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Found 84 results

  1. So I was wondering what is your guys's favorite role?
  2. AJSA SMITE Community Past Events
  3. Hey y'all. I'd like to get anyone who's willing to get together for weekly(?) Smite games for an hour or two, saaay maybe Wednesdays @ 8pm Central US. Starting Dec 9 If anyone is up to it please either leave a comment here or add me on Xbox Live (PythonManiac) as a friend and shoot me a message that you're AJSA. If you don't send me a message with the friend request I will not know you are AJSA and will not add you, sorry. If you are inexperienced we are willing to teach, if not we'll go straight into whatever the group decides. If I'm forgetting anything do remind me.
  4. Sup guys, as an events manager for the smite community, I would like some ideas for things that we could do for upcoming smite events. Doctor_Glados has already mentioned a tournament style system. But unless we know how many people are going to be on then that is difficult to do. It's not impossible though. I'm talking hyper games or handicap games you decide and give us ideas. It's your game.
  5. Hey guys. According to major nelsons's blog smite is now playable as an open beta, and it appears to be for free as it list 0,00 kr in my country's monetary value. Should also be 0,00 USD and so on. The download is 5.16 gb. May download it just to try it ou but before that I'm wondering though since it is an open beta, do you need a smite account in order to play? http://majornelson.com/2015/07/08/smite-on-xbox-one-now-in-open-beta/?linkId=15393725
  6. SMITE GATHERING ========================================================================================================================== This coming Monday (June 21st, 2015) there will be another XBOX SMITE Beta Gathering. It will take place 6 P.M. Central Time Its obvious that if you don't have the beta that you can't attend, however,you can just follow Smite/ Hi-Rez on Instagram and receive a code. And I know a ton of people that just cant get rid of their codes. I hope to see you all on the Battleground of the Gods! If you have any questions message me here "TaylorEugene" or on Xbox "xRubMyNixonx" P.S. Again I call Odin...
  7. ====================================================================== AJSA – XBOX ONE – SMITE CODE OF CONDUCT ====================================================================== 1) BE RESPECTFUL- This one is simple guys. Be nice to your fellow community members. I hate to sound like your 3rd grade teacher but NO put downs or harassing each other. SMITE is a team based game that demands communication and friendly cooperation. ====================================================================== 2) DON'T LOCK IN RIGHT AWAY- Most of the time before we go into a lobby we make sure we all know what kick ass gods we're playing as, but in the event that we don't just simply wait. We don't want to be running into a game with 3 assassins. You may even want to wait even if we all know what gods were playing as just in case. ====================================================================== 3) DON'T GET BUTT HURT- When I get critical with you about something it's because I want you to get better at the game. It's not because I'm actually mad at you. In the event that someone is a little harsh with their criticism I will tell them to stand down. ====================================================================== 4) COMMUNICATE- SMITE is a game that demands you to speak with your team. If you don't have a mic I regret to inform you that we wont regularly let you hop in for events. We need people to communicate so that way we can play the objective. Kinect mics are fine as long as we can hear you clearly, and theirs minimum background noise. Also if you are shy we are not asking you to yell. At the least let us know when Loki is about to back stab us or when Bellona is low on health etc. ====================================================================== 5) HAVE FUN- SMITE might be a competitive game, however, nonetheless it is still a game, and is meant to enjoy in victory or loss. There will be rough games, and there will be triumphant ones. ======================================================================
  8. SMITE GATHERING ========================================================================================================================== This coming Sunday (June 7th, 2015) there will be the first XBOX SMITE Beta Gathering. It will take place 6 P.M. Central Time Its obvious that if you don't have the beta that you can't attend, however, I still have 3 Smite Beta codes and will give them out to the first three people that post to this topic asking for them. I hope to see you all on the Battleground of the Gods! If you have any questions message me here "TaylorEugene" or on Xbox "xRubMyNixonx" P.S. I call Odin...
  9. Looking for group of friends to play SMITE or the new release of ARK Survival. I'm a BIG smite fan but in mind i play anything and everything everywhere. Open to ask any questions, HMU
  10. I am TheDycer, and now a new member of the AJSA thanks to TheTitan's relentless recruiting. Some of you have already met me hanging out in various streams and games, but many others have not. I hope to grow to be a rather large part of the community as I often do when I participate in gaming communities. I currently am playing Smite and a little bit of HotS since Infinite Crisis is completely dead since they announced the game's closure. I do giveaways and host events in the games I play in so follow me @TheDycer on Twitter for constant updates because I will sometimes forget to post about it everywhere for a day or two after the original announcement. I currently am giving Smite God Packs away through Twitter so check it out if you want a chance at winning one!
