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Found 45 results

  1. Hi Angry Army! I am Seighart and i am the new registered member here in AJSA and i been following Angry joe for a year now. I am a fan of Angry Joe's review and his point of view on games. I'm also a smite player, well i am not pro but I playing a lot a while now so you can say I'm good at it. You can have add me guys if you want! My IGN is JAKOLOLO ( I know my IGN is bad but no worries I'm planing to changed it) Lets play together and have lots of fun! Well nice to be here hope we have lot's of fun! SeighartGrandlock Proud New AJSA Member
  2. Hey guys new to the AJSA, and just here for fun. Pleased to be working/talking with... well everyone. I also have a YT gaming channel but I have enjoyed the angry reviews of games for a long time. Cant say I agree with all of them fully, but Joe holds a special place in my heart because he actual cares about his community. Joe and AJSA keep it rockin! Short, sweet, and now to the pointy end!
  3. Good evening, my compatriots. How does the day keep you? Mhm... yes. Uh-huh, yeah OKAY shut up. I didn't ask for your life story, jeezus. My name is David. We'll call me Davy for now. I would say I play a bit of everything, but seeing as sports games have for the last decade become little more than updated player rosters with shinier helmets and teammate AI that's surprisingly true to life. I love talking about games nearly as much as playing them, so we'll start there once we get the opportunity.
  4. Hi guys! Just though I'd introduce myself as I've joined with interest in playing ESO with the AJSA. I'm dek. I'm 24 and from Ireland, a postgrad doing a PhD in environmental sciences and a game enthusiast. I've been a big fan of the Elder Scrolls since the beginning and I wanted to join a big group so as to get the full ESO experience. I played a lot of GW1 and GW2. Love DOTA2 and a lot of other games too. If you're looking to play some ESO, i'll definitely be playing from day one!
  5. just saying hello to all my fellow gamers out there in the ajsa
  6. Hello Community Members, I am a brand new recruit and i would really want to join someone even a group , or what it may be called i have no clue. For Battlefield 4 and for the PC as well as any other games MMO , Shooters, as well as future games such as Elder Scrolls. My most common screen name is "wolftcf" I am 18 years old and a college student. I would be more than happy to bring my free time here. In addition LIst of Games I play (Not All but the ones that come off the top of my head). - Battlefield 4 - EVE Online - Crysis 3 - DayZ - Star Conflict - Second Life - Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn I play others as well but i am going to be more focused on what ever game that i am part of a group here with no matter if i listed it or its not released yet ....Like Titan Fall or ESO . I would really like messages and replies :]
  7. Hello everyone I Just joined about ten minutes ago and I thought I would introduce myself. I am from Arizona and I am currently in college and going for a degree in psychology and criminal justice. I have watched Angry Joes reviews for awhile now I think they are hilarious and well informed and I am looking forward to maybe talking to him one day. I have a PS4, Xbox 360, and a PC so if anyone wants to see about playing a game just let me know. I have played a few MMO's such as WOW and SWTOR and I usually played as a tank. I have some raiding experience from SWTOR and I have used Vent mostly but don't mind using TeamSpeak or mumble. probably my favorite games out there are The Last of Us and Mass Effect 3(excluding the last 10 minutes). I will usually be on Sundays but will also be on through out the week just depending on how my schedule is. So I hope everyone has a good day and I cant wait to play something with you guys.
