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Found 103 results

  1. Just wanted to let people know it's finally launching! And it'll have some big changes aswell, if you already had an old beta account, you can start playing early access on the 15th, if not you can play completely for free one the 29th, or buy a starter pack for early acces (costs 30$). You don't have to use steam though, you can play through the client just like always (you just can't get steam cards, achievments, etc etc ... if this is something you're interested in) I can tell you as someone who has followed them for over a year now, this is a really cool game, some of the nicest devs aswell that I ever interacted with and the launch updates add alot of really cool stuff to the game. (and yes, even items breaking is gone now, they absolutely listen to their fanbase on suggestions how to improve the game) You can read up on alot of the changes already on their blogs on the news section here: http://forums.firefallthegame.com/community/ Trust me when I say, it's worth taking a look at this one, even for people who left a while ago.
  2. PS3 guys, the F2P game Dust514 Corporation (Angry-Army) is up and running!! The dust side of the corp is up!!! goto corp search and look up Angry-Army to apply, I will be looking for recruiters to help push our member base at least 3 to start with for the time being. FUTURE GOALS: If we make it that far, we will be participating in Planetary Conquest (clan battles) on a nightly basis (or whenever the enemy attacks) Any questions feel free to message: Zheebs Theiral Sal'tari in game. I welcome any new players to the game and its future PC version feel free to use the recruiter link below. https://dust514.com/recruit/OpWPEQ/
  3. Heard some certain things about the Secret World which are usually fairly positive. I wonder if the game is worth the purchase now. Got any ideas on it's pros and cons?
  4. The Founding opportunity is back, help make BC2 a reality, help shape a real Star trek game that we have been waitting for for a long time. Be a founding "father" for a trek experience that rivals no other out there...be what you want to be... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bc2/bridge-commander-2-campaign-relaunch Don't forget to share and let your friends know! Thank you for your time... I hope I will see you out there,Archer out....
  5. I'd like to recomend Firefall for an official presence of the angry army, which i think is perfect, given our goal is to make games better, and the game is still in beta, so its a perfect opportunity. PROS: -Free to Play -Army Support (guild/clan/wutevs) -Very well designed and fun game -great company that listens to feedback - New PVP system Introduced. I haven't gotten into it yet, but people are saying its similar to Planetside. - Fully voice acted missions and quests - New raid party system implemented (Platoons) As well as some new and upcoming raid content (I haven't looked into those yet and have not heard anyone talking about it so I don't know how it is, but If its anything like the campaign missions and dungeons, it should be something to look forward to. -Vehicles (They were there before, but now they are more easily accessible upon reaching level 25 and also more widespread) CONS: -Buggy due to being in beta. Many bugs were fixed since this was posted, but the latest patch introduced more content (and more bugs) Hopefully these will be fixed by the 29th, which is the game's release date. -Missing a lot of content due to being in beta. Mostly Fixed -Small map size (confirmed to be changed) All Fixed -Lack of Content (confirmed to be changed) All Fixed -Less than Stellar Customization (However, still decent customization. Unconfirmed rumors of additional customization to be introduced later on.) -Microtransactions exist, however, only for cosmetic, or convenience items. -New progression system replaces the old one, which was much more unique and interesting before. Since it is a less well known game, i've included a link to the game's website for people to learn more about the game http://www.firefallthegame.com
  6. Is the Archeum pack worth it? I don't want to spend that much money on a game that I have never played and I was wondering if that pack is even worth the asking price. How active is the AJSA right now or will they be active when it launches? Can I get these items in the game or is just for this pack?
