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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guys I did this for a school project I don't think i'm important enough for an autobigraphy but I was in a dark place in my life and it was my counselers idea that I review my life and find a reason to live again here it is Love You All Try To keep the criticism nice but pleasantly said I'm a fragile sensitive flower.
  2. (not really sure where to put this thread, as this isn't really a game) TheSkyNet is a distributed computing project that uses your computer's processing power, while it is idling, to process radio astronomical data. Pretty cool, no? Users can join alliances, to earn processing points as a group. With the permission of a higher-upper (not really sure who to consult here, hence this thread) I'd like to start an Alliance on theskynet's website, and get as many people as possible joining in with this project. I've been using this site for just over two years now, and the project is still going strong. EDIT: ~~~~~~~~ I've created the alliance. You can join the alliance through this link. https://www.theskynet.org/alliances/1159?locale=en
  3. So Sony just announced "Project Morpheus" which is their attempt at entering the emerging Virtual Reality market(which previously was only occupied by the Oculus Rift). I was wondering if people consider this to be an awesome innovation or just another gimmick like 3D? Personally I think this is a great step forwards for gaming and I hope many games will make use of this emerging technology.
  4. Single and Team Match Lists: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/17056-dbzt3-single-team-match-list/ ( link doesn't work in my sig for some reason) Initial Gist: Alright. Giving notice about this insane project I'm working on. Started around high school with my buddy Josh [RIP] when we used to hold tournaments at my house. Now we used to set up a tournament thing were everyone would choose their 5 characters with whatever customs they decided and we would have them duke it out. Well I remember saying how I was going to get footage of each character, insane as it was then and naturally because he said I'd never do it. Well in good memory of him I'm going through with it. I already started some time ago but I never gotten around to posting anything about it till now. Team Sword vs Team Goku To know before hand each character has the red potara for extra health and they all have unlimited energy only for their base ki. They'll start off with no energy and will have to charge, but it will remain unless some character with energy sapping ability gets ahold of them. they will still need to charge to use their supers though. In this way you get more fighting, less of them charging through most of the match. Now as far as how the project will go, from what I recall off the top of my head there are about 122 or 123 characters. I count fusion as separate and I count Goku's ssj4 form as separate since they allow you to choose him even if you choose his child gt form. Each character on the single matches will have their own playlist showing them going against all the other characters and in each video there will be annotations set so you can click on the playlists of the fighters you currently see going at it. Now I started implementing annotations late and had initially put their playlists in the info section under the video, but I felt annotations would be easier so I started from the beginning to get that done. Now I do have a list of the custom settings for each character, I wanted to get a strategic touch to it depending on the race's used. Such as saiyans being stronger in a few points, humans charge ki faster, if your a hybrid like gohan you loose some from both but gain the best of the two. Such like that. Below is the list I made so one can see their custom potara sets. Fighters Custom Potaras: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4EGhx5bQlevRjMtczNoS01PaFE/edit?usp=sharing Now each match shows best 2 out of three. So first character to get to two wins wins the match I also started doing team matches which I am intending to finish first before the single matches. More so because it will be faster to get through those. Teams also have their own playlists and they all are annotized. At the moment I'm redoing some matches for two of the teams since I changed their roster since it would be better. Vids that were changed will have the listing of [Alt] on them. This one is close to being finished and I have the list of teams below. Teams: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4EGhx5bQlevR2FjTW54UTMwc0E/edit?usp=sharing Now I have them organized on the first page of my channel at the bottom where you can get to via my sig. Let me know what you guys think of it. Good or bad, I already know some will believe I'm crazy. Yes, I am crazy. Crazy enough to pull this off. Maybe If they would have made a dbz game better then Tenkaichi 3 things would be different. They nuked the character roster, just did nothing but toss gimmicks to get people to buy.... I don't even know what Ultimate Tenkaichi was. Certainly had more cutscenes in the matches then actual fighting. It was like a dbz fighting game of rock, paper, scissors. Now mind you some of the gimmicks they used to catch peoples attention like creating your own character and actually having custom settings in the other games for each transformation were nice touches. They could have been implemented better. I would havel oved to have seen the true Ultimate Tenkaichi as having the character creation and the customizing via transformation so you actually get stronger for the characters that turn. I at least for the most part want to get this out of the way since other games I'm going to wait till I get the Gtx 780 Ti so I can record at the highest settings possibly allowed to me in my other vids. Of course the other games I have no issue recording in high settings I'll get to, but for now. If you enjoy this welcome, if you don't sorry you had to suffer from a fan of dbz.