  8. Hello, I'm just a new member of this community. I've only just joined this community today, though I have been watching Angry Joe for quite some time now. I'm looking forward to possibly meeting and exploring more of this community when time permits. Currently, I don't have a PC (I have a Mac though) and I only really play on PS3 (Though I do have a Wii). I also have a youtube, info here http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/12968-my-youtube-channel-music-and-gameplay-also-recruiting-people/ The list of games I play: - Assassins Creed (All of them) - Farcry 3 - Minecraft - Mortal Kombat 9 - Battlefront (I used to play this a lot as a kid and I'm just revisiting my childhood) - Garry's Mod - GTA V
  9. Hi i just joined the community. i watch lots of angry joe episodes and i enjoy them, so i really wanted to get into the community. iam a really avid gamer that like all sorts of games if their good, but my favorite genres are stratagy/fps/adventure/racing oh and sandbox or free roam games plus iam based in the UK my steam profile name is Psidragon my xbox name is Insanedragon96 but it might change to Psidragon or Psionicfire i do have an psn account but i dont really use my ps3 all that often, its Insanedragon96
  10. Hi everyone! My name is Chrizzly187 and I finally remembered to actually create an account here. A bit about myself: I'm from Germany and play primarily on PC but own a PS3 and a 3DS. I like to play a lot of different genres like RPGs (Skyrim, SW:KOTOR), FPS (BF3 (BF4 soon I hope ), Planetside 2, Metro: Last Light) or any other game that catches my interest. Currenty I play a lot of World of Tanks and War Thunder, and I bought some gems in the Steam Sale that I didn't play until now like Batman: AC or Dark Souls. Enough for now, if you got questions, feel free to ask I'm glad to be part of the Angry Army and I'm looking forward to have a good time around here PS.: Feel free to tell me grammar mistakes, I'm always trying to improve
  11. Hello fellow recruits! I am Metadragon. Well as the title suggests I am a new recruit and I can't wait to take part in this community. I guess I could say a little about myself. I game primarily on PC, but I also game with exclusives on Wii U, PS3, and Xbox 360. I also play in MMOs such as WoW and Guild Wars 2. I've never played Dota 2, LOL or Planetside 2. My skills online are pretty rusty (yes I'm a noob) so I'm hoping this army can refine me into a worthy soldier. Hopefully I can meet some friends here! Well that's enough rambling for me.
  12. Hey, this is Sev typing. I'm a 16 year old gamer who started playing since i was 5 years old. My first console was a nameless one but it had tons of NES and SNES games, including my favourites Castlevania and Circus (Yes, i also played contra a lot with my sister) Yet i managed to get my hands on a Play Station 1, in which i played Spiderman, a random loony toons game and Spyro but i never really got to play it a lot. When i got 7 years, i used to play hours in my dad's pc, lots of games, the ones that i liked the most were the tomb raider games, Star Wars Republic Commando, Star Wars Jedi outcast, Rise of Nations and Age of Empires 2. Then when i got turned 8, i got an XBOX for christmas. The best games for me were SWKOTOR (I & II) Halo, Splinter Cell (Played the whole saga :3), Ghost Recon (1), Shrek 2 (With my sister) and COD Finest Hour (Which i consider the best COD) then when i got to middle school my dad bought me an XBOX 360 for my birthday. I love my XBOX and the best games i have played are Halo Reach (In which i made a strong bond with 2 of my friends), Halo ODST, Assassin's creed 2 and Revelations, Soul Calibur 4, Mass Effect 2, GoW 2, Fable 2, lost Oddysey , Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and Battlefield 3 (My first battlefield BTW). In 2012 i bought a PSVita and i don't regret my choice. I bought Soul Sacrifice (Loved it BTW ), Gravity rush (9/10), and my most recient adiction: Shin Megami Tensei Persona (1,2,3 and 4 I LOVE SMT). With my savings i bought this year a PCGamer and i have been playing Skyrim, Dragon Age Origins and 2, Divinity 2 and SMT Imagine. I use my Vita to play games when bored and outside. I use my XBOX to play online. I use my PC to Play MMO(s) and RPGs I use my stuff to play when terribly bored. I also bought a Nintendo 3DS last weekend, so yeah, i'm a full gamer(?) I want to be part of this awesome comunity, so please, do ask me to join some games :3
  13. I have one thing to say. "Hello!" I have been watching Angry Joe for so many years, and it's great to see a massive community center form. A little about me... If you really want to know. -I love sports. I play hockey, baseball, tennis, and I run cross-country -Currently a senior in High-School -I love meeting new people. I hope to meet more of you awesome angry army members. That's enough of me. If you really want to know more or play a game, feel free to message me. It's good to know there is now a community of people with a common (angry) interest and now we have a way to get together. Let's be the awesome community Angry Joe wants us to be.
