i usually listen to anything motivational because it's like your rallying call to keep moving on and not quitting. But my favorite artists are: (THESE ARE NOT IN ANYWAY A SPECIFIC ORDER!!!) EminemHopsin (look him up on youtube he is awesome)2Pacariana grande50CENTMicheal jacksonaerosmithMetallicaNirvanaERB (yes the youtube series and i know they are not that motivational but sue me)Maroon 5Snoop doggKarminmany are rappers but that's because i find rappers more motivational atleast for me. Tell who do You listen too while gaming? stay weird,stay awesome,stay happy,stay you
  10. I've been watching a lot of TotalBiscuit's videos today and he brings up the subject of 60 FPS a lot, and he makes a good point when he says it's needed. I know a lot of people share his opinion, and some people oppose it, and some people don't seem to notice since console games are generally locked to 30 FPS. Personally, I don't mind either way. I'm a console gamer the majority of the time, as such I've become used to seeing games run at 30 FPS, but I do agree that 60 FPS makes games look vastly superior. In fact I'd even go so far as to say that 60 FPS is probably going to become the next graphical and performance standard just like 1080p did (even though some consoles and developers are still saying it's too hard to do that). However, for the time being I'm fine with 30 FPS, and I totally understand if other feel differently and say that they should at least have the option to have it. Hell, Metro is being remastered in 60 FPS for consoles so you can bet your ass I'll be checking that out. Also I want to say, if and when I do get myself a proper gaming PC I will most likely be expecting my games to run at 60 FPS. How about you guys? I know a lot of your guys are PC gamers, so feel free to throw your hat into the ring.
  11. Seems like TB is at it again and I couldn't agree more with him. Such an amazing video that will probably not be seen by people that don't understand. Linkadoodle
  12. This is going to be a really weird question, but can you take a Ps3 on an airplane? I'm going to England soon for about 3 weeks and i wanted to bring my playstation over with me so that my friends and I can play it. However the new policies have been put into place saying that if you have an electronic device, it has to be able to switch on in order for it to go on the flight with you. Now obviously you can't switch a playstation on without it being plugged into the wall, and I don't want to get there just for my baby to be taken off of me Can anybody help?
  13. Hi everyone observing this journal entry, My username is Flavoryleech ( Didn't make the name, given to me by Xbox) I just joined the site and im pretty physicked to be apart of the Angry Joe Army . I am a huge fan of the reviews and I love watching the lets plays. My buddy's at school love this channel/company/etc. and we hope to run our own show when were adults containing machinima, video games, and comedy. Until then, I plan to make my mark on the site. Have a fantastic day and I hope you enjoyed reading.
  14. My favourite podcast is Co Optional/TGS Podcast hosted by Totalbiscuit. But now I have seen every episode of Co Optional/TGS Podcast and I cannot think anymore great podcasts that I can watch. I'm liking the Giant Bombcast but I can't find the older episodes since they are not displayed on their website. If anyone can suggest a good gaming related podcasts or find the older episodes of Giant Bombcast I would be very grateful.
  15. The video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8713qwA6x6k If I didn't explain it very well, because I'm a rambling idiot, I'll summarize it here: So basically, I would make it an MMORPG. But there come problems with an MMO with free use of guns. Like, for instance, many people enjoy just going around killing anything with a heartbeat. So there would naturally be a penalty for doing such things, now you are allowed to kill people as long as you don't go on a freaking rampage. The penalty would basically be something like deduction of experience, quicker hunger loss, less damage, etc. It would be around 100-200 players for the servers, it seems like a lot, but it's only an idea. It would work like this, there are 3-5 different cities you can go to, each one is a different map and each city has it's own dedicated servers. Like, there would be New York, Detroit, Chicago, and other major cities like that. Each city has a different layout and different factions. Each city would be home to 3 or 4 factions. Like a faction that's trying to rebuild society and order and another one that just wants chaos. There's no good guy or bad guy, because in my opinion, everyone's the bad guy in someone's eyes. How the factions would work is that there are different districts in the city that any faction can take control of and the other faction can fight the other to take control of it. Each district has a camp where you can take supplies to gain extra experience and buffs. The more territory a faction has, the more resources they can gain, you know, the basic stuff. How territories can be captured, that needs a little more figuring out. Perhaps it could be like a capture the flag thing, like there are 4 or 5 different points in the district and all of them need to be captured by one side in order to take control of the district. Resources can be found as you would expect, you can find them around the map. Food would be rarer than water, guns would be rarer than ammo, things like that. Resources can be taken from the factions in raids and stuff like that. You would be able to customize your character obviously. You can get only a limited variety of armor due to having it seem a bit more realistic. Like it would only range from homemade armor, kind of like the Vault 101 armored jumpsuit in Fallout, to military uniform. There would naturally be skill trees; like steady aiming, extra damage, or slower hunger and thirst depletion. The connections to the show and comic don't really show, but if I followed the actual story there would be many restrictions. The original Walking Dead game followed a different group and a different story and it turned out great. So I don't see why I can't do the same. Well, I didn't have much time to write this, but I think it's a pretty solid idea. You might think differently, but that's fine.
