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  1. Will the latest instalment of the Deus Ex franchise be a diner date with the Terminator or a bit of a block head? Angry Joe shares his thoughts!
  2. Yo-kai Watch 2 Bony Spirits & Fleshy Souls Review - A Review by Jose Vega Special thanks to Nintendo for providing me these games. Pokémon… it’s a franchise that revolutionized the world since the 1990s. There have been many that tried to capitalize on the franchise success but none would ever come close. In 2013, a game called Yo-kai Watch would be released in Japan, ending up becoming a huge success. From its success, many things would spawn from it such as an ongoing animated series as well as a manga series, two animated films and it would eventually be brought overseas in 2015. The rest is history. Now a year later, we in America now get to enjoy the sequel to Yo-kai Watch. This is Yo-kai Watch 2 and it seems the game is following the Pokémon route, splitting this experience into two games. Does this divide the overall experience or is Level-5 believing that this is the best way to go? Before I continue with this review, I do want to say that I never played any of the Yo-kai Watch games. This is my first time and my review reflects on this. Let’s begin with the plot. It starts with an unknown force wiping away the memories of the main protagonist Nathan “Nate” Adams. What follows are events that have been relived in the previous game but with an unexpected twist. After reuniting with some Yo-kai that Nate encountered before, Nate along with his new friends set off on another adventure. I don’t want to spoil anything relating to the plot but I feel that the story can get a bit crazy. There are twists and turns that will send you all over the place. And for anyone that has never played a Yo-kai Watch game, they may get lost. You don’t have to worry. Everything will feel spot on as you play. Take it from me. I got hooked into the game a few hours in. If a game like that has something that can get you hooked, it’s a win in my book. Now I know what you’re going to say, “This game is a rip off of Pokémon” right? Guess what. Wrong. It’s not. It may have a similar way to Pokémon but this is Yo-kai Watch and it has stuff that sets itself apart. The game is split into two sections: Exploration and battle. You’ll be spending an equal amount of time doing both, trekking all over town, finding and battling Yo-kai, obtaining items and completing quests. Your Yo-kai Watch is a very important item to have. You need it in order to find the many Yo-kai that are located. They come in a variety of ranks, attributes and tribes. No, I’m actually serious. That’s how things work but you’re more concerned about how battling works. I’m getting to that so hang on a bit. The game follows a chapter-based system and in order to move on to the next chapter, you need to complete quests. Quests come in three different categories: Important, Requests and Favors. Important Quests are ones that when completed will allow you to continue the main story of the game. Requests are one-time jobs provided by anyone that has a blue “!”. Favors are like Requests but they have an orange “!” and can be done as many times as you like. Completing any of these nets you rewards ranging from money, experience, items or to even raise your Yo-kai Watch Rank. It’s needed if you want to continue on with the game but it never hurts to complete them. Battles happen in real time the instant the battle begins. Your party can have up to a maximum of 6 Yo-Kai and how you go about it depends on how you play. But you can only have 3 on the field. See it as like a Triple Battle but you don’t give them orders. They do their thing. Your job is a bit more on the micro managing side, courtesy of the Yo-Kai Watch. You can do many things such as healing Yo-kai with food, rotating Yo-kai out for other ones and activate Soultimates. Whenever a Soultimate is activate, you need to do a mini game on the bottom screen to fill up the gauge. When it’s charged, the Yo-Kai can unleash a special attack with various properties. In this sequel, it gets taken up a notch with the addition of Moxie. Once you receive an upgrade to your Yo-Kai Watch, you’ll have the option to get access to these powered-up Soultimates. The only difference is that you need 3 Soul Gauges to pull it off. It’s a high risk/high reward move and it can turn the tide of battle. My advice is to use it only when necessary. Boss battles are aplenty in this game and unlike regular battles; these have some strategy involved so you’ll need a good combination of Yo-kai to help take down these threats. Sometimes they’ll have something that you need to target and other times they can inflict some nasty problems at you. You need to use the Yo-kai Watch to either target said thing or to use Purify to rid the curse away from the Yo-kai. It rewards you for doing it, making this a required thing to do and sometimes you need to poke enemy Yo-kai at specific areas to get rewards. Another difference between this game and Pokémon is that in order to get more Yo-kai, you need to befriend them aka earning their trust. You do that by giving them food. In addition to Yo-kai having various characteristics, they also have varying tastes. Depending on the Yo-kai you’re up against, you’ll need the right food to earn their trust. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t. It’s all trial and error. It’s also time consuming too because even if you give them something that they may like you a ton for, they won’t always befriend you. As I said, it’s luck based and if you plan on befriending Yo-kai, you’ll need the right food for the right one. Some instances, you may need to evolve Yo-kai in order for them to be stronger and other times, you need to use Fusion by combining Yo-kai with specific medals or items. There are many combinations and it can take a lot of work. I did mention that this game is split into two right? Yes. There are two versions of the game: Fleshy Souls and Bony Spirits. There isn’t much in terms of differences between the two. The story is the same but depending on which version you play will have you meeting Yo-Kai that are exclusive to it. Combined, there are over 300 Yo-kai you will encounter, befriend and battle with. A game like this that has so many Yo-kai to find will take you hours, even after beating the game. The post game that follows is just as long. It’s something that is worth spending a lot of time on. If that isn’t enough to convince you, there’s more. Like Pokémon, you can battle or trade with your friends locally or online. It adds more to the game’s content along with many other modes. Exclusive to both versions is Yo-kai Watch Busters where four players can choose a Yo-kai to battle against dangerous Oni Yo-kai. There is so much to do here that it’s incredible. The story can take roughly around 15-20 hours if that’s your focus but if you plan on covering everything, finding all the yo-kai, completing quests, mini games, etc. then let’s just say that the overall length explodes into hundreds of hours. I am not kidding. It is nuts. Only the most dedicative of players will be pouring a lot of time and skill into finding every Yo-Kai that’s in both versions. Presentation wise, the game looks amazing on the 3DS. Truly awesome! Character models are well done. The environments are vibrant, full of life and they provide something different depending on location. Music is well done with my favorites being during battle as they provide a sense of intensity to the fight. There are cut scenes in some parts of the game and they capture the feel of the franchise real well. It’s like you’re watching the anime and I’m going to give it credit. The dub for it is good especially since they did bring some good talent like Johnny Yong Bosch of Power Rangers fame. I’m going to be 100% fair. I did find some faults in the game. The difficulty curve is fair but there’ll be times where the game can throw a curve ball at you and put like a real tough