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Found 31 results

  1. Another classic RTS game why because of its fun gameplay and story well mostly the gameplay because it was so fun. THQs greatest RTS creates, before their demise to bankruptcy, this game brought you to the most badass soldiers in the galaxy the Space Marines and the Blood Ravens the deadliest soldiers soldiers unmatched by anyone except the Chaos Marines who will do anything to destroy the whole galaxy. This was awesome you and the commander of these badass space marines(in the first game but I'll say later) you the protecter of the galaxy the one who'll destroy this deadly enemy. Now this game was also awesome for the factions which can be customised in the multiplayer. The factions: the Imperial Guard , Space Marines,Chaos, Orcs, and etc whoever is in the game. Each faction had their own distinct units which have their own distinctive feature in their buildings units and tech. It was a great RTS that made Command and Conquer look like a baby with only three factions which had the same, it had fun gameplay, but it didn't match on how the units have great detail on how they execute others and how the gameplay is done.
  2. Well, not for you Imperial players. This video seems to tease at a new Tyranid codex being announced on the fourth of January! If you listen carefully, you will hear a sound effect that sounds very similar to one used for the Tyranids in DoW2. I'm very excited! Hopefully they won't fuck it up this time... And make Carnifexes good again. Putting the cost the same as a fucking Land Raider was not on. At all. Fucking Cruddance... Woo!
  3. I'm looking for people who own Warhammer 40K Space Marine Multiplayer on PS3 preferably with the Dreadnaught expansion. Getting a game on classic mode and classic maps is fairly easy but it seems no one has the expansion packs. I have all the expansions and I am looking to do a video overview of arguably one of the best Multiplayers to grace the PS3. My PSN ID is GameMarine2K Let me know in the comments below if you're interested as I can make a private match for up to 16 people
  4. Quite big, I know. My first time doing a style like this, compiling images to create something. Or in my case, some sort of weird amalgamation, which makes some sense because the priests and worshippers of the Omnissiah and the Adeptus Mechanicus are exactly that. Apologies if the black and white tones remind you of somebody's cringe-worthy, self-taken portrait on Instagram, just seemed like it suited.
  5. Do you guys like Warhammer 40k? if so what race do you play as?
  6. Hello one and all to the brand new friendly league of Blood Bowl. The Farstrider cup is open to anyone willing to learn the game or to have fun. This league is run by Farimere and will be the best league of the Angry Army. Everyone of all skill levels are encouraged to join. Rules of the Fartsrider League: 1. Fresh teams only- As this is a new league and many may not know how the game goes it is nice to have a fresh start. A fresh team is a good way to keep the players balanced at least in the beginning. 2. No fouling- Hitting a player while they are down is outright rude in a non championship game and could lead to the newer players to leave. 3. Have as many teams as you want- Says it all. You will have to register each team individually and wait for the host to accept the team but there is no limit on the number of teams that you can register as it is a League and not a cup or a championship. 4. Try to be nice- I know it is football but please try to be respectful to the other players. It can be downright frustrating to have a teamate die in the worst sense (Mine being a death roller against a halfling. The halfling killed it) but please keep the profanity to a tolerable level. How to join: 1. The league name is Farstrider and the password to apply for the league is farimere. Apply and join in on the fun. 2. Create a fresh team and apply them to the Farstrider league. 3. Have fun. I myself am not a good player at Blood Bowl but even when I am losing I am having the time of my life so please join in. Maybe you guys will be in a live stream on Twitch with me or any other host that decides to immortalize the event.