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Found 382 results

  1. Recently, we have had update 3.0 (Codename Kenshin) released to the public, which has some pretty interesting key features..........but I will not get into all of that, as there is already a topic for it HERE What I want to know from you guys is; What do you want to see in Future PlayStation 4 Updates? Previous generation features, such as: -Friend Online/Offline Notification (with the addition of the XXXXX - Last Online "X Amount" Minutes/Hours/Days Ago). -Creating folders for games to clean up the Home UI. -Ability to appear Busy/Offline. -Custom wallpapers/themes. -Full audio format support on local HDD, not just from an external device. -Avatar (Account Picture) support..........maybe? New (maybe innovative) features, such as: -One button invites (Example - Prompted to press Square to invite to party or game when highlighting someone on your friendslist). -Ability to change the Light Bar colour on the DualShock4. -Automatic background trophy sync (like it is on the Xbox 360/One with achievements). -Automatic refresh/update to the "What's New" tab. -Ability to use the trackpad in the browser. -DualShock4 "Fully Charged" notification. -Vita Remote Play (play your Vita games on PS4, like you can with the PS4 on Vita). -Ability to change Y-axis option under PS4 settings (a feature on the Xbox 360/One for all those inverted gamers, like myself). -Ability to delete Patches/DLC, rather than the whole game. -A Game Playtime tracker on the Home UI. -GIF Creation via the "Share" button. -A UI update, or even a selection of UIs to choose from. These are just some of the ideas I think would be ideal for any future updates. Some of you may agree with them, some of you may completely disagree. I know that we won't have another significant update for a while again, the only thing we are likely to see for the next few months are "Bug/Stability Fixes", which is fine........sometimes, after they go and fuck it all up for a few weeks with the constant crashes, lag to the online portion of games, problems with Party Chat and messaging, FUCKING NAT TYPE ISSUES.......I could go on, but I'll leave that for another time. So let me know what you think of my ideas and why not share some of your own thoughts and Ideas?
  2. Thursday,friday and sunday is the days for the beta. http://starwars.ea.com/starwars/battlefront/news/the-star-wars-battlefront-beta-is-coming-october-8th
  3. Still server browser would have been nice for the AJSA
  4. I'm fucking stoked for this! Gravity rush is probably the best game I've played on a Mobile gaming system. Original, stylish, fascinating world, interesting story and unique, fun gameplay. I heard this through good old AOS and his thoughts pretty much mirror mine exactly; I'd highly recommend getting this when it comes out if you didn't get a chance to play it on PS Vita.
  5. Bloodborne is easily Game of The Year for me, nothing I've played this year had gotten me so deeply enthralled by it, I don't even think Fallout 4 will get as much mileage out of my PS4 as Bloodborne did. Absolutely can not wait for the DLC! So needless to say, this was me this morning....
  6. I didn't see any topic about trophies so I created this. My plan for this page is to gather my fellow trophy hunters (or semi like me) and share tips or stories relating to obtaining certain trophies and such. Take note that i'm not that dedicated though, I only plat games which I really like and hopefully not that time consuming So guys what is your proudest trophy? Mine would probably be TLOU (PS3) and Rayman Origins.
  7. Hi guys i am planning to go to the swedish comic con that takes place this saturday and sunday and If I can find someone in sweden to go with me and tickets will be available at the door, i was wondering if you have any questions you would like me to ask developers on the games from the nordic countries? http://www.mcmcomiccon.com/malmo/nordic-game-universe/ according to this^ website it seems to say that Dice and Battlefront game will be here and you will be able to play the game and talk to them. Other games so far are Dark Souls 3, fifa 16 and maybe the division as well. I will see if i can get an interview either by camera or by paper and will post the interview or interviews here. If you have any questions for these three games please state them below and specify for what game you would want me to ask questions that you would want answers to, as a "Headline". I'm guessing 5 questions would be enough. Like: Battlefront question 1: oops looks like i posted this in forums and games of topic. mean to post this in general discussions. (moved to general)
  8. Give me your opinion guys Games that I bought: Final Fantasy Type 0 HD First Print Edition that comes with FF XV (Bought it for 100 dollars) worth every cent. BlazBlue Chronophantasma Extend (Never played Kokonoe) but I'm interested in how Celica plays. The Witcher 3. Games I'm interested in getting for next month: Sword Art Online Lost Song that comes with Hollow Fragments Re voucher. Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD remastered (never bought it on PS3) Omega Quintet.
  9. Well, I got Limbo for free off PSN (which is absolutely awesome.) And I figured I would record my playthrough for my Brother's and My Youtube Channel. It covers the first 3 chapters of the game, well only about half of 3, so 1-2.5. So now, here's the shameless promotion that came of it! (I mean, that's kinda what this forum section is about, yeah?) And I gotta say, I really enjoyed this game. Even though I most certainly suck at Puzzle games, at least this episode doesn't show that too much. I am looking for feedback, don't hold back. Give me your worst. (I tried to keep most annotations/other writing to a minimum because I didn't want to ruin the atmosphere of the game with a bunch of jokes.)