threat in your face and wipe your whole party out in minutes. Training is a good thing but it’ll get to a point where it can be a grind, just to take down something that drives you nuts for hours on end. Also the battle system is similar to the first game. That’s not to say its bad but I wish they added something unique to make it stand out. Nothing wrong with it but the least the game can do is to give the player a bit of leverage. Another nitpick I got is like I said, trial and error when it comes to befriending Yo-kai. It can happen especially when you don’t have the required food to use to befriend them and you end up using something you have one of that would work but doesn’t. It can be disappointing but it also convinces you that you need to prepare more. It isn’t pretty. Issues aside, Yo-kai Watch 2 provides an awesome experience with both Bony Spirits and Fleshy Souls. It’s weird that they decided to split the game into two versions but with so much to do, it’s hard not to deny that having it all in one game won’t cut it. It won’t at all. New players will get on this game quick while veterans will spend all their time finding every Yo-kai that’s there. I could go on and on about how good the game is but I’ll say it here. This guy is worth the full price and it’s something I recommend. If you feel that Pokémon isn’t giving you enough of an experience, try these games. You’ll find it to be something that has it stands out over others. Now if only Level-5, the same guys that give us the Layton series of games can give us the third version of Yo-Kai Watch 2 or maybe the third game. Who knows? Nothing’s for sure. I give Yo-kai Watch 2 Bony Spirits and Fleshy Souls a 9 out of 10. These two games are a MUST BUY and they deserve Angry Joe's BAD-ASS Seal of Approval. If you want to see more info in relation to Yo-kai Watch including detailed walkthroughs, guides on obtaining specific Yo-kai or anything else in general, please be sure to check out the Yo-kai King himself, AbdallahSmash026’s YouTube Channel: http//www.youtube.com/user/AbdallahSmash026
  3. Paper Mario: Color Splash Review – Written by Jose Vega Special thanks to Nintendo for providing me a copy of this game. Paper Mario is a franchise that had some ups and downs. It started as an RPG series that were hits on the N64 and GameCube before going into a different direction on the Wii with Super Paper Mario and then abandoning what made it good in favor of something that turned everyone off with Sticker Star for the Nintendo 3DS. Now we have a new Paper Mario game and unfortunately, it has been under controversy due to it following the formula of the previous game. So much so that videos relating to it would be the most disliked on Nintendo’s YouTube channel. However the game had been released by accident two weeks early and people got to experience it. I got my chance to play the latest entry in the series. The question’s this: Will Color Splash be a repeat of Sticker Star or is this a game that’s worth the moniker of “Paper Mario”. Let’s start with the plot because that’s the one thing you should probably wonder about this game. It centers on Mario, who along with Peach and a Toad head to Prisma Island after they receive mail that came in the form of a color-deprived Toad. What they find is a place that has been devoid of color and with it life on the island. Upon encountering a strange bucket named Huey, they soon learn that someone has been draining color from the island and using it as a means of destruction. So Mario now must travel all over Prisma Island and seek out the Paint Stars in order to bring life back to this once vibrant island. I am going to give Nintendo credit. This is a story that I can get behind. Sticker Star’s story was just nonexistent whereas here, it always has incentive. It made you want to see what became of the island, its inhabitants and what can you do to help out. The story can be quirky with the dialogue and I love that. It makes the game good and it's a step in the right direction. I don’t know if it can be the same for the rest of the game itself. Let’s find out. One of the biggest controversies this game has had was its gameplay. Yes, the gameplay is similar to that of Paper Mario: Sticker Star. A lot of people hated it due to its simplicity and the fact you needed to use stuff like stickers to attack during battle. With Paper Mario: Color Splash, that’s out the window. The theme is of course, paint and your job in this game is to travel from one area to the next battling enemies, acquiring items and restoring life to said areas by means of using paint. Depending on where you are, you have various options. For example, outside of battle you can jump and use your hammer to hit anything, even enemies. But if you hit something with the X button, you let out paint. Remember: the gimmick here is all about paint and you have to use said paint to restore Prisma Island and it’s many areas. But there’ll be times where you think there’s no way out but in fact, there is. Color Splash has the addition of “Cutout”. Cutout lets you take advantage of your environment and literally lets you cut out a bit of the area to reveal something new. This can lead to some unique results and sometimes hidden goodies. It adds more on the exploration side and gives you an incentive to find every hidden spot and obtain its secrets. In battle, everything is like Sticker Star but with some differences. Instead of stickers, you have cards. I do like the mechanics in this game better because you use cards to deal damage to enemies. Depending on the card, you can either deal damage with your trusty hammer or stomp them flat with some jump attacks. There are many variations and they can help turn the tide of battle if you’re lucky. Also, battles emphasize on how you do it successfully without suffering damage. Doing these net you bonuses like more coins and you’re going to need a lot of coins to get more cards so that you can dish the pain to your opposition. Sometimes you’ll get cards that are devoid of color. You use paint to give it life and in turn use it to attack enemies. Expect to do it a lot since most times you’ll get stuff that have no color. The same can be said for Things. Yes, that’s what they are. Things return in this game and like the previous game, they have a lot of use. Not only that but they have all new ones that can have various results. I like some of the things they included but if you look and at times listen hard enough, there may be some Easter eggs if you can spot them. Speaking of battles, there are boss fights. They’re a plenty as you travel and they’ll need you to plan accordingly and with what you have at your disposal. The game does provide you some hints on what you’ll need to tackle a specific foe. I like it as for new players, it’s a great opportunity. Don’t let your opposition fool you. If you are not prepared, expect to get beat. That’s a fact. Preparedness is key. Even with exploration, battles, there is a lot to do here. There are mini games too in the form of Roshambo. Roshambo is rock paper scissors and your job pretty much is to win. There are Roshambo temples spotted all over the map and your job is to take on each temple and win. Be warned that you’ll be up against foes that will beat you. It comes down not only to a matter of patience but skill. Only the most skilled of players can be able to pull it off and the rewards are high, along with the incentive. Roshambo Temples are also a good opportunity for you to get coins with the max being at 9999. Just like Sticker Star. There’s replay value here in the game and if you want to get 100% and complete everything, you’ll have to spend a lot of time on it… roughly 20 hours or so. At least in this game it’s worth it because the game’s charm helps add to it. Presentation wise, the game is a step up from Sticker Star. Many of the areas you’ll travel are vibrant, full of colors with various different themes. They range from volcanoes where heat is high with bits of red and orange to the beach side