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Found 382 results

  1. Ok so after having had a look at everything for the next gen consoles I am going PS4 and i have some good reasons for that. Power now somthing that i noticed on IGN (http://bit.ly/HLLY0r) is that COD:Ghosts runs at 720p on Xbox One but nativly runs 1080p on PS4 now having a look at this comparison chart(Again IGN http://bit.ly/1d5FGCB) we can see the multiple improvements from the PS4 1. Price. Now I live in Australia and for whatever reason all game stuff is more expensive (Games $80) and so the PS4 is $550 and the Xbox One is $600 so there isnt so much of a jump but i know that in America the PS4 is $400 and the Xbox One is $500 So that is a big jump 2. Ram. ok so this is obvious. PS4 8GB DDR5 and Xbox One 8GB DDR3 Ram 3. Subsciption services. Ok for me im sad that PS4 now needs Playstation Plus but unless you like multiplayer you still have access to everything else like Hulu or even a web browser for free but on Xbox You need a Subsription to Xbox live gold to use those things. Also Playstation Plus Has your Instatnt Game Collection where you get tonnes of AAA free game (At the moment http://bit.ly/159R6kE) 4.GPU. ok PS4 has AMD Radeon Graphics core Next Engine With 1152 Shaders Xbox one 853MHz AMD Radeon GPU With 768 Shaders.....PS4 Win 5. Most importantly GAMES ok so these are launch window games (http://bit.ly/1cJ4Haw) PS4 has 9 Extra Exclusives at the moment witch is huge now looking at launch day PS4 mainly has Killzone and Knack and Resogun and Xbox One has Dead Rising, Ryse and Forza. But what people don't seem to see is that PS4 has F2P Launch Games and good ones too, Blacklight Retribution, Warframe and DC Universe Online. Now i think Ryse son of rome looks like a button masshy quick time bore fest. Forza is good for racing fans but dead rising is the only game i am interested in but recently it has been found that it runs 720p at 30fps tututut. PS4 Launch Games (http://bit.ly/1gJ0ToX) Xbox One (http://bit.ly/17SFEha) So there you have it "MY" opinion on next gen this is more a look at the hardware and if you are still Happy to get the Xbox one then more power to you. But till next time SIRTROLLBUSCUS OUT!!!!!!! P.s If you want to read more of my writings please visit http://fjhgames.com/
  2. Just stopping by to say hello, If anyone in the angry army wants to add me, I'm on ps3 and getting ps4. I mostly play The Last Of Us, GTA, and will probably be playing a lot of Killzone Shadowfall
  3. Alright guys, Basically just looking for a few people to play battlefield 4 with, none of my friends have it and a decent squad makes alot of difference when trying to win !! cheers PSN NAME: jdcastro93
  4. Do you think it's likely to hear about the game in the near future? Will it be exclusive for the ps4? Is it going to vanish into thin air? I'm really waiting for some announcement in the near future, will it be exclusive? Maybe, only if Sony is still willing to put some money into the project.
  5. Soon to be 21 year old guy from Sweden. Games I play Battlefield 4 on PS3 GTA 5 on PS3 Guild Wars 2 on PC MoH: 2010 on PC Games I will/probably will play ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) on PC COD: Ghost on Ps3 or Ps4 You will find me in all the games as Awrath, except on PS3 and PS4 where I will be named _-_Awrath_-_ (because my friend "borrowed" my nickname)
  6. How does Joe intend on recording the PS4 gameplay footage? I don't think my HD PVR recorder's going to work for this system so i'm very curious how he'll do it... and where I could get said device.
  7. So who is ready to own the Battlefield on PS4?...I know I sure am XD