  11. hey all i just wanted to get to know all the smite players for the xbox 1 and like to know who they play as i play as Guan Yu mainly because i remember playing him in the game dynasty warriors and i am getting okay with him though i just started playing him tonight i am still dying a lot i play arena and i just tried jousting a little bit ago but i was not really sure how to play it so i didn't do to good. anyways i would love to know who you all play as and what you think of the game. My Gt is Kirito2228 for xbox 1 and i dont really have a set time for playing it is usually when my brother is at work or away because its his xbox and its in his room but i am hoping to get my own soon
  12. First two people who reply get a free key
  13. Hi again, Just received an extra early access key to SMITE on XBox One. First to reply to my topic can have it ))) They gave me 2 one for me and another one for my friend ) So who wants to be my friend >.<
  14. Hi guys ! I just started my careers in smite and i was thinking open a topic for those who just begin in smite. Feel free to share your experiences .
  15. Dear officers. Every time I want to edit description of the channel (EU lobby), I have to ask some Officer to do so for me. I ask for permissions to do it myself. Sincerely, Doctor_GLaDOS
  16. Today i just meet a player who was bitching because me and my team don't go help him. the problem his we was all occupied by a really good team of five. i believe they from greece because they have all differents gods from greece and they have all the five flag of greece. Well bitching... he treat us of meaning and he go in a corner and try to fist us in the game. XD Anyway i told him it dosent do anything to fist is co-player but he dosent want to listen so i lost. It's just i find it sad to see player like that...
  17. Hi guys . I got a down . Do again some matchs on smite and i got trolls .... again. I'm about two fingers to give up . These to much trolls on smite .
  18. So me and another Xbox One staff member have access to the SMITE Closed Alpha, and Sunday their will be a developer night where me and Chumbry (the other staff member) could "Ambush" a developer and ask them questions about the game. I realize the PC version has been out for a year so a lot of things some people on the Xbox One already know a lot about the game, but if you don't want to play the PC version and want to know more about the game please put your questions below. If you have no idea what SMITE is, its a MOBA in third person view that values action just as much as strategy. The characters in the game are also mythological gods. Thor, Zeus, Ra etc. We'll answer the questions you ask on this forum once the game night is over.
  19. Smite is coming to Xbox One! It was announced during today's Xbox event in Cologne. Smite puts players in the role of gods who fight alongside mythological creatures. Unlike the game's standard mode, there's no single objective for your team to assault; rather, players earn points for killing other players and their minions, and the first team to hit the match's point cap is crowned the winner. The new Colosseum map offers side objectives and more open areas than previous maps.
  20. Hey everyone! Alex from Argentina reporting here! I'm not much of an online gamer, up until a few months ago I played MM: Duel of Champions but after watching Joe playing Smite I finally decided to give it a chance and began playing as well. While I'm having fun with it, I want to play with other people and be part of a community so I figured this would be the perfect place. Bye for now and hope to meet you on the battlefield! \m/
  21. I had to get on here and let everyone know. Most people don't use this program but hey I know at least some of you do. Raptr is giving out 200 and 400 gem coupons just got to use your Raptr points that you have earned for playing video games. If you don't have raptr and your really into gaming on the pc then make a account and download the program it will probably pick up all your games also link your xbox 360 and xbox one and ps3 and ps4 consoles if you have them. Then you will probably have enough for 200 to 400 gems Also they made a update to where you can't get unlimited 200 and 400 gem coupons. You can only have 1 of each now. GET THEM GEMS BEFORE ITS TO LATE! I GOT THIS WITH MY GEMS!!
  22. Smite is my favorite MOBA of all time, league just feels weird playing to me but I'm sure there are plenty of people that prefer league over Smite. My IGN is ZombieGenocide so anyone that plays Smite feel free to add me and I'd love to hear you're opinions about the two games
  23. Hello everyone, I'm recruit Kromdar from the Netherlands, 20 years old, a psychology student and actually hard to anger. My first gaming experience was Disney's animated storybook: 'Winnie the Pooh and the honey tree' when i was 3 years old. My most recent addition to my game collection is Civ 5. I've never been part of an active gaming community before. I own over a 100 video games and hope to find new friends to play them with (namely the tagged games, but feel free to ask me if a own a certain game/ want to play it with you). I'm an experienced gamer yet not very skilled one. Something i'm proud of: Being a psychology student. Something i'm less proud of: Never having taken my girlfriend of 3 years on a vacation.
  24. I've been a big fan of Angry Joe and his videos for a very long time now and I'd love to join the Angry Army in Planetside 2. I understand that you all play at the Emerald server for the Terrans but I'd like to know when Angry Joe and the Angry Army are playing. Thanks everybody! P.S. I also have Smite downloaded so hopefully that's a possibility to play with you guys.
  25. I've been debating whether or not to buy the smite god pack. Is it worth the money? I can't help but think it'll ruin the game for me because I won't have any more objectives.