and the area fills with lots of blue. It gives the game and its areas a bit of atmosphere. I love it personally and it has you enjoying everything it has to offer. Humor is aplenty in every area. Some bits will make you laugh out loud and other instances they throw stuff that have them break the fourth wall. It’s impressive. I could go on and on but in my honest opinion, it’s a game that’s best enjoyed if you play it yourself. Though if I had any flaws with the game, it’s that the game is using a system that really didn’t work aka Sticker Star style. Had it be using the RPG elements from the old games, it would be a surefire hit. Paper Mario: Color Splash may follow a formula that didn’t work the first time but it makes up for it in various ways. An improved battle system, great story, interesting characters, strong humor and replay value helped give the game a boost it definitely needs. But I can’t help but feel that the Paper Mario franchise should revert back to its roots. I will commend Nintendo for at least trying something different. They did try but unfortunately, you know what they say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Color Splash is an exception because what it offers more than makes up for its shortcomings. This game is a must buy on the Wii U and considering that this console is on its last legs, I recommend it. No doubt about it. This game is worth the full purchase price. I give Paper Mario: Color Splash a 9 out of 10. This game is a MUST BUY and it deserves Angry Joe's Bad-Ass Seal of Approval.
  4. The latest in a now very long of Marvel movie adaptations gives us the mystical and mysterious Doctor Strange with director Scott Derrickson at the helm. This would seem like an unusual choice given that this guy has made almost his entire career out of horror films like Sinister, The Exorcism of Emily Rose and Poltergeist (2015). I do believe that it's this very experience of pulling the audience through the imagery that gives delivers the best aspects of it. I'm no authority on Doctor Strange So I can't say how authentic or faithful it is to the source material. I watched at the local cinema with my sister, brother in law and nephew who (aside from maybe the nephew) know considerably less then even I do. So this is from the perspective of people with only a collective minimal knowledge of this character. The film is a scoring highly with critics with a current 94% approval on Rotten Tomatoes but I think it's the creative imagery that pulling in the high scores because this has more problems then I think most critics are willing to admit and upset the status quo. Most of these come out of Marvel's unrelenting push towards adding as much of it's licence as possible to the already overpopulated Avengers universe, it might have been their only real motivation for making this movie at all! I'm not saying that makes it all bad but I'm getting ahead of myself, lets get to the details spoiler free! TRAILER CAST AND CHARACTERS 7/10 Benedict Cumberbatch takes the lead as Dr. Steven Strange and just like we've come to expect from this Oscar winning talent he is spot on! He is totally believable as this intelligent, brilliant but incredibly arrogant neurosurgeon who in a cruel twist of fate is injured in a car accident requiring surgery that, ironically only he could have performed well enough to allow a complete recovery. The plot is really centered around him and if follows on his expedience of the scenario, so as he see's things that make his question what he knows you feel that you are right there questioning it with him and is performance is defiantly one of the best parts of the film... as for the rest...... They perform their parts well enough but most of them feel unnecessary or horribly miss cast. Tilda Swindon as "The Ancient One" is so clichéd she is almost painful to watch at times! Go back to the trailer and listen to her talk for a few lines...... She sticks to that cryptic, old Yoda master "trailer-esse" for the entire flick! She has managed to make performances like this work when playing a villain like in Narnia but she just wasn't the right choice for this in my opinion. The supporting hero's played by Chiwetel Ejiofor and Benedict Wong fair a bit better who together with Cumberbatch deliver the best jokes of the film. "Benedict Cumberbatch takes the lead as Dr. Steven Strange and just like we've come to expect...spot on! as for the rest......" Rachel McAdams plays a very typical love interest that barley contributes anything to the movie and this is one trend I'm really getting tired off! If a character has literally nothing to contribute other than being an obligatory romantic foil then you would do the audience a huge favor by not including them. Instead dedicate that otherwise wasted screen time to characters that should have more development like in this case the villains whose name's I can't remember. ACTION AND VISUAL EFFECTS 10/10 360/10! Yeah I'm breaking the laws of the universe by rating it like that, but that is pretty much what the film does! If you wanted to see action sequences and CGI effects that give the laws of time and space an even bigger bloody nose than the Matrix, then THIS is the movie experience for you! You'r probably thinking based on the trailers that (like in many films) the best bits have already been spoiled, but they SO aren't, what you have seen in the trailers is barely a taste! The action sequences are exiting, creative, massive and completely insane! "If you wanted to see action sequences and CGI effects that give the laws of time and space an even bigger bloody nose than the Matrix, then THIS is the movie experience for you!" The fight choreography is impressive to, unlike most martial arts action movies that are heavy on CGI it the action is very quick. I don't ever recall any slow-mo expect for a few choice sequences where time is actually being manipulated. It all adds up to segments which are very disorienting for the audience and characters in the right way. At one point my sister couldn't even look because it was such a mind fuck, while my jaw was on the floor! I'd actually say it's worth the price of admission just to see these sequences on the big screen, they are brilliant! STORY 5/10 Now I understand that this is an origins story and has to spend allot of time building up developing this character, but all this really just leads to more build up for future Marvel movies. Outside the amazing action sequences the pacing is quite slow and the story itself doesn't feel very original. In fact it's almost as clichéd as Tilda Swintons performance! "all this really just leads to more build up for future Marvel movies" It's like this movie was just made out of necessity just to get a new face into the Avengers, hell there's even a really stupid end credit bit with Chris Hemsworth (Thor) with a tease for the next Avengers movie. You see Doctor Strange sitting there opposite the God of Thunder discussing how to locate Loki and Odin and bring them back to Asgard. It just go's to showcase how absurd the inclusion of a time bending Mystic in a world already over-populated by Mutants, Super Soldiers and Norse Gods is starting to get, each one of these guys alone is damn near invincible! Does it REALLY need to have every character they have a copyright ownership of! "Oh look! It's a bird! It's a plane! IT'S........" "Superman?" "Were Marvel you Idiot! It's either Rocket Racoon or that guy from Sherlock!" In my opinion Doctor Strange is one marvel character who really should just stand alone especially as the ending is open to the possibility of at least two villains for future sequels. It's clear they were thinking of "Franchise" before they even wrote the first word of this script. Overall the story isn't bad but it definitely could have used a bit more focus on itself rather than marvels release schedule. FINAL SCORE 7/10 Aside from some obsessive ranting this I believe is my first proper review here so let me know what you think and of course leave your own thoughts below!
