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Found 139 results

  1. This is a sequel to my other poll Favorite Nintendo Consoles, but here for the handhelds
  2. A rather large thread and probably one that most people will have a HUGE variety of choice in. Feel free to post why you like the system you select & which system it was you chose. So without further flooding of the start post lets begin: My favourite Console of all time would have to be the Nintendo 64 because it's got the best selection of games that i remember off by heart & enjoyed while growing up as a child in the 90's, popular titles such as, Conkers Bad Fur Day or Zelda: Ocarina of Time are just a few titles to name, and many of the games on the system were 4 player because there was no Online play, it was fantastic back in the day & i still enjoy a game of Mario Party with my friends.
  3. For those of you who don't know what a bodybag match is, it's a match where the victor wins 6-0 or 5-0 if they let one of their pokemon die for a switch advantage. My first bodybag happened in X/Y when i was getting into competitive battling (and back into pokemon in general.) It was against my friend Alex. To be honest, he's sort of a noob when it comes to battling. He sometimes doesn't switch his pokemon out when he has a type disadvantage just because he thinks theyre THAT strong (he didn't switch out his "beloved" venusaur when i sent in choice band darmanitan, or swampert when i sent in Rotom-C). He also will reply "fuck that" if you ask him if he does IV/EV's, boosting moves like Calm Mind, or items other than leftovers. Still, he's very cocky and 6-0ing him was like defeating Gary in real life. What was your first bodybag experience? Was it extremely satisfying?
  4. Nintendo: List of Fixes and Improvements - What to Tackle First? alright true Nintendo fans, this is a good video. and I am not talking to the ones that are ignorant on Nintendo needing a change. Here's what the Video's Description has: If you don't want to watch the video, you can just read the description: This isn't MY campaign, so I'm going to let you guys decide on which issue you want to push for first. And like I said in the video and forums, always speak your mind on this list. If something needs to be added, taken away, or altered, let me know. I will take the top 3 issues I see people choose on this video and then put a poll up on Pretendo that will determine which one we do first... the rest of the description is on that guy's video link. take a listen and hear Shokio out. Hell, this is what Nintendo fans are asking. It doesn't matter if you do not have the same wants or needs, think for others. come on guys, this is to better Nintendo.
  5. Just want to know if anybody is still playing.
  6. Hi everyone im Henrixz i love video games and hopefuly we can play together. i play pc and 3ds maybe soon i will get my ps4 if their is one available.
  7. I would like to sit down with all of my Army friends and talk about a subject that has been on my mind for along time and i think with this i can take my point home batter. Recently Sonic the Hedgehog has been changing over the years and I Have grown up with him as i share the same birth year as him. when he turned 20 i did too so this game franchise has a special place in my heart. For my gamer friends who know of this, you know that sonic has been getting alot of flack over the years for changing so much. First he was a Mario sized blue animal that ran fast, then he grew green eyes, then he started getting allot of friends, and then he spoke, AND THEN he grew bigger... Now what i know of his initial creation was that he was a competitive mascot for SEGA, to use against NINTENDO's Mario. and that shows in the way the two ahve been used over the years....But i ask you why has Mario stayed everyone's (not speaking for everyone mind you) Fav. little mascot and sonic doing almost the same thing has become the but-end of every game fail joke ever. Well it is a little thing i like to call Human Expectancy (that is not a scientific term, i just call it that) It is the idea that as much as we talk about how much we want to change things we a humans don't like change as we say we do. Using sonic as an example. In sonic 1 we saw a competitor for Mario FASTER, cooler more sleek design, and cool levels to boot, and a great sound track( that i personalty love to this day). HOWEVER move to the second games of the franchise, the creators at SEGA, added the first of sonic's many friends, TAILS, to compete with the two man show the MARIO BROS. were putting on, now i don't get this muc h but some say the second one was not as great as the first, WHY IS THAT? Well it goes to my idea of that thing I said, The mario games by that point already had