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Found 71 results

  1. I've recently gotten into the Tribunal and finally picked it up to see if I can contribute a bit to cleaning up the League of Legends community, and it's been apparent from the start of what I've been getting myself into. The League community is known for toxic players and quite frankly it's a fact that comes to the forefront with the Tribunal. I know I'm using the word wrong here, but I can literally feel the brain cells dying off in my head with each letter I read. As a man that likes to read and write on occasion being subjected to line after line of non-existent grammar is painful. Even more is recognizing that in some sad way these runes have been typed away by some lackluster cognizant human much like myself without all the same thought and care. To even further the pain, the 'words' are directed at other human beings. People, actual people. Playing a game, trying to have fun. ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ But, to be back on track; the Tribunal. As I've mentioned aside the cess-pool, I'm still rather new. However the cases are dealt with in a kind of popular vote that I can gather. You have two choices - Punish, or Pardon - that either condemn or pass a case as you see fit. Each one presenting you with a number of reports and games in which the player has gone awry and ruined the experience for the other players. There's a line to be had here with many of the cases. (And a desire as well to report every other member of the match for their insults, much less the offenders on top.) Usually there's a set of 5 games of toxicity that you run through spanning anywhere from 1 report to several spanning both teams. There's the option to submit further mention for after-game chat off-record or to direct your attention to specific sections of the chat or behavioral problems exhibited. As someone that wants to clear up the community, I'd be prudent to read everything, mmm? You'd grow to regret this decision after a while, as my above rant in (Spoiler) text displays. However, I tank through it. There are some gems in there that are just too good not to share after the case is filed and judged by the community. I'm simply asking here what your thoughts on the matters are and what are some of the good or hilarious reads that you've found are.
  2. Summoner name: Ravager Carnifex I have a ranked team in need of members and I was looking for potential recruits for my team Server: NA Lanes taken -top (currently top is the only purely taken one, the other member plays pretty much every lane)
  3. "Darius - Reasonably hot. We have a rework that sort of got 90% of the way there. We want to position Darius as a teamfight time bomb (get to max stacks bleed and dunk fools). One of our brilliant interns worked on this last year and RiotScruffy finished it up. It's currently mothballed as we wait for art resources (there are other reworks that are much higher on the list in terms of art). Scruffy himself can probably talk more about this. Personally I enjoyed jungling the new Darius a LOT in our internal playtests." "We aren't looking to fundamentally change the way Darius plays. Overall we are trying to emphasize and focus on him as a real ramping threat. He builds up a little slower but if he gets rolling, his damage gets pretty insane. And as usual, we are looking for small adjustments to his abilities to increase readability and add more gameplay for opponents." That's how it is right now with a possible rework for the dunk master himself, let me know what you think and how you feel. I personally am in limbo right now due to lack of any kinda details on what he might be like afterwards. I love Darius and i don't hate change but this just makes me feel kinda worried they might just change him completely and just change who he was.
  4. Hello and gday from Australia i was wondering what your favorite moba is i know league of legends is very popular but since i play on the oceanic server there isn't dominion in it and summoners rift is a bit boring for me. i play smite but i want your guys opinion.
  5. Hello! Anybody knows if the Shitty Wizard courier for Dota 2 is available somewhere? Or is it some kind of an exclusive item for something?
  6. Hey Guys, I am veebee , league name veebee908. I just wanted to know who your favorite champs are and what do you think of the big changes coming in season 4. I have been playing league since s3 started. I play all lanes but i prefer mid. I love ahri although i havent played her much since the recent changes but im sure i will still . Anyway just want to know who you like and how you feel next season will be. -Mike
  7. Well lets get this show on the road then. (full article: http://www.surrenderat20.net/2013/12/1213-pbe-update.html) New Diana skin: Lunar goddess Diana New tryndamere skin: Warring kingdoms Tryndamere (Dynasty warriors character reference: http://koei.wikia.com/wiki/Guan_Yu) New riven skin: Dragonblade Riven
  8. I started playing in late Season 1. One of my friends came up to me and said " Do you play LOL?" I was so confused and she had to explain everything. I watched the trailer and did not like the look of it at first. League was the first Moba I had ever seen but as soon as I played it I fell in love with it and after had awesome experiences with her and my friends. End of season 3 with the preseason just ahead and I am still addicted haha. I am silver 3 ( started getting into competitive only now) right now but when Season 4 rolls around I will try my best for at least plat. Much try hard, very wow.
  9. HON HOOKUP THREAD Are there any hon players out there? Post your Clan: Username: MMR: PSR: And what game mode you play the most Also what is your opinion on the rift wars?
  10. I was wondering if any of you guys truly believe in counters. I'm borderline about it because you can be countered and still be better than your supposed counter, but that's just me.