  7. Hello I am AJSA DaRk, I was pondering the idea of a AJSA faction on ROBLOX, this is because of the games incredible support for its "Clan Base" this makes the game a possible contender for the AJSA community, I am known as 'darkreds' on this site and I have been leading factions on ROBLOX since I joined back in 09, so I would be able to make a experienced officer should this go through. ROBLOX is a F2P MMO Sandbox game with a incredibly large clan community, a detailed and in depth economy and rather good building systems that are easy to work around, ROBLOX was founded in 2005 and does nothing but grow larger with each year that passes, the community getting bigger and bigger, the factions falling and reviving and growing, ROBLOX 's popularity puts it as a major competitor to many games from DOTA to games like Old Republic or Counter strike. -DON'T LET THE VEIL OF PAY WALLS AND YOUNGER PLAYERS FOOL YOU- Now what puts many people off ROBLOX is the 'Simple kids game with a pay wall' veil, this is but a shadow of ROBLOX, behind this is a thriving powerful faction community of older gamers of around 15-30 year olds, the heart of the clan community is disciplined, honorable, skilled and very much feared to the rest of the community. Should AJSA set up here we shall have a new front on a far different and diverse battlefield, one without limitations, one of AJSA! Here we shall dominate to medieval community, perhaps the Sci-fi? Modern? Apocalyptic? or even Colonial.-(Current dominate community) PROS: ‚ÄčUnaffected by age, is COMPLETELY different every year due to its updates Constant regular updates. Active dev's 4K textures Realistic physics system. Not just a single game, but many in a big hub of massive communities with their own bases and fortifications. Popular clan community. Mature and intelligent players within this community. ROBLOX evolves around its clans. Strong,defined and complex trade market system/Economy, Sheer diversity, Sandbox allows massive possibilities. Effective scripting/building system. (Everything done by player) All clothing and objects are player made. (We can make our own uniforms that look rather badass) CONS: Pay wall to access many objects. (Basic membership is 5 dollars a month, so not to bad, Better memberships are costly) (Corporate commander strikes again!) (Membership is definitely worth it here) Community can be immature in certain areas. (E.g Small children) Then again, what game doesn't have this. AJSA would have large competition, e.g. Faction named: FEAR - 100'000+ members, however untrained, VAK - Causes everyone problems. Mid Size, very feared. NEVER GIVE UP! NEVER SURRENDER! VICTORY OR DEATH! HOORAH BOYS! HOORAH! -The picture you see is a screenshot of a training of the faction TGAB (The Grand Army of Britannia) a mid level ROBLOX faction of approximately 2000 members, they are currently doing a warm up with basic commands- (And were messing around a bit) Will add more pictures of battles or training's, perhaps a link to a fort project I am working on that we could use should we soon become supported. The Angry Army MUST rise here in ROBLOX, we must show their community our power!
  8. Face of Mankind is a free to play MMO that I think will fit the Angry Army near PERFECTLY. FoM is a free to play Massively Multiplayer Online game, that originally came out in 2009. It has a persistent world and was made to emphasize roleplay and player driven politics. What set it apart from the rest of MMO's was that it gave it's player base 8 main factions, and let them decide what to do with them. FoM ended up having a wonderful history filled with betrayals, power plots and coup d'etats aplenty. With the new expansion, Fall of the Dominion, we can represent AJSA as our own faction. Pros: FREE TO PLAY Experienced community(Most having been playing around when the game came out) Perfect to set up AJSA as a dominant power Completely player driven game. Cons: Player base is small Game can be confusing to get into Combat can be rather bland
  9. Hello all!! I am trying to go back to the MMO world since I am getting a bit more time with my work schedule but can't decide between Guildwars 2 and Wildstart, being honest I know almost nothing about these games but the things I heard only (and some mild research of my part... sorry) I used to play WoW all the way from WoLK and Cataclys to the mid term of MoP but got tuned down by Blizzard simplifying class customization too much for my own taste, however loved the game for the great end game content and constant patching, and the diversity of classes 5 tanking classes, 9 casters, 11 melee 3 range damage dealing classes/specs and 6 healer classes, so that was big plus for me. Going back to my subject all i know about GW2 is once you buy it is yours and no monthly fee which sound great for my pocket but I heard that the game lacks patching and new content. I do like the fact all classes can be use on almost any role since there is not specific role class and it seems to have a very dynamic combat and skill customization . I heard and read something about being able to buy gold or gems as currency and I would like to know if players can actually buy power with real money since I am totally against that (PVE OR PVP) Now WS is new and now much less about it. I know you need to pay a monthly fee but you can also use real life money to buy CREED and pay your fee and even gold which makes me think on my first concerns back on WG2, also I know little about the classes as if there is as much diversity as it is in WoW or flexibility as on GW2? and also have questions about their skill customization and how deep it is? I seen the combat and looks like an very fun and awesome system and my concerns about patching and end/constant content.. well, it is a new game and you have to pay monthly so i have no fears on that part (yet) Also some guys at work told me to look/ask about Rift, Ion Online and Tera online, since they are free games with cash shops I am a bit skeptical about those and know really nothing about those besides their awesome and charming designs and graphics, so if anyone knows anything about their cash shops (buying power on any PVE or PVP way is a NO GO), class diversity, combat system, skill customization and deep it is and if they receive any patching and or constant new content, I will highly appreciate the info Thank you all for your comments in advance and I am very sorry for the horrible grammar.