a two man show, so when they got to at least the super maro bros. 3 you still had 2 peeps. (and think of this Mario 2 in the US did not get as much praise as 1 or 3) See what i mean. The Devs. changed something drastically making the image of what we saw as sonic in the first one. As I continue you can see what is going on with what i am saying. You see Mario games have had the tendency to NOT CHANGE the formula...Play game, save princess, win game. SImple and i bet you can name ALOT OF MARIO titles that have had this trope. BUT that is not the case with sonic, FIrst game: Play game, save critters, win game. SONIC 2: play game, save critters, GET CHAOS EMERALDS FOR GOOD ENDING, win game(and have a fox with two tails come along) SONIC 3:play game,Save critters,Stop strange red dude(WHO YOU CAN PLAY AS NOW), get chaos emeralds, GET SUPER EMERALDS,GET GOOD END, win game. now i could do that for hours adding on and changing everything about every sonic game. But as you now can see it is the fact that as Mario has staid almost the same with a few minor changes OVER A LARGE SPAN OF TIME!, Sonic in every game he is in has changed something or another to some point. So in conclusion to my point, As i see it the only reason that sonic's fan base has been shaky over the years is because of the SEGA team try too hard to be innovative, but that is not a bad thing. As a matter of fact I like some of the additions and character that sonic has acquired over the years, but that is also the problem. BUt on the other hand, as great as Mario is i think that he is soon to start suffering from being to stale, i have noticed criticisms for the "SAVE THE PRINCESS TROPE" over time, but that is what they are, that is WHAT WE HAVE EXPECTED from his games. and with sonic you never know what will come out of his franchise at all. So before you think that something needs to be changed in a drastic way, just sit and think to yourself, "Do i really want the Drastic change or do i need to try slowly adding on with patience and moderation. THANKS ALL
  8. Yes, this most endless of questions, which starter shall I pick for Pokemon X&Y? I cannot decide between Chespin and Froakie. Any advice you give would be helpful. Does either one do better in single player? I'll breed and trade for the other starters after that but I don't want to be disadvantaged. And I'm already going to choose Charmander later (because come on, Charizard is a total badass) so I don't want a Fennekin.
  9. Mario has been with us since video games were starting to kick off and is still around to this date, but a question that a lot of fans think to themselves, which one is the best
  10. Now, when I heard about this, I couldn't believe it was true, but it apparently it is. A new entry from the Belgian Early Warning System on drugs, basically designed to inform parents and authorities of the latest trends and street names for narcotics, identified this new form of esctasy, said to be around four times an potent, along with other colourfully branded highs, including Mitsubishi and Superman. They even mimic their respective logo's and I'll have a link to that page below, so you can see (sorry, the page is in French). https://ewsd.wiv-isp.be/Alerts%20by%20BEWSD/January%202014%20-%20Highly%20dosed%20MDMA%20tablets%20December%202013%20-%20January%202014.aspx Here's the news story from Kotaku http://kotaku.com/people-are-getting-high-on-an-actual-drug-called-nint-1507722888 Now, I know that drugs are bad thing, and I neither take them or endorse them personally, but I can't help but see the funny side to this. First, I'll never look at the Mushroom Kingdom the same way ever again, and secondly, I think it would have been even funnier if the drug actually was a mushroom. Like, you could have your mushroom at home, then get to the club and order a "Fire Flower", have a red bull "To Give You Wings" the next round then at the end of the evening run around crazy because you feel like you're an "Invincible Star". Any, what do you guys think.
  11. With the disappointment that is the Wii U, Nintendo is trying to stay alive by all means in order to continue the fight in the console wars. Thus, in a surprising announcement they are planning to produce a brand new console which will blend the conventional console system and the hand held system into one. Unlike its predecessors, this nintendo console will feature state of the art graphics cards and other hardware that could make the other new gen consoles run for their money. Anyway, watch the machinima video on the subject for all the info. Edit Note: This was first posted before the whole Machinima controversy blew up (or at least when I knew about it) so don't be quick to judge why I followed this source material on the subject matter.