  5. Hi guys, I take a look at Phantom Leader in my latest Dice Hard episode:
  6. Hi AJSA! Here's a video I made as part of a job application - I review three board games in 60 seconds. Unfortunately I didn't get the job, but didn't want to waste the video so hopefully it'll make one or two of you laugh
  7. Hey guys and gals! James here aka Wade D McGinnis and I have the review for No Man's Sky. A procedural sandbox survival sci-fi game from Hello Games. Check it out and let me know your thoughts on it!
  8. Hey guys and gals! James here aka Wade D McGinnis and today I bring the review to ABZU! This casual swimming adventure comes from the art director behind Journey. Check out the review and let me know your thoughts on it!
  9. Hey guys and gals James here aka Wade D McGinnis! Today, for the second time I bring you another review, Bear With Me. This adventure point and click with a noir style is the first episode to be released. Let me know your thoughts on the review and as always, catch ya next time!
  10. Mighty No. 9 - A Review by Jose Vega Deep Silver didn’t provide me a review copy. Copy received by a special someone as a gift. It was a game almost four years in the making. Four years and almost $4 million were put into this. Keiji Inafune stated that this would be the successor to Mega Man and fans were really excited to play it after the drought that Mega Man fans have gotten since 2011. Cancellations, exclusions, it was a horrible time to be a Mega Man fan. Now it’s 2016 and Mighty No. 9 has finally arrived. Will this be a second coming or will four years and four million dollars end up creating an absolute disaster? Before I explain what the game is about, here’s a little bit of backstory on how Mighty No. 9 came about. In 2010, Keiji Inafune left Capcom to form his own company called Comcept. After he left, Capcom went and cancelled three Mega Man games that were in production, basically burying one of their popular franchises out of spite for the man and causing fans massive outrage. Three years later, Inafune announced Mighty No. 9, made to be as a successor to Mega Man. He opened a Kickstarter with a goal of $900,000 but it would be surpassed to reach $4 million. The success would set off many other Kickstarter campaigns to follow. To reach that amount, they offered a lot of stretch goals such as extra modes, online multiplayer, documentary and various ports. All of them were achieved but it would be a sign that trouble would soon follow. 2014 would be the starting point of that trouble but it isn’t until 2015 was where the trouble began. In January of last year, Inafune made a video saying the game is finished. Three months later, Comcept formed a partnership with Deep Silver and announcing that they would publish the game. The game was delayed till September and it was due to the many ports they promised, including Deep Silver wanting to release a physical version. It then got delayed till February 2016, due to the game’s netcode for some minor modes. It got delayed again for a possible “Spring 2016” release with the blame being on online modes. In reality, it was rumored that the game was made using Unreal Engine 3 and they were unable to make changes. Then they announced that the final release date would be June 21st. Though it was official, things only went from bad to worse. Deep Silver released a trailer promoting the game and it was a massive embarrassment. So much so that Comcept took to twitter and saying that it was unforgivable. Heck even Sonic the Hedgehog’s official Twitter took potshots at it for good measure. The game eventually arrived but even more problems came in. Backers couldn’t get their codes, some ports got delayed and even a version ended up being unplayable. To summarize… it was a disaster. The story is familiar and straightforward. Why I say this? Because it’s basically a cut & paste version of Mega Man’s original story. There are some differences between the two. One difference is that there is no main big bad controlling everything. I won’t spoil it but if you’ve played Mega Man, chances are you’ll find that the story is familiar to you. There’s really not much to say about it and the ending will probably lead to a sequel. Mighty No. 9 is a platforming game, similar to Mega Man in some aspects. You go from point A to point B, shooting enemies and dodging obstacles. At the end is a boss fight and you need to beat the boss to clear the stage. Like Mega Man, in this game you can also obtain new powers after beating the boss. Now this is where I stop cause that’s where the similarities end. Mighty No. 9 has a gimmick that is unique and one of the things that sets it apart from other games. It’s gimmick is absorption. Beck has the ability to absorb enemies when they are weakened. About Beck, his gameplay is similar to Mega Man. He can run, jump, shoot and dash. He can air dash as well, something that Mega doesn't have. But it’s his dash that gives him the option to absorb Xel from enemies. After damaging an enemy, they become different colored data and you need to absorb said enemy to defeat them. You have a set amount of time as the longer you wait, the less of a bonus you get. Doing it immediately will get 100% and start up a combo. Skilled players can pull off combos with ease, provided they don’t get careless. Some enemies also have various color properties. They come in four colors: blue, green, red and yellow. Blue builds up and after absorbing enough, you’ll get an E-tank that can help you recover your health. Green increases speed, red increases attack and yellow increases defense. Combine with the fact you need to obtain combos is efficient. Similar to Mega Man, you take on a boss at the end of the level. You won’t be able to figure out how to beat it at first but it takes practice and with a game like this, sometimes they can be outright unfair. When you beat a boss, you’ll obtain their ability that can be used to take down the next one. In some levels, the boss that you defeat previously will help you make some parts of the level easier. In addition, the bosses aka Mighty Numbers are no pushovers. You need to be real skilled if you want. I also should mention that in one section of the game, you get to play as Call. She’s different from Beck. She can’t absorb Xel but she can crawl through spaces, has the ability to hover and can project an energy shield. The only catch is that she can’t move while using it. Call isn’t that bad but it makes me wish that she can be similar to Beck in some ways. The game has replay value with the inclusion of a character named Raychel aka Ray. Ray is basically the hard mode of the game as playing as her provides a different style of gameplay. She has access to claws that deal close range strikes and a dash attack that can go through anything. The only difference