  10. Why are some devepers still making region locked games. For gamers that have friends in different countries and to communities like the AJSA, players have to divide themselves by regions which is completely ridiculous and it makes the whole experience worse. I noticed that the administrators of the PS4 Planetside 2 were having a lot of problems due to PS2's region lock. It is bad enough that consoles such as the PS4 makes the accounts region locked, so if you move to a different region, well, you just have to get yourself another account. I not only lost all my progress (games and tophies), but also all of the games I got with PS Plus. I would have kept that account, but guess what, you have to have a credit card from that region, so if I wanted to keep that account, I would have to keep a bank account at that country. And once again I am worried due to the fact that in one year, I will have to move again ...
  11. Okay, so I read on a few different occasions (Once on Gamefaqs, a few times on youtubes and once or twice on reddit.) that a Demon's Souls Remaster was planned after Dark Souls III. Though, I can't find a single solid/official post on the matter. Being naturally skeptical, I'm not getting my hopes up however I was curious if anyone knew anything about it. Personally, I think a Demon's Souls remaster would be amazing! It's my favourite souls game, but unfortunately I didn't really play it until like two years ago. I didn't have a ps3 and didn't know anyone with one. I was hoping I would just be able to play it on my ps4 but apparently I can't. Why not just put the original in the PS Store or something? Seriously though, I just want to get impaled by this lovable asshole again.
  12. Just a bit of a rant about how I feel towards the PS4 so far: So I have had my PS4 for over a year now, and I have to say; I am not really satisfied with this generation of consoles..........yet! So much so in fact, I feel the exact same way with the Xbox One. Sure, I have had fun and lengthy games to play, but nothing all that substantial. Many of the games I have bought over this past year, I have barely finished, not because I am bored of them, but because I just don't feel the need to finish them, or maybe I am bored of them and I am just looking for an excuse to justify my purchase. I find myself using the PS4 to watch YouTube videos, use it for Netflix or to just talk to people via Party Chat, which really doesn't justify my purchase. I chose to buy the PS4 because I am primarily a PlayStation guy (I have had all the PlayStation consoles and have enjoyed them all), but I am a lover of gaming as a whole...........well, until they do something stupid in the industry, which is quite often. I love playing the games that Sony offers us (with the exclusive titles), they have always interested me, some more than others, but they are experiences that you may never get anywhere else. Take Shadow of the Colossus for example, one of my all time favourite games, whether you like the game or not, you cannot play any other game like it because it is unique, even games like Flower, inFamous, Journey, hell, even Uncharted to an extent and many more, all games that you can only play legitimately on a PlayStation console, but so far, I have not entirely enjoyed a PlayStation exclusive as a whole. I love playing BloodBorne, but I found the game a tad too easy and really short (plus the chalice dungeons are incredibly boring in my honest opinion), inFamous: Second Son was a beautiful looking game, but the gameplay was bland and repetitive (the same goes for First Light), Killzone: Shadow Fall was half decent, but the whole game felt like a shallow tech demo for whats to come in the near/distant future, Driveclub...........well, I won't get into that! As for the rest of the games; all very MEH! I know that you can play some really good titles on the PS4, but they're mostly multiplatform, and I can experience them elsewhere, whether it be Triple-A or Indie, or they are games that we have already played last gen, which is good and all but there is nothing out now that is truly great, no real passion and innovating to keep me interested long enough to finish the games they make (sorry for sounding like a selfish douche, but I bet some of you may feel the same way in some shape or form). Maybe my interest with gaming has evolved over the years, just as the industry has........or maybe all the nonsense over the years has made me cynical, I don't know for sure, but what I do know is that I don't feel truly satisfied yet. It may sound like I am moving on from gaming, but I am just as passionate about video games as I was ten years ago. I love the stories about the development behind the games they make (like what the show in Indie Game The Movie), I love to talk about the games I see, play or hear about, whether it be online or amongst friends, I watch a substantial amount of video game related content such as theories, let's plays, previews, podcasts and so on. I love to go back and play some of my all time games such as the Metal Gear series, so it is clear that I am not losing my passion for the industry, it just feels like the industry is losing its passion for the industry..........well at least I see it that way, especially in the console space. Well at least I have Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain to look forward to, but until then, well, who knows what, I may find something that will justify my purchase..........or maybe not, just first world problem of being a PS4 owner I guess. TL;DR - I don't feel that my purchase of the PS4 was truly worth it yet.
  13. I just got my PS4 in and I load up after to configuring everything to get this error everytime I open the Store. (This service is currently undergoing maintenance (E-82000IF7) I've been trying solutions that I've read online but so far nothing has permanently worked. A few times I've been able to click something and it will stay but as soon as I back out it just happens again. Somewhat frustrating, I just need to activate PSN so I can play Bloodborne... (BB is currently updating, Don't know if that would affect it in anyway.) Apparently after going to the support in the PS fourms, The services are actually down since 10:30 PDT. PSN Status
  14. Yo so I've created chars for genudine and Palos, Ive leveled both a substantial amount. Now I'm told were playing on crux FML well I guess I'll create yet another one but man if we switch to searhus or xelas it better be on here fast cut I don't want to waste more time on useless characters.
