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Found 6 results

  1. I'm making this again because I realized that the last one was made during a holiday so I assumed people were busy. This is involving a Halo Machinima that's in need of help, they've been doing their best to release the next big project but sadly, the previous body actors were mostly kids and not good listeners either. So new body actors are needed, and we need teenagers, 16 and up, not kids. And we need people who will listen to the director. I know halo machinimas aren't that very popular anymore, but trust me when I say this, this one is a more dedicated and professional. If anyone can please give this project a shot and to show this isn't really an ordinary Halo Machinima, I will post links to their work. This project uses it's very own music and and adds in CGI affects and scenes to give the story more life. If any of you are interested, please contact them by skype: deltaforrest If you wish to use your Xbox Accounts to contact them: ChickenCritic Here are links to their projects and works. Here's their channel btw: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFOTecq2Qg2ltNKDsYl3eRw
  2. Hey all. Just made my first GTA 5 machinima trailer in protest of there not being enough wellrounded, well produced machinima's on youtube. So here it is: Would love your guys opinion and if this needs to be the mini series I intended to do. -TheHolst
  3. Hey guys it has been ages since I shared anything on this forum. But I wanted to share a machinima with you that I starred in (ages ago). Well I was recently informed that production has picked up again and they are currently working on episode 4. I will admit that I was in the dark about it for a while but I am back on the project and I hope that if any on here like it, please share it. I know my client would appreciate it greatly (along with a small following on Youtube). Thank you and Enjoy. Episode 1: Escape Episode 2: The Missing Heir Episode 3: Hopeless Also if anyone wishes to listen to some of my random recordings I am also on Soundcloud now and you can find me here: https://soundcloud.com/patrick-l-dunn
  4. I was just reminiscing on this show earlier today and was watching the movie. For those who watched the show to its conclusion can attest to how odd it seeing this and comparing it to the later episodes. It makes me a little nostalgic. Arbiter actually developed into a well written character during the final two seasons. He was a lost soul looking for meaning in his life; it's a little odd to say that in context of the movie which is really silly, and even more so considering they're just action figures. But can I say? The two became sort of endearing to me over the years and throughout the story. Anyways I was just wanting to start a topic on this since I don't see any around and if there are any people on the forum who are fans of the show.
  5. Hey guys, check out this epic video from DotaCinema advertising Dota 2 and The International. Pretty awesome stuff!
  6. I recently saw this article on CinemaBlend about the upcoming XBOX One Youtube promotion with Machinima. http://www.cinemablend.com/games/Microsoft-Machinima-Xbox-One-YouTube-Promotion-May-Unlawful-According-FTC-Guidelines-61735.html Some Youtubers have been recieving this: According to CinemaBlend, there is also an e-mail that has surfaced on Pastebin of the full agreement to be part of the promotion, which includes a Non-Disclosure Agreement and this odd section: So basically the only indication that a video is a paid promotion, is the XB1M13 tag being placed on it.Whether or not the posted e-mail is real (which is debatable), not expressly saying you are receiving compensation might violate FTC guidlines. So, is Microsoft being sneaky and underhanded with this promotion? Maybe, hard to say with all the speculation and rumor. This could potentially turn into a legal trainwreck depending on how it turns out. EDIT: Kotaku has an article up too. http://kotaku.com/sketchy-promo-plan-pays-youtubers-for-positive-xbox-one-1505260408/@jschreier