  16. A short perusal of the forums shows there's no thread for the ScrewAttack Gaming Convention in Dallas, which I find odd and kindof a shame considering Angry Joe is one of the prominently featured guests. For those who haven't heard, SGC is a gaming convention happening July 11th through the 13th at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel in Dallas Texas. It's run by the titular ScrewAttack Network, who in previous SGC's have had insane events, panels, and guests, including Keith Apicary, Life and Level, and the former bane of gamers everywhere: Jack Thompson. This year they're pulling guests from everywhere. Here's the guest list: Keiji InafuneJonTronAngry JoePeanut Butter GamerPro JaredThe CompletionistBlack NerdMega64SmoothMcGrooveCaddicarusBrutalmooseSpace HamsterBalrog The MasterNintendoFanFTWYungtown MatPat (Game Theory)TrailerDrakeGaijin GoombahBrentalflossDid You Know Gaming?Team Four StarPatrick Scott Patterson "Original PSP"The Game ChasersPat the NES PunkMike Matai (Cinnemassecre)James Rolfe "The Angry Videogame Nerd" (Cinnemassecre)DJ CutmanGrimecraftEpic Game MusicNateWantsToBattleYoutubableMsHeartAttackSoCloseToToastCaptain RedbeardChaosXsilencerTheKingNappyWe also know that other personalities will be in attendence, such as Satchbag's Goods and possibly Continue, and everyone in The ScrewAttack Network (everyone who does videogame related content on the Multichannel Network FullScreen) was invited with free tickets, so there's no telling who you'll find there. Having been to SGC last year, I can confirm that it's an insane, fun convention that should not be missed. So will there be other Angry Army Members coming?
  17. Hello guys, I am making this topic/poll, in response to a issue I've experienced while flying realistic with AJSA, it involves lots of talking on Teamspeak, before we are able to decide on which country and tier, to fly with. So I through I'll make this poll mainly for fun, and out of curiosity, to see witch country is the "common/most played in AJSA! and who knows, we might even discover something, so vote! Obviously, my vote goes for the Germans. Let us know what you think! I made the Poll public, with multiple choice, since some of us, might have more then one preferred country Also, please let me know, if you would like to see a poll like this, for each of the different tiers! we might find some common ground. Also I've been wondering why there's no place for us to organize squads, maybe a list or something, so share your opinion on these themes, if you have one, and I'll work on something neat.
