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Found 71 results

  1. Hello, I am new to the site. My name is Arkeeny Shadowdusk, you can call me Ark or Arkeeny. (Not my real name but I am not telling the entire internet my real name.) I recently started Streaming games and uploading gaming videos to my new gaming channel on youtube. I been an advent gamer since I was in my mother's womb. In fact she had to get a nintendo controller glued to her stomach because I was gaming even before I was born! Oh, Nintendo... I miss the old final fantasy, ultima, dragon warrior (dragon quest), skate or die, faxanadu, and many more games. And don't get me started on super nintendo and sega! *CoughphantasystarCough* I play games like MechWarrior Online, World of Tanks, Armored Warfare, Games on Battle.net, Steam, and offline games as well. But who doesn't? On a serious note, I am really a new streamer and youtube gamer. I been doing this for over two weeks now and no luck finding viewers let alone followers. My twitch account is fairly new however, so I didn't expect to get noticed right away. And I am trying to be as entertaining as possible despite the living conditions I have (I have to keep my voice down most of the time.) Also my room mate is one of those wannabe gangstas who play gangsta rap all day so loud even God has to wear earplugs. So sometimes I can't Stream when I want to, and if I do it has to be with my microphone turned off or on Push to Talk. I hope to make some friends and get some help and advice from other streamers and players like you guys. Catch me on my twitter account @@TrueBlueArkeeny and Twitch.tv/Arkeeny. I don't have much activity yet but I am hopeful. =D Help me Get Started!
  2. Since this friday I have played some halo on my xbox one and I have used the elgato hd to stream longer than 5 minutes from twitch. I stream using my mac laptop to begin record and i start record at the same time on twitch app when I have it snapped beside a game and I almost end broadcast at the same time from my laptop/twitch app. Since friday whenever I have finshed streaming and gone to my channel to see if my vide is there as a past broadcast it has no been there.Just yesterday i streamed the halo event and after it was done it went to my channel, the headline for the stream was there but the video is not. In my twitch settings I have enabled automatically archive my broadcasts and I re-installed the twitch app, rebooted my xbox( no unpluggin wires just turning it on/off from console). Just to try ty things out, i recorded on twitch without using my elgato and this no special video was saved on my channel?: http://www.twitch.tv/samshepardgaming Dont know what is causing this issue from time to time?. I will try to re-stream see if this happens during the week again.
  3. Starting out in the streaming scene, doing some streaming with a buddy. Would mean a lot if some of the AJSA dropped by to give some pointers. http://www.twitch.tv/demonbane775 Got TwitchAlerts and Moobot set up, just comes down to getting the rest of the stuff all sorted out, like sound equipment and such.
  4. Hey guys I go my elgato hd yesterday and today I tried streaming from twitch app on my xbox. Upon viewing the video on my laptop I did not see any lag or buffering and I recorded in 720 because my bandwidth is only 10mbps. Feel free to check it out cause I play team actions sack and did really well. Feel free to follow me for any future streams. I may post on my activity feed on xbox/ here in the forums that i am starting to stream on my xbox and may need test viewers to tell me how well they can watch the video. Here is the link to the video and for some reason the combat sounds is muted from when you choose your loadout up until 0.41 minutes in the video, what? One things i am wondering is how do you save your broadcast permanently cause I saved my first stream as a highlight? http://www.twitch.tv/samshepardgaming/v/11085020
  5. Its on live right now: http://www.twitch.tv/halo one team went undefeated all times. them teamwork though
  6. Hi I stream almost everyday at 6pm pacific time zone www.twitch.tv/laidbackmarco
  7. Hey guys and gals! James here aka Wade D McGinnis and I need help! I have been researching and watching a number of guided on how to dual stream for twitch. If you are unaware of what I mean, playing your game on one pc, transferring the video/audio to another pc that sends out to twitch. Now I can get the video to work just fine. 1080 60 FPS however I am getting game audio. I have tried taking a 3.5 mm male/male audio cable from the output of the gaming pc to the input of the Avermedia Live Gamer HD capture card. I can get my Blue Yeti microphone to work of course however I am at a lost at what I am doing wrong. Do I need to get a Mix Amp to pull this off or am I missing something? Any help would be amazing.
