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Found 1 result

  1. Greetings! This post is supposed to settle once and for all how to join the Planetside 2 outfit. We are fighting on the Emerald Server, as part of the Terran Republic. Our outfit tag is [AJA] (a remnant of the old Angry Army). You do not have to include something alluding to the AJSA in your name (e.g. AJSAConan), just choose a name with which you identify (in my case Conan8). We do not have any requirements as to when and how often you play, but obviously we appreciate active members. Please keep in mind that we don't utilize any other method of joining the outfit from the one mentioned below, so ingame applications will not be accepted, which is done to ensure that all outfit members are registered on the forum. In order to join you should: Create a character on the Emerald Server, belonging to the Terran RepublicGo on teamspeak and look for a Council Member, Commander, Officer, Sergeant or Prospect (distinguished by the Channel Admin server group) within the PS2 subsection of teamspeak and ask them for an invite. If there is currently noone online who can invite you wait or come back later, there is usually always someone online during the course of the day. (Important: Do not go around asking random members of our field command on teamspeak for an invite, seeing as most of them don't have those permissions (unless of course you know that they can invite you))In order to receive the invite you have to be signed in with your Terran Republic character on the Emerald server. You cannot receive any invites whilst being offline (so posting your name here and asking for an invite isn't going to help). Ensure that you give the person who is supposed to invite you your character name (not the account name). Furthermore being already part of a separate outfit means that you cannot receive any new invites either, so make sure you leave it prior to applying here.Now you should be part of the outfit and you can obviously play with us. If you don't see anyone currently playing just wait in one of the squad channels, sooner or later someone will always come by once someone is playing! (Usually most people just check whether there is a squad going and if not they just head off again, so if they see a couple of people playing there they are usually inclined to join.) Here is an outdated list of the PS2 staff: Guild Leader Conan Officers Darktemplar Sergeants AgentRed BlackOpsElf Crazykidsbite General Bravo Pig_Face ProfessorOaked Puttymon Prospects Hunter5988 Jackoburst Redfubar Yog In addition these other members of our field command can invite you Council Members DoctorEvil SgtRoss Commanders Craig910 Dogfish Officers AverageSpacePope Thefantasticfunk Weynard Ysnar Other Members Crazykidsbite Norman Sparro Unsaidlightning ================================================================================ If you would like to be considered for the position of a Planetside 2 Sergeant, then feel free to send an application to me (Conan), utilizing the template at the end of this page. Below you will find a list detailing said appointment. Please note that you will undergo a probationary period before officially being promoted to a member of our Staff. Position Title: Planetside 2 Sergeant Reports to: - General Bravo - Crazykidsbite Benefits: - Sergeant Rank and Title - Access to the Command Tent section in the PS2 Forum - Channel Admin privileges in the Teamspeak PS2 section - Ingame rank of Prospect (later Staff Member), enabling you to invite players and later also promote members to Veteran members ingame Purpose: - To distribute the workload the PS2 staff is currently handling to more personnel. - To ensure the smooth running of the day to day business. - To help enhance the quality of PS2 Op Nights and Events. Possible Responsibilities: - Create and run squads during the week and take charge of squads during our Op Nights - Help manage the AJSA PS2 guild in its daily business, including helping to train members, assist in cooperation between our outfit and our allies and inviting new members. Requirements: - Be a Veteran or above. Exceptions can be made depending on the performance and skill of the applicant, but have to be Commander approved - Be online at the very least once a week - Communication skills (needs to be able to give orders effectively, a microphone is a must) - Integrity, Teamwork and Interpersonal skills Desired Skills: - Understand PS2 battlefield dynamics (including prediction of enemy movement) - Irl leadership skills (i. e. military background) and/ or previous PS2 leadership experience - Administrative, business related skills (i. e. data processing, personnel management, PR management) - Filming, editing skills - Proficient in the use of Teamspeak (including setting up whisper lists) ================================================================================ Please only apply of you fulfil the requirements. Desired skills are not mandatory, but rather advantageous. Make sure to use the template below for your application. PS2/ Teamspeak User Name: Location and Timezone (including what time and date you are usually on): Why do you want to become a PS2 Sergeant? Are you a Veteran or above? Which (if any) of the desired skills do you fulfill? Do you have any other skills you deem useful? Any extra questions or comments: