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Found 56 results

  1. Anybody up for starting up a section of the angry army to play world of tanks on xbox 360 free and pleasantly addictive. Message me at evilmonkeybite on xbox if you want to play, please have a mic, thank you. I have been playing it and it is a great fun game. If there is a lot of interest I will look into starting a clan to play during the evenings. JD
  2. On February 12, 2014 at 4:00 AM World Of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition has finally out of beta and and now is ready to play! For those who went the full nine yards on the beta like me, we get a platinum skinned USA T-14 tier V tank! Awesome right?!? i'll see you guys on the battlefield with tank guns a'blazin!
  3. Well, I was kind of pissed off yesterday to find that I was unable to download the second episode of Wolf Among Us, despite having the season pass. At first I though my season pass wasn't downloaded properly, but it didn't help (especially since this was the first season pass I ever bought). I checked online, and found that I wasn't the only one having the same issue. Apparently, there is a serious problem with Xbox Live right now, as several titles with DLC are reportedly having issues. So we Xbox Live users have to either purchase the DLC separately, or wait until the issue is resolved, which we do not have a time frame right now as to how long it will take to fix. How may of you were affected by this?
  4. As we all know, Nintendo has made a fighting game using their popular characters, those games are the Super Smash Bros. series. Then Sony threw their hat in the ring with their entree, Playstation Allstars Battle Royale. And with all that said, where's the Xbox version? But more importantly, who would be in said game? I want to hear your suggestions, who should be in a Xbox/Super Smash Bros. ripoff?
  5. Not sure if this is the place to post this, I'm not exactly searching for a tech consultant I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem. I have a 360 (I know, no Xbox One or PS4) and I got Skyrim when it first came out, best RPG so far. Now when I first played it it was amazing in the graphics department however as time dragged on I've noticed graphic drops and a lot of pixels showing up on characters as well as in the shadows. Anyone else have this problem?
  6. Can anyone tell me if there is a clan started for us on XBox 360?
  7. If anyone plays NHL 14 on the Xbox 360, let me know and we can play some games together. My gamertag is Massfootmen. Thanks!
  8. Hey I am looking for people who have a competitive edge but still enjoy the game in Battlefield 3 or 4. I play on the 360 and I am looking for people who will play to win. I thought this forum would be a good place to go and if you are interested send me an invite and join my party (My GT is MyHairyPit). I thought I would use this armies most important aspect, its players, to have a good time and kick some ass. See you on the Battlefield.
  9. Halo: Reach Release Night

    From the album M. Bisons Fun Box

    Got a lucky picture with some awesome Hell Jumpers of the UNSC.
  10. I'm not sure whether this is the best way to post my content, it's the format of how i've posted user content in previous forums (if an issue arises with such, I will immediately remove it upon request), but, here goes... I'm Caz, I specialize in video game reviews & critique in an informative, somewhat lengthy manner, but will also take some time to deliver a raunchy rant, a look at a video game anime adaptation, as well as take a look at the inspirations and history of certain titles or series. An example of the usual output you'd see from me would be as such: I also do some writing on Screwattack and have a Twitter/Facebook for the channel, but here's not the place to post that for now. In the mean time, feel free to check out my channel here, follow this post if you enjoy what you see, give some feedback on what you have seen, send some requests, chocolate boxes or whatever you feel like. Go wild and game on my friends! -Caz(TheGamerGuy... Yes the name of the channel is stupid and will likely change in the near future)
  11. Well, Woo! Could we be getting more than just Heists, Content creator and capture the flag matches in the near future?! http://www.denofgeek.com/games/grand-theft-auto-online/28376/upcoming-gta-online-content-info-leaked According to this audio file that was meant to be found within the latest Beach Bum update. This file hints at future content that we could be getting. The website says that it could be unused audio files, but really why would they include that in the update.. Looks like we could be getting new additions like access to the Casino, phone and camera updates, business and property investments and the edition of pink slip races!! It does seem weird that they have included this file in this recent update. But still, if this content is planned soon,fingers crossed it will be around the same time as the next lot of DLC Sounds like we could be getting some sweet new additions to the game sometime soon (or at least confirmation of this) Hopefully in the future they will make use of that horse racing track near the Casino. Would love me some GTA Style Horse racing! Anyways, what do you guys think?
