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Found 30 results

  1. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/11/08/doritos-mountain-dew_n_6126102.html Probably will include double xp.
  2. Hello, this mini guide is to help with PS2 players play smoothly and optimize their settings correctly. 1: Tweaking Before we jump into actual game settings, there is one thing that causes your performance to blunder, which is found in the following: C:/ to program files (X86) to steam to steamapps to common to Planetside 2 and then scroll down until you find the file named UserOptions. Open it up and again scroll down until you find the section that says terrian. Set the line where it says RenderFlora to off. This will help quite a bit, as your computer's CPU runs it along with other minor things, so turning RenderFlora off allows your CPU to have a bit more power to run the game. 2: Game Settings Sigh, here we go. This long section. Surprisngky, the game is very cpu heavy, a little on your gpu. So to convert some power from CPU to GPU, you have to increase your graphics. Yeah I know, a big surprise, but however this method increased my performance by a lot. To see FPS, do alt+F. This wikl tell you how much fps your CPU and GPU has. You should set everything to high except for flora and shadow quality, those are to be set to off or low. This way, the game still look amazing while having good performance. Now, here is the big performsnce boost: Adjust your render quality to 80 or 90%, it may look a tiny bit blurry but it performs so well. Also, changing your FOV to 60 or 70 will help drastically as well, due to the matter of fact your FOV is the amount of world you can see. You should also lower resolution to your preferences, as lower resolutions load fewer pixels than higher resolutions. The render distance also goes for render quality, as render distance is for how distant you can see objects, ONLY. However, if you dont care about graphics and want the most fastest game ever, turn all graphic settings to low or even off if you can, as well adjust render quality, render distance, FOV, and resolution. So I hope you enjoy my somewhat short guide to enhance your experience and have fun.
  3. Hyped up games end up not living to its original statement. End of discussion. Titanfall - Disappointment Watch Dogs - Disappointment and now, Destiny - Disappointment Hopefully Smash Bros will live up to its statement and be GOTY. the illumnati is a part of this, don't tell anyone i said this
  4. He loves the chicken nuggets.
  5. Heavy BoxingRacesSpycrabsClass Specific Contests/BattlesIf you got any more ideas, post it below
  6. Why does Delrith and Tons0fun sound the same but yet they are separate people? I think they are the same person from what they told me. Are they separate people or not?
  7. Just to let you know, Battlefield: Hardline is now having signups for closed beta if you want to see what has been worked on so far and etc. Link to registration: http://www.battlefield.com/hardline/beta *REQUIRES ORIGIN ACCOUNT
  8. JACOB. The 3rd person of the trio of: Joe, Other Joe, and Jacob. Known for funny ideas and made early lets plays bearable. What ever happened to him? Now it is the two musketeers, Joe and Other Joe. Where is Jacob? PLEASE. WHERE IS JACOB. http://angryjoeshow.com/about-us-2/ Link to show what Jacob looks like. CALL 1-800-JACOB TO REPORT IN THE MISSING JACOB, WILL OFFER A DIGITAL/INTERNET HUG.
  9. Hello guys, I'm considering a purchase of Guild Wars 2 because I am bored from "Kill 2 Rats" Quest MNOs. What things should I look out for before entering? Is there any tips to consider? (Will read Hints & Tips) and what server is AJSA on?
  10. Welcome, fellow soldier! Make yourself proud with this guide that explains every single thing in order to achieve maximum success! So what is BF4 actually? BF4 is of course the sequel to BF3 using the new engine Frostbite 3 that allows high definition graphics and dynamic destruction (aka a low budget version of the engine used in BF: BC2 which allowed the entire map to be destroyed) BF4 has a few bugs here and there as well glitches as of today from the constant patches and fixes. (Seriously through, you've done fucked it up at the launch) BF4 is a first person shooter massive multiplier that is heavily based on realistic modern warfare that requires persistent teamwork and communication through platoons, squads, or a friendly and casual server jumping time. This game is also very challenging to new FPS players and players who are not familiar to BF/BF similar games. 1. Getting Started Before we jump into discount Michael bay battlefields, you must have the specs to do so (unless you're a console player) Minimum Requirements: CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz, AMD Athlon X2 2.8 GHz or better CPU Speed: Info RAM: 4 GB OS: Windows Vista SP2 32-Bit (with KB971512 System Update) Video Card: 512 MB AMD Radeon HD 3870 / NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT or better Free Disk Space: 30 GB After downloading a heck of a game on Origin, you are now ready to jump in the battlefield of destruction and lady screams! 