  12. It is indeed a sad day for gaming. Take off your hats, please. Take a breather before reading this stuff. http://business.time.com/2014/01/17/nintendo-chief-we-failed/
  13. I know that this is old news, but with the new Smash Bros coming out soon what characters would you like to see in possible future titles? Personally I want to see Original Dante from Devil May Cry 1 as a character, a throwback to the older games and it would give the fanbase some service after the slap in the face they recieved this year, maybe even Vergil from Devil May Cry 3 would be a good choice since despite the fact he was only in 1 of the original games, the fans loved him and he became a very accepted part of the lore and story. And I know that Ezio was in Soul Calibur V, but I really would like to see Edward Kenway from AC4BF in a future smash bros title. I think it is safe to say that Black Flag has revived the pirate genre and the AC games from the slump they were in, but sadly it was really overshadowed by GTAV at the time of its release and I don't think it would be a bad move to put Edward in there. Or maybe even Aveline who became an unexpected fan-favorite of the AC franchise.
  14. Nintendo! Our childhood heroes failed to reach their targeted sales last year with their Wii U. 2.8 million consoles so far. While Xbox One and Ps4 already has passed their total consoles sales i´ve recently been looking into this. Here´s what i believe is the reason. When the Nintendo Wii U was announced at the E3 pressconference i was confused. A new controller? is it a new handheld? looks a bit clumsy. But that was far from the truth. This confused disaster of an announcment is probably why the console got such a slow start. atleast here in Europe. Sure the 3ds also had a rough start but as soon as the games started to show, sales just exploded. Games Where are they? not on the Wii U for sure. A whole year into its lifecycle and we havent seen any of their Main titles.Where´s the Zelda? Wheres the Mario? Are they even planned as a release in 2014? Nintendos own games are nearly always great, and is the reason why gaming is what it is today. Wii U needs your main games Nintendo. Or your console will be shortlived indeed. According to alot of third party developers. Development for the Wii U is hard, Mainly cause of a lack of devkits and tools. And now Nintendo also has a controller developers need to code for. This is not good, Losing third party devs decreases the number of total games for the machine with alot. With studios whining so much these past years over the PS3 for being a complete disaster to port or just mainly make games for. Now the Machine has some third party games such as assassins creed. but if the console sales still dosent kick off, Ubisoft will leave and never look back. Why didnt they ask the studios what they wanted from their next console? Like Sony and Microsoft? Right now it really looks grim. I refuse to play their old NES and SNES games on a brand new HD machine. Online Features Sure the online features has improved from the old Wii. but still lacking in the social media aspect. No tweeting or writing Facebook statuses on the Nintendo. This is easily fixed with updates for sure. Performance Now the console itself is not exactly a power house. And thats putting it nicely. a little faster than the Xbox 360 and has alot more videoRAM and Ram. Compared to Sony´s and Microsoft´s new machine its a fart in space. I remembered the time when Nintendo had the most performance and were the place to go for the best looking games. But that was long ago. People probably just waited for Sony and Microsoft to make their move instead of buying an already outdated console. Thats what i would have done, if i didnt have all the Zelda games since Majoras Mask, And Mario games since Mario 64. Thats what i Play on The Wii U atm. A remake, and old Wii games. Wich does not look good on a High Definition TV btw. With all of the good looking games for Sony and Microsoft´s consoles, would you bother with this one? Is Nintendo`s own titles enough to carry it from the pits? Should Nintendo stop with hardware and only go software like sega? Iwata from nintendo is thinking about branching out to the mobile market btw, so you can bet your as you are going to play Zelda Ville or Mario Ville in the near future. I hope they make it.