  8. I will be streaming this Tuesday at 5pm Central standard time and will stream 1 of 5 games depending on what people here would like. XCOM:enemy within (long war mod), pillars of eternity, Gal civ 3, Civ 5 BNW (possibly a modded faction) or some War Thunder shenanigans with some AJSA War Thunder members. If no votes I'll just pick one at random. Hope to see you guys there
  9. A New Twitch Streamer has appeared! Its time for QwiK to shine dirty! I decided to start streaming last week has i wanted to do different thing while still play my favorite games! The only platform i can currently stream right now is my PS4 i was trying to stream with my PC but its too much laggy! These are my Specs and my Internet Speed! Specs: CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E8400 @ 3.00Ghz (Upgrade Needed!) Memory: 6.0 GB DDR2 (Slight Upgrade Needed!) GPU: Geforce 8800 GTS 512 (Upgrade Needed!) My Internet Up and Down: The Best Result Soo Far! My Schedule: Since i just start out i will make it easy for me to stream at these hours and two days! Monday: To Be Decided Wednesday: To Be Decided Thursday: To Be Decided Friday: PS4 Games 6:00pm EST Saturday: PS4 Games 2:00pm EST Sunday: Free Day/No Stream Unless i just want to! There we go this is my schedule soo far, since i will get a new computer optimized for gaming in 1080p and Streaming soon, i will be adding more days of streaming and with more followers! Check my twitch channel here: http://www.twitch.tv/qwik_m40a3 I am Building it up as we speak! (PS: Its my 100th Post ) EDIT: Keep in mind that as soon as i get better pc suited for gaming and streaming ill be able to stream , Verdun, Mount and Blade Leagues Match and much more games in the FPS Genre!
  10. Hey Everyone I started a twitch not too long ago any ideas? http://www.twitch.tv/malcolmxtremehq
  11. Hi everyone I'd just like to let you know I stream League almost everyday and I'd like people to check me out and tell me what I'm doing wrong I'm about to stream in 20 minutes and then I will draw annie today because I started a new thing LaidbackMarco's 30 day loli callenge where I'm on day 7 or 8 of drawing anime loli characters. I plan to play either sona or nami because I'm a support main and sona is my main girl. Heres the Link if i'm intrested. . . tell me how to improve my play and stream tyty twitch.tv/laidbackmarco
  12. So I stream. On twitch. Shocker. I bounce from game to game and genre to genre. Please feel free to show up and chat, I love to talk. Running commentary on all topics from game design to performance to general thoughts. I welcome any and all comments and game ideas. Ya'll can find me at twitch.tv/genuis101 Currently, I stream either PS4 or PC games. Hope to see some of you guys around.
  13. So about a year ago I started experimenting with recording and livestreaming my game footage. I finally started to experiment with highlighting and putting some videos together, so now I'd like to share these with the AJSA. Questions and critiques are welcome; whether they're about my stream setup, my gameplay skill, or my idle chatter. I'm looking to improve my streams in the future so that they're a bit easier to sit through. Below I'll link my main channel page, as well as the individual highlight links by game and recording date. Lemme know what you guys think. --------------------- My Twitch Channel: TheAngelAquila Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Lag-King Aquila's Best Wins (4:45) Lag-King Yuganon - Aquila and Officerpaulie (8:36) Lag-King vs. Botch-King (10:53) Grand Theft Auto V Grand Theft Aquila - EMP Delivered (10:59) Grand Theft Aquila - Humane Labs (21:52) Aquila gets kicked (2:26) [More games coming soon!]
  14. Hey guys and gals! James here aka Wade D McGinnis and I need a little help. Actually a lot of help if anyone with the knowledge can help! Here is what I am trying to do. I need to take my PS4, Wii U, PS3 and push the audio through my computer to show up on OBS (I can do that normally but I am looking at next level stuff that I lack the technically know how and general search skills)! At the same time I need to either be able to talk to friends on the PS4 or on skype while still having the stream viewers hear me. To add an extra hurdle, I need to be able to hear Twitch Alerts (gives me audio queues when people follow or donate) all at the same time. Finally, I know at this point you are like dude....stop! However I need to be able to adjust the volume of the game, the skype call, and the microphone I am using. I was told that a MixAmp or Channel Mixer would get me these results however I cannot find a tutorial for how to set this up. I have seen a number of other Twitch streamers having similar setups, so I am thinking it is possible just not sure where to start or how to setup. If you happen to know or can send me to a video guide that would be amazing! Thank you!
  15. I will be streaming the new version of XCOM Long war on Wednsday at 4:30pm CST on my twitch channel (USAFace666). If you would also like to be part of the special AJSA namelist please reply and you will be added. I hope you guys show and help my battle with the aliens.
  16. I will be streaming the new version of XCOM Long war on Wednsday at 4:30pm CST on my twitch channel (USAFace666). If you would also like to be part of the special AJSA namelist please reply and you will be added. I hope you guys show and help my battle with the aliens.
  17. Friendly reminder to the AJSA if you would like to join my debut stream (twitch name: USAFace666) it will be starting in 7 hours time. I am using the Long War on XCOM and I am using a special namelist featuring the Members of the AJSA. If you would like a chance to be recruited for this mission please reply and your name will be added
  18. On Monday I am planning on debuting my Twitch stream (USAFace666) at 5pm Central Time with a special XCOM Long War campaign with a namelist built with AJSA members. Please join me as I and the AJSA take on the alien threat and probably get reamed XD. And if you would like to join the namelist i will add whoever would like to join it
  19. Sorry that I've been missing on the action, but I wanted to let you guys know that I'm doing streams on twitch. If you like to watch or be apart of the stream, check out my channel at www.twitch.tv/jcs04. It includes links to my twitter account and YouTube channel for updates on the stream and what not. Thanks for support.