  10. Not really sure how to do this, but The Angry Army NEEDS to get behind this Indie Game. It's based on the AMAZING series by Joss Whedon, Firefly, and is set in the universe. I'll leave you guys to check it out for yourselves on either their Facebook page or their website, www.facebook.com/fireflyonline OR www.keepflying.com The reason I'm posting this is because the developers of this game have been talking to, listening to, and sharing everything with the fans since Day 1 via both The Facebook Page and website, and I think if The Angry Army got behind it it could persuade more developers to think like this. Plus, ITS FREAKIN FIREFLY, MAN! SO far the release date is sometime around August/September I believe, so not really sure what it's truly going to be like, but so far it looks awesome PROS: Huge Area of Space to explore at will with your own customized ship, Ground/Planetery exploration and combat, Space Combat, Awesome Develeopers who took the fans' opinions into account and have since Day 1. Huge Focus on customization of character, ship and crew. Unique new systems (See the facebook page for more details). CONS: Not alot of focus on ground combat or combat at all, small budget (Indie developers), and of course, NOT OUT YET! Thanks guys, and hopefully you all like it and get behind it!
  11. Well, campaign is over and unfortunately it didn't get funded. The team still plans on trying to finish the game they will just have to go back to the drawing board to refocus and replan what their "alpha" will look like since they wont be able to get all of the content they wanted to from their kickstarter without the funding. Here's also an AMA they did on reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/27tm14/were_former_ultima_online_developers_working_on/ https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1468280928/shards-online-a-customizable-sandbox-mmorpg It's a bit late but I've only recently found out about it. Even if it doesn't reach its goal I would like to inform all of you about the game. They currently have a free alpha completely accessible to the public, even if you're not a backer you can play it this weekend. It's only a 200mb download as well. I've never played Ultima Online so I don't know how similar it is but others who have played it say it does remind them of UO. Their big idea is to allow players to run their own servers however they want. You create the rules and the overall theme of your "server." They basically have Clusters, which is a group of shards, and Shards, which is like its own server. You can connect shards together so you can move from a fantasy themed world to a steampunk themed world and learn THEIR crafts and skills. And from what I understand you keep those skills outside of that shard so if you go back into the fantasy world you will have all skills from the steampunk world. I could be wrong but that's how I understood it. I think this is a fantastic idea and the developers do seem competent, they just need the money to make it happen. The current build is a pre-alpha. So far it seems stable, some things certainly are janky but again, it's not even an alpha build. It's still very much playable. Progression is skill and weapon based, no levels or anything like that. You can build your own houses. Currently I don't know if the functionality is accessible to players but the developers have shown that housing functionality is implemented. Check it out and if you like it come back here and let others know (and support it if you can of course ;p)
  12. Now I don't have a gaming PC nor do I own any games for my current laptop, but I wasn't quite sure where to put this topic, but Deluge is a web based game so... Anyway, I was wondering if anybody wanted to battle me on Deluge RPG or wanted to be friends on it, my username there is the same as it is on here, Kcdmgirl Be warned though my team is pretty high leveled
  13. Hey fellow members of the AJSA, I was wondering if we could try to start a new gameing group with Realm of the Mad God. Reply if you are intreasted. ArcanePatriot