  12. Discuss and debate the best things about the elder scrolls.
  13. If anyone has codes from the soda caps they aren't using could you email or gift them to me
  14. I have countless games that I've always enjoyed playing, such as Borderlands 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Dark Souls, GTA and Saints Row series, Uncharted series, the Elder Scrolls series, Fallout 3 and New Vegas, Red Dead Redemption, the Dead Space Series, and many more! What are some of the best games you have enjoyed playing?
  15. I really didn't like Halo 4. Now it wasn't the worst game ever, but it definitely didn't keep my attention any more than a month. The game was a huge disappointment for me in many aspects, here are some of the things I didn't like. No ranked multiplayer: Seriously 343? This was the most important of all. Without ranked there is no way to make sure the experience is challenging and pleasurable for any players. Either you tear everything apart in a blood driven rampage, get your ass kicked, or have a good game (90% of the time it's the former). Ranked is what made the previous titles great, it's what made you want to replay the multiplayer. Without that there is not much fun to be had when the games are either too easy or to hard.No human aircraft: Why? Just why? No falcon, no hornet, no pelican, no nothing? I thought human aircraft should have been a staple since halo 3. Without this there is just so much ruined potential with custom games.Lack of gamemodes: The only new gamemodes that were added is regicide (which is O.K.), flood (which is infection with flood-like spartans), and dominion (which was pretty fun, but it could have had more potential). Headhunter was removed, along with V.I.P., Race, Stockpile, Every Insane gamemode, Invasion (perhaps the most missed of all), And assault (why would you drop that?). Most of these choices hardly make since. Either the clock was against them or they didn't give a shit.Worst campaign yet: Not only was it short, but it kinda went against the mythos, had an anti-climactic boss battle, and *SPOILER* killed off one of my favorite characters CORTANA.Bland multiplayer: At first I was defending the game from people saying "It's just like COD!". But now I see that the class system, no weapon pick-ups, and ordinance drops ruin the game for me. It just doesn't feel like halo anymore.Non-Working file browser: One of my favorite things about reach was the file browser. Sharing and downloading custom maps, pictures, films, and gamemodes was great. 343 didn't get up the file browser until weeks after release.No forge world: -Or at least a worthy equivalent. Either the map is just too small or doesn't have very many natural formations. The only forge map worthy of replacing forge world was impact, but even then who wants all of their maps in space?Weak weapons: Why do the weapons sound so weak? When I heard 343 was recording for weapon sounds in the field I was so exited. What I ended up with was weapons that sounded more plasticy than ever.Perks: At first I thought this wasn't a big deal, but then I played the game alot. Perks or "Specializations" should never be in a Halo game NEVERBarely any new vehicles: All we got was a mech, no pelican, no shadow, no specter, and no new human vehicles. What a waste of potentialHardly any weapon pick ups: These ordinance drops replaced the random map weapons, and although I might admit that the random power weapon cycling is cool but there is so little of them, it ruins all the fun we had with weapon pick-ups in the past. Now with all the classes and shit, nobody starts out on even grounds which is what made halo so great.No SMG: People asked for the SMG sooo much. The silenced SMG was probably the number 1 weapon people wanted to see in halo 4. So what did 343 do? Ignore that request and put no SMG what-so-ever.​No Dual Wielding: Some may dismiss this as a stupid gimmick, but fuck that! Dual wielding was badass and added more variety to the gameplay. I really miss this feature.Ultra consistent point count: No matter how well you do your point count is very consistent after the end of every match. So if you get a killionare and a perfection in one game your points that you are awarded afterwards will be almost the same as a match in which you didn't get those. Totally lame...Lack of playlists: Nowhere near the amount of playlists you got in 3 and reach. Not even any community playlists.Anti-climactic boss fight: Did I say boss fight? I meant there was none. Just a cut scene and an assload of enemies beforehand.Worst A.I. teammates since reach: There are hardly any of them, and when there are some they are like disabled children. Just watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaR8ltjlrwU These A.I. make me miss Kat.Wasted campaign opportunity: After the love expressed by the fans due to the amazing space battle section in reach, what is 343's experience? One short pelican mission and nothing like it afterwards. We did get a mission with a mammoth but the variety of awesome set pieces is significantly less that in reach.​Again, it's not the worst game, but it was probably the worst halo besides ODST. If you agree with me post any more problems, if you don't tell me why you don't agree with me.​
  16. From what i can tell Fable Hd for 360 is just a HD remake of fable lost chapters but with achievements. I really liked this game when it first came out, If i dont get a xbox one right away i may consider buying this game. But is it worth it, I guess if you are an achievement hunter it will be fun but i never really liked just going for achievements unless i really enjoy the game. Does anyone have any info on this game and any reasons not to get or to buy or even to rent this game?
  17. Hey Guys, i'm new here at AJSA and we all this talk of COD and Battlefrield online. I was wondering you guys start up a Payday 2 online pose, robbing banks, what more can you ask lol
  18. This is Larry, here to talk about one of the biggest next-gen titles out as of the moment and YOUR problems with it. Now we know many of you love this series and this game. But we are NOT here to bash the game, we are here to point out the obvious problems with the game that can and should be fixed to ensure the consumer gets the ideal experience they expect from their FPS. Now discuss your problems with this game, whether that is bugs, glitches, crashes, lag, etc. This could be vital information for Angry Joe that he could use in his address to the Angry Army and beyond. So please, stay on topic and may the force be with you .
  19. One thing that you can't ignore with the upcoming release of the Xbox One is the required implementation of Kinect. Now of course they claim that its much improved, it wouldn't be right smart of them to flat out say it's not that great regardless of if it is or not . So I ask you, the angry army, your opinions on this device. I have always been a firm believer in the IDEA behind kinect. I mean, in what universe is being able to control a video game character with your hands with 1:1 accuracy NOT amazingly cool? I use to have dreams of sword combat games where you are free to have complete control over your weapon using your hands. But the fact of it is, the most useful features of the original kinect could have been done using the mic on your headset. Do you think they will come closer to reaching their goal this time around? Or do you expect a more "Skyrim voice-command" style of implementation?
  20. In about 6 hours my time, the launch of the PS4 will commence. People around the US will be getting their hands on the new console (unless you won it from Taco Bell) and enter the next generation of gaming. Anyways, as I sit in my chair, looking at my library of games and the three consoles under my TV, the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and even the Wii, I wonder was the generation a success or a failure? There were great advancements that became of the last generation, but there were major disappointments and controversies that followed. So, soldiers of the Angry Army, I ask you, what is your opinion of the last generation of gaming? What succeeded? What failed? Who should be claimed as the overall victor? Who had the best games? The worst?
  21. I've heard that it is possible to mod Xbox 360 games. Does anyone know how to and what programs I would need to do so. I specifically interested in modding my games: Skyrim, Mass Effect 2, and Left 4 Dead 2. Any help would be appreciated. Xbox Gamer Tag - Rainer1993
  22. Hello. I've played AO since release (pre-ordered it) and I've never managed to get through a play session of 3-4+ hours without experiencing at least 1 crash (my idea of a "crash" is when the game freezes and you can't access the xbox menu button or do anythiny, so you have to turn the Xbox off and reboot). Has anyone else had these problems? Would installing the game to he HD solve it? or is it just me? Futhermore, when I press the "off" button on the xbox during a crash, it will make the "ding" sound but not do anything, so I have to press it again. It's getting extremly annoying, as the crashes completey break my emersion and make me think twice before deciding to play the game - don't get me wrong, it's a great game, but I really can't be bothered to take it out of its case due to the threat of almost gaurenteed crashes. Would really appreciate some help. Extra details: Xbox 360 Slim - the glossy one.
  23. anyone know if i upgrade cod ghosts on 360 to the xbox one version will i still be able to play multiplayer with people using the 360 version?
  24. Hi All, Quick Question, since day 1 on bf4 on the 360, my game crashes about twice an hour. After a full restart of the console and re-launch of bf4, it says "saved data corrupted" and I have to start all over in the SP campaign & reset all settings for MP. It did this also in the bf4 BETA Just curious if any of you is currently or has experienced this ?? Thanks!