  11. It's been a great while since I tried playing Inifnite Crisis. I did not continue playing for one reason, I could not run the game, the FPS was so low I could not play. Seeing that the beta has gone for a great while, has the performance for the game increased, has the requeriments to run the game increase or decrease? If you can answer, then please go ahead and thanks in advance.
  12. I love DotA and DotA 2. But sometime the shitty and bad manners community can make you stay away for this game. Including myself!. I actually just decent player, Sometime Im good at it. Sometime Im bad and Im feeling like a noob... But, when some douche joined your game and begin trolling and baiting to testing your rage-o-meter, You will having a bad day... My teammates are always bitching each other because of this. I always tell them to stay focused or lose because they keep fighting each other. But, nope! they still fighting like some elementary school or kindergarden student fighting each other. Sometimes I almost cried after finished match with these "pro-gamers" with ass-manners. Then, I go to bed to crying out loud.... My faith in humanity is slowly lost after many times I playing kind of game..... tl;dr : How do you deal with douche community when you playing MOBA games? P.S : English is not my native language so inb4 Im sorry if there any typo or grammatical errors... P.S.S : This is written after I having many bad days recently in DotA 2....
  13. Hey there league players of the OCEANIC variety, I'm Mr Syrupman a fellow man of the OCE club. If You are also on OCE just hit me an invite (Mr Syrupman) and we can jump into some games together or just get to talking about league! (or what ever you want... You like puppies? Cuz I do!) I am currently Gold V (Gunning for plat/Diamond in season 4) I am by no means the best of the best and I'm always looking for new players to learn with! You can also add me here on AJSA and we can chit chat here as well! If you are looking for any tips or tricks about mid/top/support/jungle I can try and point you in the right direction (I'm a really bad Marksman). Any questions just pop me a message! - Mr Syrupman
  14. Quite simple, what are your favorite champions by Role? Top: Mantheon, Jayce, Jax. Jungle: Kha'Zix, Lee Sin. Mid: Katarina, Brand. ADC: Varus, Quinn & Valor. Support: Thresh, hands down. And as a bonus, who's your favorite champion overall? Fire away!
  15. So Blizzard just announced new MOBA game called Heroes of the Storm! Here is link where you can learn more about it: http://www.heroesofthestorm.com/en-us/game
  16. Here is what I've been posting everywhere I can where we could get support , now I come to the Angry Army because I love you guys and I believe we can make a change! I would like to ask everybody to sign the petition and support a whole army of EU players who have been wronged! And if our Lord Commander Angy Joe would like to do a video on the subject I would love to also be a part of it and share my anger with the world and hopefully make Riot Games listen to it's fanbase. One love for the Angry Army <3 . "We deserve compensation ! I've played in the NA server in Season 2 and I remember being compensated for every server crash , this is unacceptable ! I and the whole EU community are devoted players of the game and like any other player we deserve to be compensated for supporting a game that is faulty when it comes to EU servers! You cannot treat us like we are unworthy players! And to people who play in the NA server I would like to ask you to sign the petition as well , we are all one community and I would like to know we support each other. To Riot Games , compensate us , and I don't mean some IP boost for 7 days , I mean RP. We have gotten nothing while you support your NA subscribers with RP for Christmas and every little crash. I think we deserve a big compensation for the last two months because I play from Venlo in the Netherlands and I have upwards of 678 ping in every third game at least two times which disconnects me for 2 minutes and I fall back. The game in it's current state is faulty and it needs fixing , also the players need to be compensated! The next step would be boycotting the game , but I hope it would not go to that extreme , because I do know a big community of players who would move to a different MOBA if such mistreatment of us is still in effect , I will personally see to it that a boycott would be started if we are not compensated." http://www.change.org/petitions/compensation-for-euw-eune-players#
  17. Does any1 still play Super Monday Night Combat
  18. After the booming success of games like League of Legends and DOTA 2, it seems like everyone and their mothers are making MOBA style games. The new DC MOBA, the Lord of the Rings MOBA (Guardians of Middle-Earth), and even Blizzard is jumping onto the bandwagon with their new Warcraft MOBA called Heroes of the Storm. http://www.heroesofthestorm.com/en-us/game Well guys, what do you think? Is the MOBA genre getting tired?
  19. From the title you can see i JUST (like as i type this it hit 100% for download) got League of Legends and i could probably use some help trying to figure out what the hell i am doing. Lets hope i like and wish me good luck everyone!
  20. Honestly Ive been playing both for quiet a while now, and theres a ton of fighting of which is the better game because one has blah blah and the other does blah blah blah. I was just wondering on peoples opinion on which is the better game and why?
  21. Add me on LoL Junkee - - - I only play ARAM, but I would be willing to play ranked with a decent team.