  18. So me and a few other dedicated fans have created a large thread on the strategy section of the forum. (Links for all CIV threads I know of: 1 2 3) Since this has finally been implemented, I thought it was my duty to suggest Civilization V It's a wonderful game, as Joe said in his review ''It's addicting as hell'' It is a strategy game, revolving around macro management, and efficiency. Yet the game has some amazing details, so it doesn't feel too simple. It has leaders from the real world, and many traits which are inspired by real world policies. With the DLCs of Gods And Kings as well as Brave New World we have seen a great addition to the game. With things as espionage and tourism, the game has only become better post-launch. The game has a in-game multiplayer component, and one can easily host a huge scale game. However time is an issue, but one could host games in weekends etc. The multiplayer sessions are great fun, and it's soo satisfying nuking another players capital and hearing his/her reaction over Teamspeak. However, there is no real competitive scene in Civilization V, although we could all chip in, and perhaps create the first e-sport for the Civilization series. (One can only dream though) I think as a community, having Civilization supported would greatly increase interest in the group. So for example: Strategy fans, looking for a good game with nice like-minded people, can join the group and join our games. I hope I am not the only one feeling, that Joe should support this game, especially after his review of it. He praised it for it's fun mechanics, and simple yet satisfying game-play. I hope all of you will vote this up! (Ps: We are a few members who have organised a group already, however because of this we may need to merge it, if the game becomes official. You can find us here: Click me! (This is the same link as link number three)) Thank you for your time. -A big Civilization fan Cons and benefits of Civilization V: Benefits: The game has the Angry Joe ''Badass seal of approval''. (Link to the review: Click me!)Great community behind the game already, adding it to the supported games would only strongen AJSA's strategy fan-base.Suprisingly customizable multiplayer component.DLCs are not required, however nescessary if one has a DLC and another doesn't. However one can easily create divisions for X DLCS.Not a steep learning curve, pretty much everybody can play if they have tried a match or two.Cons: Although customizable, the multiplayer component lacks some specific features (As far as I know) like custom maps and mods.Games tend to last several hours, and it would require great dedication and coordination to host a full match. Multiplayer WAS (It wasn't for me in my latest game) a bit buggy. However I am adding this as a con because it still could be. (Seems to be disproved, but it's a fair con to put on anyway.)No competetive scene in this game. No leaderboards for MP matches or anything. A scene can be created in AJSA itself, but there isn't any competition scene in Civilization V.
  19. So even though it's no longer official, I was hoping to find some people still playing the game. I just started playing it and I really like, but have trouble finding other players sometimes. Are you still playing Warframe on PS4? If you wanna, add me, at the moment I play a little everyday.
  20. Looks like my post was deleted which is unfortunate so I'll remake this for those who want to play with one another tomorrow write down your account name so we can all add each other and continue what we started in the beta new accounts are welcome of course the more the merrier! My name is @TheManOfSteel
  21. Hello angry army i just wanted to share my youtube channel to everyone here But first lets talk a little about me: I'm your average gamer, i like 3thrd person games and some FPS ( not that much) but i do tend to get bored easily when playing FPS games i also like horror games like: Outlast,Amnesia,Indie horror games Alright lets dig right it to my Channel! ( im fairly new to making gaming videos btw) http://www.youtube.com/user/ZealousPrism588 I made some funny saints row 4 videos back then, i also make GTA: San andreas videos one of those videos got 22k views! Alright i wish everyone a good day and goodbye!
  22. This was a experiment I made to see if I could make a trailer for a mod. The essence of the mod is giving a follower the power to use the thuum by being tied to you. The trailer I took the essence of the Sith rule of two One to hold the power and one to crave it. I made this a while ago and thought I would post it. I would like to do more of these and not just limited to Skyrim when I get the time. Tell me your thoughts? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHsYiUWcKgw
  23. Hey AJSA! Really wanted to post this here to get some more eyes on our last Dota 2 Tournament Streamer + personaility: Variloh. http://www.twitch.tv/variloh/b/520704452 Check it out, it has a few people you might recognise on it from the AJSA Dota 2 Guild.
  24. Hi!, My real name is Chris and i like movie, cars and games especially. My favorites are GTA, Skyrim, Watch Dogs, Don't Starve and Assassin's Creed. I love cars. Cars i admire the most are the Nissan Skyline GTR R34, 1997 Toyota Supra, 1997 Mazda RX-7, 1995-2004 Mitsubishi Eclipse, Mitsubishi EVO VIII-X, Subaru WRX STi. My favorite TV shows are Game Of Thrones, Luther, Top Gear, Doctor Who, Dexter and Breaking Bad. I mainly play on Xbox 360. I have a PS4.
  25. Alright, I bring this up because I noticed today the way I relate the band alt-J to League of Legends. The moment I hear their music I start thinking of League and the character I often play while listening to them, Jayce. Similarly said is how I associate Fuel by Metallica to Test Drive: Off-Road Wide-Open. And again Massive Attack/Noisia to EVE Online. So what about you guys? Do you have a musical association that correlates between tune and controller trigger? I wanna hear it, let loose!