is that you lose health so you need to regain health constantly if you want to last. Beating the game will take you roughly about 2-4 hours and with multiple difficulties can add more hours onto the game. Ray will also add a few more hours as well along with a lot of skill. I’ve already provided my thoughts on the gameplay and personally, it’s good if you’re in for a challenge. Makes me wish it could be spiffed up so the gameplay can be better. However I don’t have anything nice to say regarding the game’s presentation. I don’t, truthfully. It’s downhill from here. Since the game was running on an outdated engine, it ends up being more harm than good. The graphics are terrible, looking like they come from a previous generation or two. Most of the levels don’t have much in terms of atmosphere. They feel bland, lifeless and dull. Not to mention some of the stuff like explosions look lousy. Hell, the explosions look like pizzas and it became a meme of epic proportions. The character models aren’t great either. You can obviously tell that the people behind the game never even bothered to have their mouths move when they talk. They look like puppets. Mighty No. 9 has some talented voice actors but I feel they can’t bring any emotion to the roles they play. I feel bad for them. Call’s voice actor felt lifeless, reminding me of Samus from Other M. That’s all I’m saying about it. I do have a positive though and it’s the music. Some of the songs are very good while others are meh, at best. It’s mixed but at least in some levels, it can give you a bit of reprieve. Also the game has its issues, many issues depending on what console you play them in. The Wii U version has the worst of it with frame rate issues, long load times and in some cases, the game can outright brick your console. It was fixed with a patch but not for the others. PS4 doesn’t have any of these issues and the load times are shortened to around 15 seconds. It’s acceptable at best. The level design is all over the place and even though they relate to the environment they’re in, it still feels poorly done, which can lead to some unfair instances. Oh and there’s online play. Yeah. Online implementation is the reason why this game had been delayed multiple times and even then, they can’t even fix it. I never tried it and from what I’m hearing, it isn’t good. There are races, co-op and the like but the online is bugged and broken. Sometimes they don’t work and can really be problematic. Personally they should have just released it first and then put time toward fixing the online and making it work. Since it doesn’t, it only hinders the game even more. Inafune said it himself that the game is better than nothing. That is true but there’s no excuse for how the game is now. Four years and four million dollars went into this and what we got is a game that has a lot of promise but fails in everything else. The graphics are medicore, voice acting is a letdown despite having big name talent, unfair and uninspiring level design, broken online, long load times and a plethora of other issues hinder this game. However the game has solid gameplay, good music and a good amount of replay value with the different characters. Was this a full price game at around $50-60, I would judge it harshly. I am not however since the game is available at around $20-30, with cross play if its on a Sony console. Mighty No. 9 did have a lot of good ideas. It had a lot of potential to be a worthy successor to Mega Man and if the game had more time to be polished or maybe have better advertising then it would have been a success. Unfortunately it didn’t and I feel that four years and four million dollars contributed to one of the most disappointing games of 2016. For what it’s worth, I enjoyed this game but I wish it could have been better. I wish it could have but this is what we got. I give Mighty No. 9 a 5 out of 10. Do I recommend this game to anyone? No. Unless they want to see for themselves how much of a train wreck this is. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to play some Azure Striker Gunvolt, in preparation for the sequel.
  11. Hey guys and gals James here aka Wade D McGinnis! This week has been crowded with reviews and releases. At this point I am pretty sure I may get a temporary ban due to the amount of threads I have made this week. If that does not happen then I have a new review, I am Setsuna. This JRPG hearkens back to the golden era of JPRGs. Whether it does that well, check out the video and let me know your thoughts in the comments!
  12. After all this time waiting you do a f***in video on umbrella corps and not Doom? WTF is happening to this show. While I love the honest and great reviews and I know about the delay on costumes, putting that game before Doom a long anticipated for so many years game that's been out for a while now get's put on the back burning for Umbrella Corps? WTF Joe, there's a youtube video ready to upload just on why you put Doom on the back burner for Umbrella Corp, and trust me that will not be a good video review. A sad :-( and angry >:/(no pun intended) viewer.
  13. Hey guys and gals James here aka Wade D McGinnis! Today I bring another review. Headlander. Double Fine and Adult Swim's take on metroidvania style game play with a 70's sci-fi era. Check out the video and let me know your thoughts! Side note, been hammering these out I know but mixed with games I bought/played and embargoes dropping, made this week crowded!
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  17. Hey guys and gals James here aka Wade D McGinnis and today I have the review for The Room Two for PC! Been working on Song of the Deep and I am Setsuna so expect those out in the next couple of days. Let me know your thoughts on the Room Two! As always, catch you next time!
  18. Hi guys, been experimenting with how I cover games recently and decided to try something a little different for Jotun and Until Dawn. I've linked in the videos below, any feedback you could give would be appreciated. So what do you think of this format? An have any of you played Jotun or Until Dawn yet? What do you think?
  19. Hi everyone, here's my latest Dice Hard video. This one is a little different, I'm comparing two big name co-operative games. This video also gets a little... weird in the middle. Let me know what you think
  20. Hey guys and gals James here aka Wade D McGinnis and this week I give you the review of Inside from the creators of Limbo. This 2.5D puzzle platformer will surely shock you if not outright make you scratch your head wondering what you just played. Let me know your thoughts on Inside. Whether you enjoyed the journey or felt cheated at the end?
  21. Hi AJSA, In the latest episode of Dice Hard I take a look at Lords of Waterdeep: Any of you peeps played this one? What do you think?