  14. Created by Funcom and EA (don't freak), The Secret World is a game about mythological beings, horrifying monsters and secret societies. There are no classes, nor a leveling system. Instead, you progress by gaining AP points (allows you to buy skills) and SP points (to upgrade your power with a weapon type and allow you to use higher quality weapons). There are also a ton of weapon types, from blades and pistols to blood and chaos magic. With this game, the question is not what route will you take, but what path will you forge yourself. Positives: 1. no classes or levels let you have complete freedom 2. A wide range of abilities 3. 2-weapon combat makes for unique fighting style 4. 3 secret society factions; the Templars, Dragon, and the Illuminati 5. quests require you to use your brain and solve puzzles 6. high EXP count from quests so you can get AP and SP quickly 7. no subscription Negatives: 1. PvP is boring as heck 2. takes a while to get better weapons 3. unfrequent loot drops 4. too many different in-game currencies 5. no trading
  15. Hey all, I have posted a variety of content from last week's beta, I pretty much covered all classes, many hours of footage. I enjoyed it alot! This is the second of my beta experiences so far and I tried to just enjoy the game go through starter zones, learning the skills and abilities of each class. Note some minor audio balancing issues due to server restarts resetting my MIC audio but most of the videos seem ok. I have EVERY class posted - many hours of content so I hope to get people interested in WILDSTAR I would love to be apart of anything the community decides to move ahead with - in the next little while Wildstar Online is going to start introducing PVP information - June 3rd, 2014 release date, pre-orders are already up. Link to Wildstar Online: http://www.wildstar-online.com/en/ Link to my gameplays: https://www.youtube.com/user/RichieTallon/videos Hope people get as hyped for this game as I am, it is amazing I really enjoyed it and it's only beta, I really can't say I have ever enjoyed a beta as much as this last one I was in - WILDSTAR is going to be an amazing MMO. I just love the art style and the way the classes play. Really, if the gameplay is good then an MMO has potential if it is not there -well, its downhill from there. Not only that, but even if you just check out the starter zones, look at how much content there is in there. I don't mind if you embed my videos, share them - comment away I will do my best to answer questions. The two classes I want to have at it again are STALKER and ESPER. I messed around with the ENGINEER alot last weekend. Pet based class with robots! So cool!! Anyway I'm out peace! RichieT
  16. http://elderscrollsonline.com/en/news/post/2014/05/08/eso-on-consoles--update?ref=home Link to update on ESO on consoles. ESO on console is delay for 6 months But some good came out of this, They are allowing players to transfer account (characters) from PC/Mac to console, if you purchase or is playing ESO by the end of June on PC/Mac.
  17. Apologies about the title, I actually meant ArcheBLADE. If it's possible for a higher up to edit the name that'd be awesome. :] As some of you may know, Archeblade finally came out of beta and into full release! So is this a good thing? Well it was supposed to launch last night at 10:00pm PDT. Naturally like any game hyping the release date it had a "massive issue" so I slept on it and woke up today to check it out. Tutorial was good and training got you up to par with every character. So what's next? Time to go play with some people and have some aggro fun? Not really. First thing I noticed this morning was that every server was full, or so I thought based on what the server browser said. So I waited til tonight to try. Still about the same but with a couple half empty servers. I joined in and the ones that were supposedly half empty were actually completely empty. So I thought what if the full servers aren't actually full? Well I guessed right. Almost every server says that it's full but in reality it's completely random. So I guess they have to work on the server browser before anyone can really enjoy it because wait times can be extremely high as nobody knows how many people are actually on any server. But what about the gameplay? Well the concept is really cool, but like almost all other online brawlers the delay between everyones actions is so off you can't even feel like a badass for whooping some people in a 1v2 fight. I just can't believe after all these years we still can't manage latency/ping a little better. I mean, gunz 2 isn't perfect but it's definitely playable most of the time, so why can't this game be like that? Whatever, I just thought I'd inform anyone interested in the game. Who knows, maybe in the future they'll fix 'er right up and it can become the awesome brawlers we've come to enjoy over the years.