  15. With E3 being soon, Rumor are has it that Dark Souls 3 might be announced. With this reveal many would expect a 'Souls' game to be mulyiplatform as all the other ones were. And yet here lies the problem: Bloodborne. Bloodborne is the most recent 'Souls' game, (don't pretend like it isn't) and yet it is also available to only a third of it's potential player base. If there were to be a multiplatform Dark Souls 3,it would be essentially competing with...itself aka Bloodborne. I know they're different games but they're both 'Souls' games and both made by the same company, and you can be sure Sony has an interest in keeping 'Souls' games exclusive, which brings up this dilemma. A fractured player base and competiting games that are both technically part of the same franchise.
  16. just polling the forums to see who all has access to PS2 beta (US/EU) since not all of us are in the ps4 chat. throw up your PSN, IGN/faction (if you run multiple characters) and what server you play on. PSN: noobpownin09 IGN: noobpownin09 TR US
  17. http://blog.us.playstation.com/2015/05/26/introducing-ps-plus-specials-exclusive-sales-for-plus/ Starting today till the 1st of June, the PS Store will have some special discounts for PS+ members. There are some very noteworthy games, like Bloodborne and Helldivers.
  18. So I had have received two codes for the planet side 2 beta and have decided to give one away as I do not need two. First person to pm me will receive it if they want it. Comment here if you have pm'd me.
  19. Still no email with a beta key. Suuuuuuuck. If anybody applied for a second or spare key hit me up Idd love to get on an kick ass with everybody. I played allot of PS2 on PC. Dose anything transfer over from your PC account? Because I have a Character in each class with allot of upgrades. I doubt it but it would be awesome if we could transfer characters
  20. Victory, Mortal Kombat X NA Tournament begins April 26th. We called upon the PlayStation 4 Community to enter in Kombat. We've accepted your entries, Seven Fighters stand now. Only one can Klaim Victory! VICTORY TOURNAMENT TIMES AND STREAM These are the times Victory Tournament will begin. Understand Victory Tournament will go on throughout all of Sunday. It ends when the last fighter is left standing and Klaims Victory. If your time is not listed below and need help converting times, private message Commander WITHASTICK to help find out your time. STREAM: http://www.twitch.tv/jaysons_rage EST - 3:00 pmCST - 2:00 pmPST - 12:00 pmGMT- 8:00 pmVICTORY'S REWARD In the Mortal Kombat X Victory Tournament there can only be one Victor. None but the Victor will be left standing in the end, and all others will lie dead at his feet. As is befitting of triumphing over all opponents, the Victor will receive the one and only Mortal Kombat X Angry Army Ribbon and the prestige which comes with it. They, and only they, will Klaim Victory!
  21. I am a massive Skyrim fan and I remember the disappointment we all felt from the initial release of Elder Scrolls Online. However it's worth taking a look and seeing that right now they have fixed a lot of problems with the game and they have a massive update coming up before the console release. Also, FREE TO PLAY!!!!!! they still have a membership service but its not required to play the game and everything thats not DLC that you can buy with real money you can get for free in the game naturally eventually. My question is simple, to Joe and the rest of the angry army. Will you guys be getting or continuing to play Elder Scrolls online and do you recommend it to someone who has not gotten the game yet?
  22. For those of you who don't know, I have been quite into doing videos for the AJSA. For those of you who participate in events like Game Night among other things, I won't say no to more content to work with and more projects to work on. The video below this post explains how you can get your videos off of your PS4 and sent to me. If you have a project for me, let me know! If you want me to work on something, but not put it on my channel, that's fine! Just let me know beforehand. And as long as I get some credit for editing the video all is good brah. So, without any further ado, here is my tutorial for retrieving your PS4 gameplay videos.
  23. Borderlands: The Handsome Collection has been announced by 2K. The game includes Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel along with a brand new split screen mode. 2K Games announced the collection earlier. Dubbed the The Handsome Collection, it comes with Borderlands 2 and the Pre-Sequel. A new, first for the series, four-player local split screen mode will also be included . The new game allows you to transfer your saves from the old-gen versions to the new-gen one, within the same console family. The package comes with all released add-on content, and launches March 27. Have a look at the trailer below:
  24. http://assets.ign.com/videos/zencoder/416/1e5c19a47a4beeea60cfd96dbafc19ea-110000-1425396954.mp4 After watching this... yeah, this is one we're waiting for a long time. Ground Zeroes was just the warm up. The Phantom Pain is the main course. EDIT: An article in regards to MGSV confirms that the release date for the game is September 1st and it'll also be THE LAST Metal Gear game he'll work on. http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2015/03/03/hideo-kojima-confirms-metal-gear-solid-v-the-phantom-pain-release-for-september.aspx