  15. Nintendo has been around since the 70's, but the U.S. didn't get Nintendo game systems till 1986 with the famicon, or Nintendo Entertainment System in the U.S. , they've been with the gaming community since games started to grow and even saved the industry after the infamous game crash of 83, but enough history, the point is, after years of being around there are a lot of Nintendo games, and I wanna know which one are your favorite, for me, it'd be Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
  16. I know I haven't added any of the handheld systems, but in all honesty I feel like that belongs in it's own forum, if you want I'll make it, but for now I'm curious on your favorite home console from Nintendo, after all they've been around for almost 40 years, since they made consoles during the 70's, but only been releasing them in Japan, and made quite a few consoles, now which ones are your favorite
  17. So yeah, there are quite a few of Video game theme threads but let's make a Nintendo theme one, I have got a few to share: This Updated version of the N64 version I like a lot more than the original, more heavier, more epic My favourite of all Pokemon themes, close ones would be the Legendary Battle theme from Emerald, The Gym Leader Theme from X and Y , and the Fire Red/Leaf Green version of the Champion Battle Theme. Final has to be the Chozo Ruins theme from Metroid Prime, love this theme as it plays when you traveling around in the area, fits it very nicely and one of my favourite in the game. Now obviously there are a lot more like F-Zero, Mega Man, Sonic, etc. Tell me what are you favourites
  18. It might be too early for me to start posting about this since I haven't finished the game yet, but after putting in hours and hours I think I can safely say that this is a great entry into the Zelda series (and a good first entry for me, being a Zelda virgin). [spoiler-Free] Both the 3D effect and the music are very impressive and the gameplay mechanics are both balanced and enjoyable. Very early in the game you can choose to rent every equipment item for a very low price and explore more advanced dungeons earlier, netting greater rewards. However, if you die the merchant will take back any rented items and you'll have to pay the rental fee again to get them back. It's great motivation to take caution and not rush through particularly tricky spots. For a much higher fee you can outright purchase the items so you don't have to worry about losing them, but you'll need to save up a ton of rupees to own even a few items. The new mechanic where you can transform yourself into a painting on a flat wall makes for some surprisingly deep gameplay; secret rooms can sometimes be found by squeezing through tiny slits in the walls and quicker to get over a pit or gap by flattening yourself against a wall and trotting over. The ability and all of the items depend on an energy bar that depletes quickly and regenerates slowly, so some care is needed; you may use your bow & arrow to take out enemies and have to quickly get to a moving platform by becoming a painting, but you'll fall to your death if you don't have enough energy to transition over. You have to constantly be aware of your situational limits, otherwise you'll suffer for it. The combat and other gameplay mechanics are very smooth and easy to get into, delegating all of the inventory control through the touch-screen, with some simple shortcuts to efficiently swap gear to use. I can't comment yet on the complete scope of the realm you play in or make any decisive conclusions on the characters since I haven't finished the game. There are a ton of points I could bring up, but they'd be major spoilers. Highly recommend checking this game out for the 3DS. I may not be done, but as I mentioned I've already sunk hours and hours into it and I still have some big quests to take care of that'll take just as long to complete. Anyone else currently playing this game? Anyone thinking of picking it up?
  19. Hi, there has been a thought that has crossed my mind, is Nintendo out of touch? I think yes, but there is still hope.I think Nintendo is taking a step in the right direction with third party games, looking just as good as PS3 and 360 (still struggling with ps4 and Xone) ,have u seen arkham origins on Wii u? It looks great! But not many people are buying Wii u, I think I know why.Here are a few reasons why I think Wii u is not selling and out of touch: 1.) Third Party Support Its not the fact that they have third party games at all, that's a great thing, problem is how they did it. When AC 3, COD, and Arkham City came to Wii U, many people already had a ps3 or 360, so didn't feel the need, unless they want to play "the kids games" like Mario,Zelda,or SSB. And they still feel that way. Even some companies will make their games inferior on Wii U, (Arkham Origins Multiplayer, but their not missing much), and some games are not even coming to Wii U, and is not good in the consumer's eye. Even with the new SSB and Mario Kart coming soon, they will sell more, but some people don't want to drop $300 on a couple of games. 2.) Their Name When the NES, Gameboy, and SNES where out, games mostly were what's now considered kids games. Yes they did have mortal Kombat on SNES, but it was censored. I don't know why but Nintendo's always trying to be more kid friendly, even though they learned from Mk and put blood in MK 2, most of the games they focus on are Mario, Zelda, etc. So because of that, hardcore gamers (alot of them) don't buy nintendo products because they think that all they have are those games. I side with ReviewTechUsa with the idea of Nintendo making a mature exclusive, make a game that you can only buy on Wii U, gets mostly scores of 9-10, and appeals to mostly hardcore gamers. They should also learn from PlayStation. While they have some games are marketed towards kids, (Little Big Planet, Ratchet and Clank), they also have mature games for hardcore gamers (God of War, Uncharted, Killzone). Nintendo, while having Zelda being there closest to being mature, over half of there exclusives are marketed towards children. So they should make that hardcore exclusive. 3.) DVD/Bluray/Digital Download OK, this makes no sense. This has been a problem for 12 years starting with GameCube, can be excused for small discs and cheaper than PS2 and Xbox, then Wii, but just for being cheaper, but Wii U just takes the cake, yes it is cheaper than ps4, and Xbox One, but nintendo is way over due. And if they can't do that, have the option to buy or rent movies on the eshop. If they do sell movies tell me because I don't have a wii U. They at least need DVD. 4.) Advertising One. That is how many ads I have seen for the Nintendo Wii U, TOTAL! (Yes, taking this from ReviewTechUsa again) They had one year, a whole year to tell the world about the console. Even though that it's unlikely that they will sell more than Xbox and PlayStation, wii u should atleast be along side a ps4 and/or Xbox 1 . One big reason Sony and Microsoft will sell more is that PS4 and Xbox One have been advertising their products for a while. Especially Xbox with Mtn. Dew and Doritos. Wii U had a get out of jail freecard in for the whole year, and barely did anything to sell their product. So those are why I think Nintendo is out of touch, and isn't selling well. If you thought of ,tell me, I would like to know.