  14. Hi i'm dario a gamer from tuscany,i play only on ps3 because my pc sucks but i'll do all that i can for the army. good game everyone
  15. Hello soldiers and commanders of the AJSA! New fresh meat here to be battered on the field xD, I'm here to join and support the army if you'll have me, I love my games and would love to have others to play with on them, I will not deny, when it comes to PC games, I am new, only just recently getting into them hailing from the consoles originally, so I likely lack some of the knowledge regarding them. I love to have a laugh and have fun, though if you ever get into a conversation with me, a friendly warning, if I start to act silly and you don't like it, please say, I kinda go off into my own world at times while playing xD. For genres of games, I play all sorts, Fighting, Strategy and Turn Based, FPS and TPS, Racing, RPG. MMOs, the list goes on. On the PC front I recently got into BF4, (ohhh the pain it took to make it fully work, yeah we all know the troubles I'm sure) but I also own Guild Wars 2, Nearly all the Total War games, (Minus Medieval 1 and Shogun, never found them for some reason ) I dab into Planetside 2 now and then as well as League of Legends, also it was because of Joe I got into Blood Bowl xD. I'm planning to greatly increase my game collection on this. On Xbox 360, I'm usually on the fighting games, I am a fan and part of the FGC. trying and practicing to get into the offline tournament scenes. these include Tekken, Injustice, Soul Calibur and a little of Street Fighter (though I suck the most at that xD) I think I could at least say fighting games are likely the ones I'm best at. But of course, I have more than just that, including the recent GTAV. I do own PS3, but I'm rarely on it, most of my games on here are random, but I've noticed I seem to pick up racing games the most on this. I will likely purchase a PS4 soon, I'm just informing all of these details for any who may want to play any of the above with me, Sorry if its a bit much to read. Hope to speak and play with you all soon, if you'll have me of course
  16. Hey everyone, My name is Michael and AJS for about 6 months now! Love Joe, he is hilarious and the rage he does is so freakin epic! I also run a YouTube channel doing walkthrough, reviews, unboxings, and all kinds of stuff! Thank you Joe for all the hard work you put in and can't wait to be apart of this great community! The games I play are Killing Floor, League of Legends, horror games like Dead Space and indie horror games, rpgs, and other kinds of games! Hear from you all soon!
  17. Hey everyone, I just joined the Angry Joe website a few weeks ago and this website earlier today. I'm a big Angry Joe fan and I'm glad to be here and hope to be able to play with some of you guys. At the moment, I play Rome 2: Total War and some Mount and Blade: Napoleonic Wars once in a while. I play WoW as well but not as much as I used to. Also, I am planning on getting Battlefield 4 in the next month or two (I'm a big fan of Battlefield 3). Always looking for other fun and interesting stuff to play, and I hope to play with you guys soon! - Cavvy
  18. Not good at introductions. I live in NJ. My PS3 died on me, so I'm stuck on xbox. Yeah, that's about it.
  19. I've been a subscriber to Angry Joe for about 2 years, watching all his angry reviews and most of his other videos. He pointed me to games like Guild Wars 2 and Planetside 2, both of which I love playing and play often. I also play other multiplayer games like Dota 2 and League of Legends. Plus a number of great steam games. I was very excited when I saw Joe's video that he was restarting the angry army, I joined as soon as I heard. I hope that I meet lots of awesome people here to game with.
  20. How's everyone doing? I'm a new member to the Angry Army, and I'm actually new to forums as well. I've been watching Angry Joe for almost 3 years, so when I found out he started this up, I couldn't pass the offer to join and play with what I know will be a great gaming community. I'm mainly a PC gamer and when it comes to games the big ones I'm playing right now are Counter Strike: GO, Team Fortress 2, Dota 2, and Killing Floor. I'm really glad to be here and if any of you want, message me and i'll add you on steam! I'd love to play with you guys! See you around