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Found 382 results

  1. Hey, I'm a ex PC to the PlayStation 4. I'm currently hammering Battlefield 4 on it and some Killzone. I'm 20 nearly 21, living in the North Lincolnshire, England and I've been gaming for the last 8 years ranging from MMOs such as WoW to Guild Wars 2, but my main focus has been around FPS games. I've played every Battlefield which you'll see on my Battlelog. I'm currently about to set up my own twitch live stream and website, maybe YouTube but unsure after all this Copyright nonsense... Also I'm up for playing with any other console elitist, feel free to add my psn. Hope to see you all on the Battlefield!
  2. I believe Mighty No.9 will give me the classic megaman feel that I wasn't born with my first megaman experience was with the X series but Mighty No.9 will be a fresh new start for me
  3. Lots of rumors about the PS4 and its games have been circulating since the product's announcement. This thread's purpose is to serve as a collection of myths and their validity. Myths will submitted by the users of this forums. If you submit a myth and know if it is false or actually true, please mention this with a source of information. I will try to keep the main post up to date with new information. PS4 MYTH LIST (Games) Dark Sorcerer is a PS4 exclusive game planned for release late 2014. BUSTED Dark Sorcerer was a tech demo used to demonstrate the PS4's impressive graphical and processing power, nothing more.Deep Down is a true sequel to Dragon's Dogma. BUSTED Capcom denied a connection between Dragon's Dogma and Deep Down in JuneDeep Down will be free to play, multiplayer and single player. Confirmed Deep Down will be a free to play game that is both single player and multiplayer. An open beta is scheduled to start in February.PS4 MYTH LIST (System/Services) Dualshock 4 Controller has battery life equal or better to the previous Dualshock 3 BUSTED Dualshock 3 is reported to last for 8-12 hours. Dualshock 4 is reported to last 4-6 hours.Dualshock 4 controllers and Android phones use the same charge cable. Confirmed I recommend using a wall charger near your chair.The Dualshock 4 can be used as a regular controller on your PS3 system PARTIAL The Dualshock 4 will work with the PS3 only when it is plugged in. It will not function wirelessly.
  4. I thought Sony would have gotten better at security after what happened with the PS3, but nope. Still playstation users getting hacked.I know nothing is impervious to hacking, but i feel sony didn't even try to beef up security. Let me know what you guys think.
  5. I'll be honest I only downloaded the game because it was free to play but I'm loving it! Being a beta there are some issues like the menu clearly hasn't been optimised for a console and some of the controls are to sensitive but I'm having huge fun with this Combat Flight Simulator/MMO. I haven't played the PC version so I can't compare but I am really enjoying the PS4 beta and hope we can get an AJSA PS4 Squadron put together at some point but I'm getting way ahead of myself. So your thoughts?
  6. So witch do ya'll think is better?
  7. Hi, I have recently made a switch from xbox 360 to PS4. Now none of my local friends have bought one, mainly due to lack of funds. So I need to new online friends and i thought who better than the angry army! If anyone wants to be friends just look me up - ozy018- and let me know that you are from AJSA. Current games I have are Assassins creed 4, fifa 14 and knack. Have fun gaming guys! p.s I am from the u.k so it will be good to have friends from this time zone but i am not too fussy.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rffbYCfK6ZI What do you think of the console wars? Is it worth fighting about?
  9. Chris from stone fox media has uploaded a two part comparison of the two consoles UI's, it it seems like the PS4's is easier to use, albeit with inferior voice commands. Didn't see this coming. With the exception of the recent versions of windows I'v found that Microsofts software has been fairly good and easy to use. Well, share your thoughts. Do think he's right or wrong, or have you experienced these issues yourself? here the vids. Part 1 Part 2
  10. Polyphony Digital's CEO, Kazunori Yamuchi announced the next generation of PS4's hit exclusive racer in an interview on Top Gear, hoping that it will hit the shelves in just a year, but we should probably expect it from then to 2 years. Apparently GT6 barely worked on PS3, which is hardly surprising at this point of the life cycle. I imagine that PD will use the base of GT6 with an edited engine and more resources, since I can hardly imagine they will work from the ground up if they expect to be done in just a year. Hoping it delivers though, maybe a new UI. What do you think?