  20. I love nintendo, i love RPGs, which nintendo character or franchise would make an amazing RPG?
  21. I'm getting a nintendo device next summer but some of the games that I want is on both so which one should i get and why
  22. So yeah, thought I create a forum post talking about Mario Franchise or Legend of Zelda Franchise, be able to recommend Mario or Zelda games, talk about new Mario, Zelda games, etc, and anything to do with both franchises, talk about our first game we played and if you haven't played any of these series and wish to try them out, we and other fans might able to recommend a couple of games to pick up. Let's see: I started playing Mario when I was about 4 years old, Mario 64 had been out and had just exclusively been playing Diddy Kong Racing, my older brother got Mario 64 and was the first game in the Mario series I played. I ended up loving it and while not my favourite Mario 3D Platformer, I still highly regard it. Soon after we found my Mums old SNES and found the cables and a couple of games, one being Super Mario All Stars, which had 16-bit remakes of Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, 3 on it. We also had Super Mario Worlds and played the hell of them, as well as Mario 64. Soon after when I was 5 I got hold of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, I played up until I became adult Link, but still highly referenced when I talked about childhood games, to this day I still own my Original carts for Mario 64 and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and while Ocarina isn't my favourite, I still return to play it now and then, same with Mario 64, but now usually Ocarina of Time on The Legend of Zelda collector edition for the Gamecube, or the 3D Remake for 3DS
  23. So, Google has at long last released the 3DS YouTube app. Why the hell did I ever expect this to be anything other than a piece of shit, considering the abomination the interface of the Wii U app is? The new app is nothing more than a more limited view of the mobile website on the home screen. Rather than going to ANY degree of effort and making a dedicated app that fits in with the design of other stock apps on the system, the best they can do after two years is give us what is essentially a crappy home page bookmark with one of the screens conveniently blocked by the YouTube logo. Thanks a bunch. Today was the first time I used it, and it was ridiculously slow to load and to use. And as soon as I clicked on the first video (Joe's rant about YT, funnily enough ) THE APP CRASHED! In two years of owning my aqua blue 3DS, I have NEVER had a single game or app crash on me, not even once. And, this crashed within the first two minutes of usage. Pathetic. Regarding the Wii U app, it is also just awful. Rather than creating a responsive interface designed for a touch screen, they decided to create a laggy, unresponsive interface which had to be controlled with the GamePad's control stick. In a recent Nintendo Direct, it was said that the usability of the app was "greatly improved". Bullshit. It's just the same HORRIBLE interface, but on a touch screen rather than a TV. Ammateur developers make YouTube clients infinitely better than either of these. Both of these are just awful and Google should be embarrassed.
  24. Just hear me out on this: I'm not sure about you guys, but I think it would be nice, if the AJSA at least have some coverage of Nintendo Consoles. We have gamers on every console, and I believe nintendo shouldn't be excluded because it isn't "hardcore". I mean smash bros guys, come on. Just a suggestion.
  25. I think Nintendo should market these upcoming games as much as possible and focus on how to improve the wii u software line up who else agrees