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Found 51 results

  1. Hello everyone! I'm a new addition to the AJSA. I'm horrible as a soldier though, so... uhh, put me in the mess hall or something? You guys need something to eat, I presume. I'm good at that! Frankly speaking, I used to be good at RTS games, like CnC series. Now I'm just terrible, go figure. Tried to play old CnC yesterday, got destroyed in 5 minutes. All my people were killed, each assault has failed, and as an insult to the injury - my base was wiped out by an Ion Cannon strike. What a grand finale, those GDI guys are just... Ugh But I'm getting off-topic here, nevermind that! Glad to be of service, guys and girls. Peace _V_
  2. Joe finally tried DOTA 2! Here is the link for the stream: http://www.twitch.tv/angryjoeshow/b/491687956
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeHRqHTdw10 Awesome.
  4. Hi everybody! What's the story of Angry Joe? Of course, I mean the fictionalized one, with Corporate Commander, etc.
  5. Well like the tittle say is that Youtube is now acting as one of the most stupid pages ever and if you have the facebook or twitter of our LORD COMMANDER ANGRY JOE is that Youtube is taking down some of his most popular videos and right now our Commander is furious about this outrageous move from youtue so I call to all members of AJSA to help our LORD COMMANDER in his fight aganist Youtube and so we must do this for JOE AND FOR ALL YOUTUBERS WHO ARE LOSING ALL HIS HARD WORK THEY TO THEIR VIDEOS
  6. I Just recently made a Angry Joe Meme for the competition a few days ago. Sadly I missed it, but i would still love to post it so other AJSA troops can see it. If there isn't one already, I think there should be a place in the website where people can post their art from games and Angry Joe for fun instead of putting it somewhere else in the internet where it wouldn't be as appreciated. If there is already a place to do this, please tell me. This is what i came up with anyway. Feel free to post any other fan art here! I am also looking for anyone willing to help a noob in FPS games like CS:GO, Battlefield 4, etc. Thanks!
  7. Joe has given us an update (and thankfully a more calm one). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QAi81_uvztM
  8. Angry Joevengance