  20. Good evening, I decided to voice some concerns about the AngryJoeShow. In this rant/op-ed (let's call it what it is) I will be making reference to past events involving the AngryJoeShow and Joe himself. A disclaimer before I continue; this is all based off of my personal observation through videos on Joe's show, Twitch streams, Twitter and other sources and is all my opinion and my opinion only. I make no claim to know Joe or his friends, personal feelings or anything about him and his friends. I could be entirely wrong about anything and every assumption I make in this post regarding Joe. I will not and am not attempting to slander Joe's name or his show and welcome any correction of my observations. This is all my personal opinion and that's all it is, no more or less. That being said this is an opinion piece, and someone's opinion, unless it makes reference to the outcome of an event in an incorrect manner or makes false claims of knowledge (the definition of which can be debated) is not wrong, it is simply different. Let us continue. My concerns over this are not simply "where are the reviews?" (Personally I am willing to wait for reviews; I don't need a review every week.) There is more to it than that though the lack of reviews are involved but in a different matter than what you're most likely expecting. I am concerned about Joe's cost of living vs. income (I make no assumption as to either nor intend to, I am dealing with this as an abstract concept) and his relationship with his fan-base. There might be some people who despite all possible exposure in this community, don't know why there is an apparent drop in reviews. I will attempt to explain this as informative and short as possible: During the month of December, Joe's channel and many others received copyright strikes on many of there videos. Joe's in particular had about 63. These claims on Joe's videos denied him monetization of all of his videos hit with this claim. This had a massive and frankly worrying impact on Joe and his show. Because this is his full time job if he can't make money off of his videos...he's broke. Over time Joe had most if not all of his videos released of said claims. But to me this had a lasting impact on Joe. I believe he was shooken up by this attack on his livelihood. If things went poorly for him (and they could have) he would be in big trouble and I think that the possibility of that had a negative impact on his psych. It's hard for anyone to be motivated after a stressful event, Joe might have been mentally exhausted. This is one of the things that I believe lead to his lack of reviews. But here's the point I'm trying to get at. His lack of reviews isn't a concern for me: it's free entertainment with information about a game from a man I trust. I'm not timing him. But it is a concern for him. (IMO) Reviews are Joe's most watched videos from an individual standpoint. And the way YouTube works is for every 1,000 views you get money. Joe's reviews have evolved in two ways since what I consider his golden age, 2012. They've gotten longer maybe even doubling in length and they appear less often. The problem is that while a longer video to my knowledge doesn't result in more money, less videos do. And whatever means Joe was comfortable living with in 2012 might struggle to stay sustainable later if he's making less money. Sure you could argue that despite less reviews since then gameplay videos are numerous enough on Joe's channel that they sustain his income. To which I bring up my second point, his fanbase. Joe has a large and relatively loyal fanbase (ignore the trolls). I think it's safe to say that his fanbase mostly watch his reviews. That is what they come in great number to his channel for. And like I've said, I'll watch just about everything on his show, but that doesn't matter because that's not what most of his viewers are there for. I think that all entertainers must walk a line: doing what you're passionate about vs. doing enough to make a living. One makes a living in entertainment by doing something others enjoy and most of Joe's fans enjoy his reviews far more than his gameplay videos. So when Joe puts up gameplay videos or streams on Twitch, no matter how much fun he's having or passionate he is if he isn't getting the views he needs, because most of his fans watch reviews, he's not making as much money as he could. And that's my ultimate concern. Joe seems to be a great guy and I want to see him succeed. To do that he needs money and his fans need to get want they want often enough for them to stay invested. Reviews solve both of those problems. I know Joe has recently release a video regarding a renewed effort to produce reviews with the help of his friends. I look forward to them whenever they're released and will continue to support Joe in his endeavors.
  21. Hello Everybody I'm sort of new to the forums. While looking through all the sections, I noticed that there isn't a Sub Forum for Twitch. I've been watching AJ's streams for some time, and I thought it'd be nice to have a place where we could thank all the people who donate each night, also have a special sub category for the OMG donations. Just last night someone donated $300! Other sub categories I thought about are: New Subscribers, Tips and Hints (to help Joe and OJ), Discussions, Suggested Games to Play, Upcoming Streams, and Latest News. Well not sure what you guys think. Is this doable?
  22. Hey guys come check out my twitch from time to time. I stream from my ps4 at http://www.twitch.tv/dapperwood. Stream quality will improve over time, but I need the support from you guys to start growing.
  23. If your not on twitch right now, your missing out. But I thought it would be fun and funny to kick start this. Fuzzypanda Single Likes: Bamboo, Anime, Sleep, Kung Fu, Video Games, Alcheeehols, the AJSA, Bamboo, Food perfect date? Playing video games and nomming on the foods. Dislikes: Poachers, No food, Alarm clocks, not getting my 360 no scopes. Bad video games.
  24. http://online.wsj.com/articles/amazon-to-buy-video-site-twitch-for-more-than-1-billion-1408988885 https://www.theinformation.com/Amazon-Nears-Deal-to-Acquire-Twitch Could this be better than Google's grimy hands on it?