  11. I just had the most lucrative trip to Walmart EVER. I went for a network cable, and they didn't have the one that the website said they did so they gave me a 50 foot one for the price of the 25 foot one. Then I grabbed a few PS3 games and they only charged me half price on all of them. I dunno if they fucked up or they were on sale, but I didn't see any ads for them being on sale. So I suggest if you want to score some games get your ass to mars.....I mean walmart TODAY and stock up on those PS3 and xbox 360 games Edit: http://www.examiner.com/article/full-list-of-all-video-game-items-on-sale-for-walmart-s-2013-black-friday LOTS and LOTS of good games on sale right now, so if you have the means get the fuck to walmart NOW.
  12. So EA admits they need to do a better job at bug testing. If games are becoming more complex shouldn't the development time be extended then? http://www.videogamer.com/xboxone/battlefield_4/news/ea_admits_it_has_to_do_a_better_job_of_bug-testing_but_believes_players_should_be_patient.html
  13. I wanna buy a PS4, but I'm waiting for the second model. However, to anyone who has a PS4, please tell me the pros and cons
  14. So lately I've been thinking a lot about if I want to keep my copy of Assassin's Creed IV for the PS4 that I've ordered, or cancel it and buy something else. The reason I'm rethinking my purchase is because I've already played and beaten AC4 on the Xbox 360. The game was very fun and I was really looking forward to see the graphical difference between the 360 and PS4 for myself, but I'm starting to think that it might not be worth buying a game I've already played through. Also, I'm not really into the multiplayer in AC, so the singleplayer is the only thing that AC4 has to offer for me. So I wanna ask the Angry Army: if not AC4, what other game should I buy? (Games I'm already getting - Battlefield 4, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Destiny and The Devision.)
  15. Ok... so basically I need some people to add to my friend's list for Battlefield 4 on the PS4. My friend's list is rather small at the moment but I would like to fill her up with AJSA members. Send me a private message or reply here with your PSN and Ill add you or you could add me. My PSN is: ClicheMasquerade See You Online!
  16. Is this possible on ps4 like in ps3? I do not know if there is chat lag with the wireless on ps4, but knowing also how many people had headaches or pain on their ear on ps3 using a bluetooth headset after 10-15 minutes i never got one and bought a logitech with a usb which works perfectly for me, and from a health perspective i do prefer this instead of wireless.I haven't got mine yet and this is important in my opinion.
  17. Okay, to start things off: I don't want to hear anything about the Xbox One. I've made up my mind: I'm not buying it. Thank you. Now, I was simply wondering if the PS4 is worth the HEFTY price tag, or if I should wait awhile. I'm an avid PC gamer, but I've been attracted to the look and feel of the PS4, and am seriously considering it. Why should I, or should I not, buy a PS4. Please don't get into a fight or anything. Just people posting their own opinions.
  18. This is a topic about how your search is going and if it was successful or not. I currently hate the Black Friday rush but need my Next-Gen fix and have been searching for any place that still has something. My story is we went to a BestBuy around 10, we walked in and rushed to the PS4 section of the store. Right then a family just grabbed a PS4 right in front of me as we paced through the rows. It was so close and yet so far, sadly I didn't Divekick the family and let them walk away with their prize. What stories do you wish to share?
  19. Hi, Im Josh I currently only have a Xbox 360 with a few games like Batman(Origins) Black ops 2, AC4, GTA5 I just wanted to post and introduce myself. I currently cant play online due to a stupid error code on my account. Im trying to fix it but Istarting to fear that my profile and gamerscore are lost for good now. The last thing I want to do is start all over....again. So, just throwing this out there anybody ever encounter the following error codes ERROR:831188FE ERROR:80151012 and even while following the suggested steps at xbox.com/support still couldnt fix them please tell me how you did eventually correct them. Or if you ever did. Thanks and I look forward to helping the Army grow!