  22. Shagger Says... Review The last time I did one of these big, written reviews was on what is considered to be one of this games biggest rivals, Rise of the Tomb Raider, but having now played this game, I find it actually has at least as much in common with something else... ...Given that these two games were made buy the same people, I shouldn't really be surprised, nor should anyone be pessimistic because a blend of Rise of The Tomb Raider and The Last of Us sounds great right! Aaahhhhhhh..... this is the part I'm gonna piss someone off. Better get ready... Oh, That's snug! It doesn't matter wether you compare this to The Last of Us or Rise of the Tomb Raider, this is NOT as good as either of those games! I'm sorry, it just isn't! Now don't get wrong, Uncharted 4 is a great game and I enjoyed it immensely, no game than can glue me to the sofa for 18 hours over two days isn't great, but as much as I like liked this game, it lacks in certain important areas that I think a lot of people either don't notice or ignore. Still, to calm down the people already sharpening their pitchforks, lets start with the good stuff. When I reviewed Rise of the Tomb Raider I thought that game was stunning, and it is, but this next gen effort from Naughty Dog make Rise' look it's being played on a broken ass 70's TV smeared with KY jelly! This is by a country mile the best looking game I've ever played. I barely even know where to start. It's like every single pixel in this game had someone spend several minutes contemplating wether that was the right placement and color for it. It's actually a little disappointing that the game isn't as open as some other games so you can check out more of the amazing environments and locations you see. The game is rightfully proud of the environments and setting, they're gorgeous, enhanced by great draw distances with very sharp textures from both far away and close up. There's also a great deal of life and non-player related actions going on with little animals scurrying about in the corner of your eye, the grass and leaves and other aspects of the world moving around naturally. The best part is the fantastic photo mode is back from The Last of Us: Remastered so one can capture these amazing places in a fun and creative way. The character models and animations are so realistic and natural looking, no doubt due to the same kind of capture animation work we saw in The Last of Us. It's not overly cinematic though, this still feels like a game throughout, it's just and incredibly detailed, almost photo-realistic one. Allot is borrowed from The Last Of Us in other ways too with basically the same dynamic, usually hidden UI and a natural view of documents and Drake's Journal. This is important in what is a very story-focused game to break tandem as little as humanly possible and Naughty Dog have proven yet again they are the kings. The game also runs like a dream. No FPS problems, crashes or glitches to report, it's just beautifully crafted. I mean fuck it! in this regard, this game deserves the Spinal Tap treatment! 11/10 Now, I'm not gonna spend to much time on this for two reasons. One, it'll be very hard to go into any detail at all without leaving spoilers and two, being from the same people that brought you The Last of Us, you know what to expect. Think National Treasure except longer, better, not stupid and without Nicolas Cage (Although I have to admit that I'm not sure if that last one is a positive or a negative.) and that's basically the idea. The good thing is that one doesn't need to know anything about the previous Uncharted games to follow this story, but there is plenty of fan service for those that have played them. Nathan Drake now retired from, well, being Nathan Drake, is drawn back into seeking a long lost pirate treasure to pay off a dept left buy his brother Sam... and that's about all I can say without spoiling anything, so I'll just move on. The story isn't that groundbreaking, but like in The Last of Us it's told in such a believable way with very character driven, natural writing and superb voice acting is what makes the game so addicting, you simply don't want to put it down and wait 'till tomorrow to see what happens next. I don't find the lure in this as interesting as The Last of Us, and I wouldn't say the story is actually better than Rise of the Tomb Raider either, just better told with more focus and better developed characters, it's just an undeniably engrossing storytelling experience that rivals just about any game, movie or TV show I've seen and is actually my favorite part of the game. This is what you're paying for with this game and it's where most of the value comes from. 9/10 Wait, let check something first... Yep, still fits. You know how I said this game isn't as good as Rise of the Tomb Raider? Yes, of course you do, you're still sharpening your pitchfork. Well, I say that because despite Uncharted 4 being better in looks and story, it is inferior where it's most important, the actual gameplay. Now, this is a good game to play, don't get me wrong, but my problems are not so much with what's here and more with what isn't. Think about it; Leveling Mechanics The Last of Us : Use herbs in the world as a kind of currency to upgrade stat's and abilities. Rise of the Tomb Raider : Earn XP from story missions, side activities, collectibles and enemy kills to acquire skill points to purchase new skills from 3 different skill trees. Between Rise of the Tomb Raider and The Last of Us, this is the superior system. Uncharted 4 : Nothing. Upgrade/Crafting Mechanics The Last of Us : Gather parts and salvage from the world to improve your weapons in a number ways. One can also create other items that share common ingredients and given resources are limited, so you have to decide what upgrades matter most. Objects found in the world can be actively modified and used as weapons. Rise of the Tomb Raider : Hunt and scavenge to find materials, components, salvage, animal pelts another resources that, like in The Last of Us, share common purposes so you have to choose what weapons and craft items are the most valuable to you. Again like The Last of Us you can make weapons out of objects lying around. There is more variety to the crafting and upgrade mechanics overall in Rise of the Tomb Raider compared to The Last of Us, so this is again the superior system. Uncharted 4 : Nothing I'm not saying that every game has to have these kinds of mechanics, I'm just making a point that when The Last of Us, a game that clearly provides allot of the DNA for Uncharted 4 has these ideas and it's big (timed) exclusive rival on Xbox, Rise of the Tomb Raider also has such mechanics and takes them even further improving on it's predecessor significantly, it really bugs me that there is actually so little here. Uncharted 4 is way more linear than Rise' so offers way less room to explore it's undeniably beautiful world, so it feels like a bit of a wasted opportunity. I know some of you may be thinking "Why does it have to be like Tomb Raider anyway? You don't to explore in every game of this type" and you know, I'd agree with you, if it wasn't for this; Why does it have a crappier version of the same treasure collection and inspection mechanic as Tomb