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Found 7 results

  1. Is anyone interested on setting up a server on Garry's Mod so we as the community can just have some good old fashioned fun with Prophunt, TTT, etc. along with introducing the Army to the Gmod Community? If so, please let me know!
  2. "On the glorious day of April 1st, of the year 2015, we were blessed to give the leadership of this sacred group, to our true savior & harbinger known as Other Joe. God's speed upon you, great one, and that... other guy who's name I've forgotten. Oh well." - A successfully converted Other Joe Believer
  3. I am very, very sorry if this is the wrong section but it didn't really fit into any, if this is the incorrect section then can a mod please move this to the correct one, thank you. I am currently looking for people to help me create a new Garry'd mod Dark RP Server. The reason for me coming to the AJSA is that I have watched Joe's videos for may years and he seems to have created an awesome friendly community, full of people who I want to help me create a great server. The current roles needed are: . Web Developer - We already have a domain and host, you would have full control over what the site looks like. . GFX Designer - You would mostly help the Web developer create awesome graphics and images to use on the site and forum. Once these roles have been filled I will be looking for a co-developer/Co-owner, Admins and moderators. Although these will only be needed once the roles above have been filled. Thanks guys and I hope we can make the first and best AJSA filled Garry's Mod server Drop me a message with your Skype and we can talk.
  4. I have never been more disappointed with a game before- especially since it's one of my favorite games. This isn't really news but since I need to let of some steam and it is slightly informative, I'm going to write it here anyway. I seriously doubt this will get looked at but maybe there's someone out there who will. Before I can discuss the issue at hand I need to quickly bore you with some important things you need to know: As you may or may not know, I'm talking about Garry's Mod, for those who don't know feel free to search it up in a different tab, I play Garry's Mod all the time as it's one of my favorite games as I already said, in order for you to have the best experience you need to have a few other games: Half-Life 2, Episode One, Episode Two, Lost Coast. Counter-Strike, Portal, and other Valve games. There more-or-less essential since they provide you with the textures and NPCS, objects, materials etc. needed for maps and guns and other "doodads" that you can download over the Steam Workshop for use in game. I've had over 600 hours of fun with this game, building and playing with friends and have never experienced something as devastating as this. As usual I load up Gmod and start to look for a map to build something on, one of the maps that I usually play on is a map that requires Half-Life 2, Episode 1 and Episode Two- however when the map loaded I was greeted by an army of missing textures and errors all over the map- people who own Gmod will know what I'm talking about. I play on this map all the time with all the required games activated, as you can tell by the 600 hours of gameplay I'm no fool when it comes to Gmod, so the fact that something like this happened really surprised me. After quitting the game I discovered something strange had happened: not only had folders by the names of: "ValveTestApp200269 and ValveTestApp9360" been to my library, but all of my Valve games switched names, so my Half-Life 2 became Counter-Strike:Source etc. I later fixed the game swapping issue by simply verifying the games cache, however the ValveTestApp still remains a mystery, I see in a topic (http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1133740&page=3) that it was a problem from Valve's end and it would be fixed but that was in 2010 and it's four years later and it's still happening, a lot of other people are seeing the illusive ValveTestApp, disappearing and reappearing in their library. My Garry's Mod is no longer recognizing my games so I have been forced to un-install it...Which is very unfortunate, as I went to play my Half-Life Episode 2, it said I needed Half-Life 2 to be installed because they had shared content, so I waited 2 hours for Half-Life to install and now everything except my Gmod is okay. Thanks to a lot of friendly people they have shown me others with similar issues but none with the same. It's a shame that I can lo longer play Gmod but I should remain optimistic, perhaps I've been selected to participate in a Half-Life 3 Beta.
  5. Hey, Come hangout on my live stream tonight at 10pm PST. I'll be playing Minecraft (Feed the Beast and other mini games). As well as Garrys Mod. All games will be played on Public Servers so anyone can join. If you cant play come hangout anyway and request some music. I will also be on the AJSA teamspeak if you want to chat. www.twitch.tv/enilsen16 Hopefully one day i can get recognized as a official AJSA Gaming streamer. Thanks guys!
  6. Hey everyone Im Aaron from a new Channel GamePlayBoys on youtube! My friends and I have been longtime Joe fans and we were excited when we heard about the new AngryArmy website. We have always wanted to be able to get to know all of you better. We are so stoked the Angry Commanders have acctually made this possible for us all to get together on an amazing site. Well ill cut to the Chase we are a new channel just looking for some feedback we plan on posting Gameplay footage of w/e we happen to be playing that week and are looking to post weekly content for you guys. Im just gonna drop this here ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pt__WO31Wow ) again I give my love out to all of you guys, and Joe. We hope you guys enjoy our videos, we are looking forward to your response!
  7. I was wondering if you guys know any tips on how to improve at this game?