  20. Ok so after having had a look at everything for the next gen consoles I am going PS4 and i have some good reasons for that. Power now somthing that i noticed on IGN (http://bit.ly/HLLY0r) is that COD:Ghosts runs at 720p on Xbox One but nativly runs 1080p on PS4 now having a look at this comparison chart(Again IGN http://bit.ly/1d5FGCB) we can see the multiple improvements from the PS4 1. Price. Now I live in Australia and for whatever reason all game stuff is more expensive (Games $80) and so the PS4 is $550 and the Xbox One is $600 so there isnt so much of a jump but i know that in America the PS4 is $400 and the Xbox One is $500 So that is a big jump 2. Ram. ok so this is obvious. PS4 8GB DDR5 and Xbox One 8GB DDR3 Ram 3. Subsciption services. Ok for me im sad that PS4 now needs Playstation Plus but unless you like multiplayer you still have access to everything else like Hulu or even a web browser for free but on Xbox You need a Subsription to Xbox live gold to use those things. Also Playstation Plus Has your Instatnt Game Collection where you get tonnes of AAA free game (At the moment http://bit.ly/159R6kE) 4.GPU. ok PS4 has AMD Radeon Graphics core Next Engine With 1152 Shaders Xbox one 853MHz AMD Radeon GPU With 768 Shaders.....PS4 Win 5. Most importantly GAMES ok so these are launch window games (http://bit.ly/1cJ4Haw) PS4 has 9 Extra Exclusives at the moment witch is huge now looking at launch day PS4 mainly has Killzone and Knack and Resogun and Xbox One has Dead Rising, Ryse and Forza. But what people don't seem to see is that PS4 has F2P Launch Games and good ones too, Blacklight Retribution, Warframe and DC Universe Online. Now i think Ryse son of rome looks like a button masshy quick time bore fest. Forza is good for racing fans but dead rising is the only game i am interested in but recently it has been found that it runs 720p at 30fps tututut. PS4 Launch Games (http://bit.ly/1gJ0ToX) Xbox One (http://bit.ly/17SFEha) So there you have it "MY" opinion on next gen this is more a look at the hardware and if you are still Happy to get the Xbox one then more power to you. But till next time SIRTROLLBUSCUS OUT!!!!!!! P.s If you want to read more of my writings please visit http://fjhgames.com/
  21. So at launch i bout BF4 for my Xbox 360 because i had a few more friends who i could play it with tell i upgraded but im not upgrading to Xbone im upgrading to PS4 with isn't to much the part im worried about. The part i am worried about is i had bout Premium with it, yes i bout it at Gamestop and the purchase is on the recite but if i show it to them could i get a new code for PS4? because i didn't realize this tell awhile after.
  22. Greetings everyone. I just wanted some opinions. As someone who is highly invested in destiny and has a presence in the community press scene for the game I have an exceedingly biased opinion. In the knowledge of this I wanted to ask what everyone's thoughts are on the game. Is it a big next step in the FPS genre with matchmaking on the fly, 3 weapons and a huge variety of player abilities or is it just another shooter, made by bungie so arguably a very good one, but nothing that will cause a revolution. thoughts?
  23. Ive gotta say I had my doubts about how CoD Ghosts would look on the new consoles especially on my PS4. Like many people I decided to buy the PS3 version to be able to play with my friends then use the Digital $10 download on PS4 to play on the beautiful Playstation 4. It took awhile to download as the firmware wasnt doing well but it got through. I am amazed how spectacular it looks and feels when I play. 60FPS and fluid movement makes this game great as well as all the game features. Im also a Battlefield fan boy and both are fantastic on ps4. Please share your thoughts on how you feel about theses fantastic games on the greatest console ever made so far.
  24. Hey Soldiers! Im Hurricane, If you like watching CoD Ghosts, and BF4 game play come watch my Twitch Channel. (Not trying to advertise, just wanting to entertain people who love watching game play on twitch) Heres the link, i look forward to chatting with you guys/girls on twitch! http://www.twitch.tv/hurricaneshaneo
  25. I'm curious as to what Next-Gen Platform members of the Angry Army are going to choose. Will you get the PS4, Xbox one or just stick to P.C gaming. Be sure to include why you made your choice.