Raider? Besides, none of these objects are interesting. There's no good description of what they are or where they came from, they don't tie into the game story nor the environment in which you find them and whilst you can roll them around and look at them you can't learn anything additional about them like you can with some of the relics in Tomb Raider. Worst of all, because there's no leveling mechanic for this system to tie into, there's no meaningful incentive to even bother collecting them in the first place. This is a half-assed, tacked on, copy-cat mechanic that serves no purpose. Do yourselves a favor, if you play Uncharted 4 and see something blinking on the ground, ignore it, it's just there to waste your time. Both Tomb Raider and Uncharted 4 use similar 3rd person platforming and climbing mechanics and whilst these are superb in both games, Uncharted I just don't find as fun because the controls are slower and feel more fussy and there is less options for movement. In Rise', one can use climbing axes on walls and ice, swing and climb on ropes, rope slide, use climbing arrows along with the usual normal run, climb and jump stuff. In Uncharted, there's a rope you can hook onto things to climb and swing from and a spike you push into a wall that's basically a slower, more cumbersome version of the climbing axes from tomb raider, and that's about it. You can't even sprint for God sake! That's becoming a pet peeve of mine. Why do so many games not have this? Even The Last of Us had a sprint button! Why use The Last of Us engine as backbone for this when you take out so much of the good stuff? You drive a car and a boat at times in the game, but there isn't much to say. The car is allot of fun being a 4x4 and you can winch things and I wish there was more of that. Combat is a similar story. Again, there's nothing really wrong it in Uncharted 4, it's fantastic in fact, but there's just less to it. You can hold two weapons at a time and swap them for guns you pick up, so in this regard it plays like a typical modern 3rd or 1st person shooter. The shooting mechanics are great, the guns have punch and you can feel the variety in them thanks partly to some superb sound design and realistic visual recoil. The enemy AI is well programmed and even on the stranded difficulty the game is decent challenge, so a point there against Rise' where you have to play "Seasoned Raider" for it to be the same level. Despite that, I prefer Rise' because there's a better variety of enemies, especially if you count the hunting mechanics, a choice of four class of weapons you can switch to at any time including stealth weapons, something Uncharted 4 doesn't have outside of multiplayer. Speaking of stealth, everything is perfectly fine in Uncharted. Nothing we haven't seen before in other games so I'm not gonna go to far into it, but compare to The Last of Us it's a downgrade as stealth was such a huge part in that game and compared to Rise' there's less incentive to use it as you so often sneak past a group of enemies, find you target zone is choke point where it's impossible not to be spotted, so you have to battle all the enemies you just snuck past from a corner. No, that happend to me all time, so it can't be a coincidence. Another thing that happend to me at least 3 or 4 times is enemies spawning behind me at checkpoints. Like most games, the sections of the game have automatic checkpoints you go back to when you die to replay that section. The combat and platforming sections in Uncharted 4 are pretty long, and that's fine, and thus have checkpoints within them. The thing is though during some of the combat sections I start a checkpoint somewhere in the middle of the combat section and I find the enemies that I killed to get there have re-spawned behind me! One point in particular after dying I found myself under attack from RPG's and Assault rifles ahead of me with 3 guys behind attracting with guns in a pincer! So, because I died the first time trying to take on the RPG group that was hard enough, I then have to fight that group plus the group I took out to get their in the first place while unfairly out flanked. So as you my have guessed, I had to re-play this section over and over in haze of frustration. I was really impressed by the melee combat at first with all the double take downs I was pulling off in the prison fight and all that but my joy was short lived as I began to realize the games superb animations are cover for how scripted the melee combat really is. The Last of Us, again, was better in this regard in my opinion, it's just felt more real. Rise of the Tomb Raider's melee combat isn't great, in fact it's worse, but at least I felt I had control over it and that game doesn't focus on melee that much. The combat is broken up buy a number of puzzle sections. Now, there isn't much to say here either, they're relatively easy and aside from story tie-ins, not that memorable. The Tombs In Tomb Raider I prefer because it's a similar level of problem solving along with a dynamic test of reflexes and ability to negotiate platforms as well. The game does claw back points with the multiplayer. Here, the game feels faster and more fluent with good verticality and movement. The games fine gun combat serves well here to and employs a kind of MOBA style in match purchasing mechanic to obtain more powerful weapons and abilities for a short time. This looks very promising to me at the moment, but I've not played that much of it yet, so I'll have to play a bit with it and update this part of the review. If anyone want's to give their input on the multiplayer let me know because I think having others input is helpful to cover the bases. It is better the Rise of The Tomb Raider here given the fact Rise of the Tomb Raiser has no multiplayer... so yeah. Multiplayer aside, my thoughts on the gameplay are this. They did what was adequate and said, "That'll do". It's a very enjoyable game, but I was just expecting so much more for a hyped, modern, big budget adventure from a developer that I know can do much better than this. Good gameplay mechanics, but half in quantity of what you'd want from a game like this, really only one way to score the game in this regard. 5/10 Final Verdict There's no denying I liked this game and will continue to enjoy it through the multiplayer, but having enjoyed the very similar Rise of the Tomb Raider and Naughty Dog's previous big hitter The Last of Us so much more I have felt a little let down. The fairly bare game mechanics made the game more frustrating and tedious that it needed to be. I actually wish I had played the game on it's lowest difficulty to enjoy what it did best. It's amazing looks and wholesomely engrossing storytelling experience bolster it up, but on a foundation of bare bones, albeit well executed gameplay mechanics gives me little incentive to play through it again other than for the multiplayer. Maybe it was wrong to build my exceptions of the backs of two games I love as much as Rise of the Tomb Raider and The Last of Us, but one can't deny the omissions in Uncharted 4 any more than one can deny it's beauty. I was gonna go for 6/10, but decided that what the multiplayer shows in promise is worthy of giving the game the benefit of the doubt. So, overall...