    From the album Random Pictures

  9. Most hated game Most liked game Best Multiplayer Best Story Worst Realease Most patching required Award Best Loved Developer Best Franchise Most Overated Game Best Reviewer writers outside of the AJSA sorry Joe your the Best. But you can't do all the games there is the whole other industry we need to acknowlege we need to critic. Worst Game Reviewer You get the Idea lets be creative/serious about what award we could give
  10. It would be awesome if corporate commander Livestreamed. A little role-play can go a long way. Sorry didn't quite know where this suggestion should go. Teamspeak seemed the closest area to put this in.
  11. I think it would be fun just to have a sit down with joe and have him answer some questions submitted by us the angry army let me know what you think if you agree and if you dont and why you never know we might just get a sit down with him.
  12. So what games are you looking forward to and what are you currently playing? For myself I am looking forward to Hex. ArcheAge and Hearthstone looks interesting too. Currently I am playing Path of Exile.
  13. I think it's about time this happened guys....The Lord Commander himself AngryJoe should play Dota 2 with the Guild! Let me know what you think and let's get this the most popular post so Joe will play with us!
  14. Ok, so i dont know how many of you watched AJ's stream last night, but if you did you would knew that he got really pissed off at one point at what people were writing in the chat and said "Im never streaming gameplay again btw". Here is the link to when it happens: http://www.twitch.tv/m/308835 Now lemme give you a bit of backstory. So Joe was really tired, the game was at a really repetitive scene, and he died couple of times and seemed abit upset. At some point Joe meleed a explosive spider out of boredom at this smartass from the chat says something like : he says he knows so much about the game and he just meleed an explosive spider... Of course that pissed off Joe so he tells the guy hes being a smartass and that they should stop, after which some more trolls start saying: "Unfair review incoming". Now that completely pissed Joe off after which he said that hes not gonna stream gameplay again. After that Joe explains how he cant ignore the trolls and he cares about what everyone thinks and he cant shut himself off for the negative comments. Link: http://www.twitch.tv/m/308872 And I respect that, the man loves his followers and cares about them, however, Joe if you are reading this lemme tell you something right now, ive seen many streams, for all sorts of games, and not matter the game, be it LoL, WoW, Dota, Hearthstone or any other singleplayer game, EVERY SINGLE ONE has the same problem. I swear, there is NO STREAM that doesnt have stupid people bitching about stupid stuff, that doesnt have trolls wanting to ruin the fun. And since you cant ignore them i have a suggestion. Now, i dont know how many mods you currently have on twitch, but it definitely isnt enough. What you need is atleast 2 or more mods always online when u are streaming. And these mods cant be afraid of banning people. I recommend starting with 500 second bans if somebody says something stupid, followed with a much longer ban, and than if he still talks shit permament ban. Just wanted to say, streaming is a great way to connect with your army man, and it would be stupid to stop it just because of some minor problems that can be solved simply with more mods in your chat. And even tho we did run into some problems with the haters, and you were super tired, I still had tons of fun watching your stream and I sure hope you never stop streaming, and actually start doing it more often, cuz you are super fun to watch. Sorry for the long post, but i just had to say this!
  15. Hello, I am lynxbearaus, a gamer and comic book fan. I wish to become part of this community you call the 'angry army' because I have followed Joe for a number of years, down the street, up the hill, ACROSS THE WORLD. I like his reviews and his opinion. On my channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/lynxbearaus), Im starting to make lets plays and other gaming related crap. In other news, I like FPS and MMO, also the sky is blue. Reporting For duty.
  16. Well, where the hell do I even start. For some reason, I'm terrible at introducing myself. I guess I could start out by saying... I like pizza. I mean, who doesn't like pizza? ... You say you don't like pizza? Yeah, okay wise guy. I'll start off by saying that I've been in a gaming community before, but I don't talk to anyone on there, so I'm going to try to be more active on here and make some good friends. I'm in the middle of being extroverted and introverted. I'm also a bit laid-back, so don't be afraid to send me a message, I don't bite (unless you smell kinda good... like pizza). There is one other forum (besides the other gaming community) I've joined before, but it's pretty much a ghost town. If it was a real place you'd see tumbleweed rolling across the road. When it comes to games I like to play, well, I like to play all kinds of games. I'll play things ranging from The Last of Us (<- one of my favorite games ever) to LittlebigPlanet. I just play what I find to be fun and engaging. Although, I should say that I can't really play games that require a ton of investment. I purchased Guild Wars 2 last year and I haven't been able to play it much since it requires a lot of time to be put into it. I can still play matches and stuff online in other games, but I won't be joining anything with guilds where you have to be super-active. For the past year I've been playing mostly on PC, and I don't think I'll be getting any of the new consoles anytime soon. Is this introduction getting too lengthy? I have more to say but this isn't a personal blog or anything, so I'll wrap it up. I'll be happy to make some new friends on here, and I hope to have an amazing time. I'll see you all around.
  17. i thought id post this one for everyone would be epic if Joe spotted this thought id capture joes you dun fucked up expression in extreme close up mode hope you all enjoy my fellow AJSA members
  18. Hello, AJSA! I am a newcomer to the AJSA, but not to the AJS, which I just love watching! I am John. I play video games on both my Xbox 360 and on my custom made gaming pc. When I am not gaming, I am either watching some documentary about UFOs/Aliens, or just on the internet. My favorite game of the year has to be GTA5. I don't have a PS3, so don't start asking why I chose that and not the Last of us. I hope that I can have on laughs here, with you and my friends! Anyway, I hope to be blogging even more here. Bye for now!
  19. Glad to be a part of such a cool gaming community. Can't wait for it to grow and grow and be a part of it. If you are looking for someone to play COD Ghosts on 360 hit me up! GT: EuphoricMind
  20. Hello fellow army members! My Name is Zetra! If you prefer a more formal approach Joe is fine. I am from the Unknown state of Idaho in the United State of American. I own as many consoles and things as possible. Though i prefer a single player experience nothing beats the thrill of multi-player action. I have 3 favorite series. These are the games i collect, adore and support without a reasonable doubt as long as they and i quote "Dun fucked it up" From our Lord Commander joe. 1st. This series i grew up sense it came to PS1 back in the late 90's. I own.. Almost every game in the series. I'm missing notably 1. Most handle helds games minus Peace Walker. Finding copies have been difficult. 2. Japanese MSX so i have to deal with Subsistance's MSX versions. 3. NES titles, mostly cause they were not worked on by Hideo Freakin Kojima himself. 2nd I have not been into Zelda as long, i got into in 2005 when i played Ocarina of time for the first time as i never got a chance to own a N64 or any Nintedo console past the NES. I know everything Ninendo console except the SNES. I also own a decent chunk of them most notably. - A Gold Copy of The Original Zelda on the NES, and the Gold/Holographic imagie Majora's Mask for the N64. All else are basic carts/discs. Even if i haven't beat them all know there stories down to a near science. and last but not least. 3rd I used to have an SNES as a kid, till it.. was destroyed by my Nephew.. and what did i play on it? Starfox. To me, there are 4 star fox games 1. the Original NES title 2. The canceled squeal 3. The Remake on the N64. 4. The Reskin upgrade on the 3DS of the Remake. Nintendo has not treated it's games well, at least that aren't Mario related and A Zelda game. And Any gamecube fox game are just not right in my eyes.. Adventure.. was.. Shameless Fox girl T.N.A. and Assault was a failed attempt to rekindle an old flame. Multi-player/PC Currently i am sitting at 250(ish) games on steam. my most played are Multi-player games are. 1. Civilization 5 and all it's expansions. 2. Minecraft 3. Resident Evil revelations 4. Boarderlands 2 5. Assassin's creed games. (Brotherhood-Revalations=PC) (3=PS3) (Black Flag= PS4 Soon) I have more then that, if you want someone to play with. Just go ahead and ask me if i have it and ill make an attempt after work to have some play time. Can't do Xbox cause i won't pay for gold.
  21. Okay, so I have came to realise how bad and overrated Xbox is and I'm looking to get into the pc side of gaming I'll have about £500 to spend buying/building a pc any recommendations.
  22. What's your favorite Angry Joe video? Do you prefer the rants, the reviews, the skits, or the Army updates? My personal favorite is the Sonic Free Riders Outright! Broken review.
  23. Welcome, Welcome! Everyone have a seat. Today's topics are going to be about: Gaming, Intruducing Yourself, and how badass the AngryArmy is! If everyone would post something about themselves, that would be absolutely splendid! You can talk about, I don't know, all the Xbox 360/PS3/PC multiplayer games you have! That way everyone would get to know each other just a tiny bit more. So... Uh... Yeah. Go do that.
  24. I am a student at a technical school in the IT department. In IT we learn how to create video games, basic flash, creating websites, writing code, and making apps. I am asking permission from angry Joe himself and the angry army, i am asking permission to make a ios/android app for the angry army! It would take some time of coarse but i could do it in about 2 months and then fully finish it in 4 months ( im still learning in school). This app would basically let you do the following (subject to change): sign in sign out post on the forums read forums/discussions comment on the discussions and much more. Id love to hear your feedback and support! thanks - Emmett (oogie386)