  18. Normally me and my friends would get into a group, go questing etc. however I am the only who has bought into WildStar. I know once my friends see me playing, discussing, bragging about WildStar it will get under their skin but for now I wanted to know if any AJSA members want to group up on a PvE Dominion server? Let me know either through the comments, pm me, or through twitter.
  19. I feel like the angry army doesn support that many mmos at the time being. What better way is there to spend time with AJSA out questing, raiding and loads of other stuff. Bottom line is simple, do you think the AJSA will or maybe going to support Arc Age? Leave your thoughts and ideas below!
  20. I have to say I have been waiting for this for quite some time. I'm a big fan of Neverwinter Nights and everything accompanied by this. Imagine my surprise when I just began to forget about this it shows up on steam ready to play. http://store.steampowered.com/app/109600/ I'm going to hope all my waiting will be fruitful once I get a taste of it. I definitely want to get a hold of making my own adventures other can play online.
  21. Every MMO RPG has been too similar to WOW to suceed. In order to avoid coping WOW a new genre must be entered (see eve online), so which will it be?
  22. The same studio that made RIFT, and Defiance... Trion has over 10 million players and are about to launch there own "digital games platform" too! TROVE is a F2P voxel based MMO. It's in Alpha but has early access. It also seems that the Dev's are really big on including user created content too. I can't say i'm a big fan of Minecraft or even Ace of Spades and Guncraft.... but it seems like this game has potential. http://www.trovegame.com http://www.trionworlds.com/en/
  23. So I've just joined in today. Hope to see some cool people here with REAL community. I play strategy games online- not PC (yet) for 3 years. mainly play MM and RTS hardcore gamer. Nice to meet ya!!
  24. Hey I probably missed this in one of the threads but is there a guild for the Angry Army on DCU:O? Either on the PVP or PVE servers. I have characters in both but I only have a Hero in PVP. So yeah, if anyone could help me that would be cool. Thanks in advance. Also hope to see you guys on the fields of battle. P.S. I am Agent Maleficent in PVP and Yaogui in PVE as a Hero. As a villain I am Mr. CeeYa in PVE.
  25. Wassup everybody! I've been a lurker for a few months but now that Titanfall is out, I'm ready to start making some friends I've played CoD Black Ops in the past and was a big WoW player for years. Looking forward to Wildstar when it releases. I'm laid back and sort of a casual player that's on all the time. Adult, single and no kids...don't be jelly lol. Work from home and love me some video games. I've reached G2 lvl 40 in Titanfall but with a %40 average wins to loss. Still have heaps of fun and feel I would definitely improve with someone in my ear. The people I've come across in game mostly don't use their mics But, when I do have someone barking orders per say, helps me alot. Last good match with "commander" we made one of the turrets "base" and forced enemy players to come to us. He called out enemy players coming from behind me while I watched his back. Was a good time When Wildstar comes out, I plan on going with Exile and probably choose engineer or spellslinger. In WoW I rolled Shaman so need to see which I like best full time. As MMO's go, I'm more of the helper/quester/dungeon grinding type of player. All the raiding I've done was just for progression and challenge, not gear. I like my mounts and things in game I can show off or help others get, not just look pretty or one shot stuff. Think that's a good introduction. My library on Steam is over 170 games and about a dozen or so on both Uplay and Origin. To be sure I'm what some of you are looking for So hit me up on Teamspeak, or in game. I'm the only Staetik out there. Nice simple name no funky letters or spelling, well sorta lol. Later peeps.