  23. Kirby: Planet Robobot – A Review by Jose Vega Bought my copy for the sake of both the review and playthrough. . The question is, will this game follow the adage or will it decide to do something no one would expect? That’s something you guys already know.Kirby: Planet RobobotThere’s an old adage we always say… “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. It means that if something is successful or effective, there’s no need to change or replace it. That’s what it is with the Kirby series of games. Every Kirby game is always the same and that’s a good thing. What else is there other than playing with a pink puffball that can take abilities from his foes and use ‘em against them? Nothing. That’s what. But it isn’t the case with this game here, Stories in Kirby games are mostly minor at best but they seem to help the player provide something to get behind. In this case, Planet Robobot’s story involves an outside force invading Planet Popstar, referring to them as the Haltmann Works Company. Using the Access Ark as their base, they are able to invade the planet and mechanize it with machinery. Not even the likes of King Dedede and Meta Knight were able to stop this evil force. Upon waking from his nap, Kirby sees what had become of his home. So he decides to do something about it and heads off to send the invaders back to where they came from. I’ll be fair. This story is simplistic, as it is for a Kirby game. It doesn’t need to be overly dramatic to make it good. It’s all straight forward. Fortunately as you play through story mode, you’ll meet other characters and be able to piece everything together. I won’t spoil anything but by the time you beat this, the story gets serious but it does leave you feeling relieved. I don’t mind it since all story in Kirby games make you feel like being in the world they live in and feeling you should do something. If you played any previous Kirby games since their inception, you can guess how this game’s going to be. But for anyone who has never played a Kirby game, here’s the lowdown on what you should expect. The game’s a side-scrolling platformer. You play as Kirby, a pink puffball and you use him to reach from point A to point B, while contending with various threats. Simple right? Wrong. Kirby needs to use all his skills in order to reach the end. One of his most useful powers is the ability to suck in enemies and spit them out as projectiles. Sometimes you can swallow some enemies and in turn, you get the option to copy their ability. It’s what makes Kirby what he is. He’ll take what you throw at him and send it right back at ya! There are a total of 27 different abilities Kirby can wield against his enemies, providing many possibilities for you to take down your opposition. Some abilities are exclusive via Amiibo. I’ll explain that in a bit. Anyway the game’s main gimmick centers on the Robobot Armor. You get your hands on it early in the game and believe me, it makes exploring the game that much sweeter. In addition to dishing out punch attacks, a double jump and a dash, by scanning specific enemies, the armor can transform giving you access to the scanned power. There are a total of 12 different forms the armor can adapt. Some examples include Fire, giving the armor directional flamethrowers and a fire dash, Spark that can be used to fire short blasts or it can be built up to fire a powerful beam, Cutter giving you access to giant retractable Metal Blades and so forth. Some armors are needed in order to solve puzzles and in some cases required for stage progression such as Jet as it turns the armor into a jet plane, turning part of the level into a 2D shooter. This I enjoy because it gives the game variety. Overall the Robobot Armor adds another layer into what makes Kirby very good. Now as for the game itself, the story mode is split into six areas and each area consists of several acts. In each act, you job is to head from start to finish all while dealing with enemies and finding items such as Code Cubes and Stickers. Code Cubes are the equivalent to Triple Deluxe’s Sun Stones and they’re found in every level, save for the boss. They’re hidden in each level and you need to collect up to 3 in each act in order to access the boss room. But if you’re the collecting type, getting them all in each area unlocks the EX level and that has Code Cubes too. In truth, those levels will require you to be at your best if you want to complete them. The rewards are worth it I might add, especially if you want to get them all. The game also has stickers that you can collect and if you want to 100% the game, you need to get them all especially the rare stickers. Boss fights in Planet Robobot are real good here. They are challenging enough to require some skill but they aren’t as difficult. Using the right ability, you’ll be able to wipe them out in minutes so be sure to plan well if you want to succeed. Of course you can be daring and try beating them without any powers. Like I said, it offers the option of going about how you handle the bosses. You’ll need it if you wish to go through this 4-6 hour campaign. But if you plan on completing the game and unlocking everything, it’ll take you about 6 hours, at best. Not a bad thing but in my opinion, it’s acceptable. . Metaknightmare Returns allows you to play as Metaknight, Kirby’s rival. You use him to trek through all six areas and taking on stronger versions of the same bosses that were in story mode. The Arena is a boss rush mode where you battle all bosses from the game whereas True Arena is the ultimate test, taking on bosses that were in Metaknightmare Returns as Kirby. In addition, the game also includes 2 sub-games you and your friends can enjoy. Kirby 3D Rumble is a set of minigames where you guide a 3D version of Kirby against enemies. Pretty simple. Team Kirby Clash has a team of Kirbys battling enemies and working together. There are RPG elements as well. You can level up each of the four Kirbys and all of them have individual abilities that can support one another. You can play it either by yourself and 3 CPUs or with up to 4 friends with 4 3DS’s. It’s better that you play it with friends because it makes things satisfying.Kirby: Triple DeluxeAfter beating the game however, you’ll have access to additional content similar to the previous game, Planet Robobot also has a very good soundtrack, with some tunes having some techno beats. Some songs are reused from previous Kirby games but I ain’t complaining. My personal favorite tunes are the boss themes such as “Haltman Works Elite Management” and “Dedede Three”. They’re really addicting songs that help make the battles intense and catchy at the same time. So much so that I listen to these two songs whenever I can. That tells you a game is good because when you have catchy music like that, it’s a solid hit. I couldn’t find any negatives but at times some levels can really have you head scratching if you want to figure out how to reach certain areas. It’s a minor thing and sometimes you’ll forget that hidden places net you Code Cubes. It’s a reason why you got to look through every nook and cranny if you want to get 100%. I still haven’t gotten everything but I promise you that getting everything is worth it. I mention this earlier but yes this game has Amiibo support. Not that it’s a bad thing since the game is compatible with all of the Amiibo line, including the special Kirby Amiibo that they released alongside the game. Using any of the four of the Kirby line will net you some nice power-ups such as the UFO Kirby, which in and of it is rare. Not only that but if you use the Smash Kirby Amiibo, you get of course Smash Kirby. Some people may not like it but Nintendo has been putting more and more into the Amiibo line but what can you do. Using any of the other Amiibo can net you a random power-up and a health up boost. It adds more to the game but it can also be useful especially at the True Arena where you really need some leverage against the tougher opposition. Kirby: Planet Robobot follows the adage really well and it delivered on so many levels. The Robobot Armor adds something new to the game while keeping the formula familiar. You have gameplay that is just as good, the design being solid with the technology theme and music that’s divine to listen to. It’s a great game for kids and adults plus it’s pretty easy to pick up and play. This is a game that’s worth its price and the content that comes with it is proof of that. If you want a 3DS game that’s going to give you an enjoyable experience, Planet Robobot is for you! I give Kirby: Planet Robobot a 9 out of 10. It is a MUST-BUY game and I highly recommend it! This game also earns Angry Joe's Bad-Ass Seal of Approval to boot.