2. Basic Tips Sure, play a few rounds here and there on a few gamemodes, you might ask yourself: What the heck do I do and how do I do the game's functions? Well basically, follow these convenient and simple tips to make you a better soldier! Cover mechanic: This allows you to shoot over and to the sides of a cover object, making you more safe from enemy fire and less damage from explosions. This is great for ambushing or covering fire, but be cautious since you are vulnerable to headshots as well potential threats from enemies sneaking up behind and knifing you.Sprinting: Almost half of your gameplay is about sprinting. Sprinting away (SHIFT) allows you run away from surprise enemy gunfire or from danger. Sprinting of course allows you to travel more quicker across a massive map.Aim Down: This is pretty obvious since it gradually helps your accuracy and focus. However, you should aim down appropriately as it decreases awareness around your area. Using Gadgets: All four classes have specific gadgets to help assist you in battle, from healing to repairing, supplying to scouting. However, use your gadgets at the right time and make it useful.Reload: It may be obvious, but when you are in the middle of a gunfight, you are screwed. So reload whenever possible and lock and load.Firing at Ranges: Never go full auto when a enemy is 1000m away, it is of course very inaccurate and you should use careful but quick burst fire/single shots upon a enemy that is distant from you.Q key: Ah yes, the spot key. It is legitimately very useful to reveal enemies and makes you more focused in using different tactics to eliminate enemies. This is also good for your team, as you can get points for spot assist. 3. Game Mechanics With frostbite 3 and a couple of other things, BF4 is a improved BF3 that has more "things". However, a new thing-a-ma-jig called Levolution is basically destruction of a specific thing (aka the only awesome destruction and is not awesome as BF:BC2) Basically, you do specific things in order to cause some destruction. Like for the skyscraper, take out its supports and it goes boom, crashing in the water while you jump off with a parachute and debris flying all over the place. Of course, it can get awkward afterwards as it is very unusual for a skyscraper to turn into only a pile of rubble during the levolution event. On the other hand, there are a couple of mini levolutions like turning the lights off or shooting plants. Unfortunately, the big game levolutions are on vanilla maps and there are quite a few in DLC packs. Of course, the rest of the mechanics are game realism to military wars. 4. Essential Controls WASD - Movement Mouse - Fire=LMB, Aim=RMB, Weapon Change=MMB CTRL - Crouch Z - Prone F - Knife Q - Spot Space - Jump SHIFT - Run, Hold Breath R - Reload G - Grenade H - Big Minimap E - Interact 1 - Primary Gun 2 - Secondary Gun 3 - Gadget 1 4 - Gadget 2 F1/F2/F3/F4/F5/F6 - Change Seats V - Fire Modes T - Torchlight/Laser Sight Backspace - Battlelog HOLD R - Pick up Gun Tab - Scoreboard J - All chat K - Squad chat l - Team chat HOLD Q - Tactical Visor 5. Advanced Tips & Strategies (COMING SOON)
  11. After joining the AJSA, I felt that this community is really a great potential (and it really is) and is by far friendly. However, over the past months I feel really neglected by those in the AJSA community. I don't have a microphone, I only type which is pretty much my only communication. Most people just ignore what I type. The problems I have are: *Feeling rejected from other people *Ignored by High Rankings like a peasant *No response to text/Ignoring valuable ingame information *When in TS3 and ingame, text is ignored when I speak to TS3 people. *When I help people or offer a ride/things to give, they simply ignore it I wish to refrain any AJSA related activities until I stop refraining.
  12. So guys, I want a decent view of how E S O is. Is it crap, good or horrible? Is it worth it's price? Tell me. Does it have those annoying things that ALL MMOs have? Thank you -Eric Cartman
  13. Hello guys, I just wanted to make this post for PC games recommendations. I am really bored from playing the same games over and over. I want PC games that are fun, awesome, and long enough for me to enjoy everything.
  14. Made this to correct Angry Joe's character without being a red lantern and become the true commander of the AJSA, enjoy.
  15. Hello all! I am announcing a project to make a unofficial and community made AJSA trailer that represents our purpose and how we play in games competitively! INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING: •Michael Bay •More Michael Bay •Wub wubs wubs •Michael bay wubs wubs •AJSA purpose •Explosions This trailer will be created by volunteers that would like to help me in producing such a fascinating and hilarious trailer! In order to apply to help create the trailer, you must do the following: Tell me what you specialize in Video making - 3D Effects/Visuals, Music, Editing, or Animation. Send a friend request to me on steam (My steam can be found in my signature here on the forums) I will tell each of you a set of instructions in creating the trailer. There will involve file sharing and downloading, so free up some space in your computer memory. VOLUNTEER LIST: •DrXenoPootis - Main Creator/Author/Director
  16. Hey guys, I've just gotten the regular version of BF4 (no dlc). I am a complete newbie Battlefield player and would like some advice from the community Please tell me what the mechanics are, how they work, what settings should I have, and etc. I am a experienced FPS player, I have played COD, TF2, Borderlands 2, Counter Strike, and plenty of other games (I am not so pro at COD/Counter Strike) Also, I may want to know if I need the China whatever DLC for to join in the AJSA Servers or if they are just regular.
  17. I made this in order to know other people's favorite songs! Come on, don't be shy!
  18. Well one day on Planetside 2 I was helping turning back over a plane right? My tank's turret suddenly spazzed out and my tank exploded. The plane also spazzed out and was actually flying into the ground. It also exploded. There was also a time on Team Fortress 2 where I killed a heavy with a huntsman into his right leg and he was struck to the ground. His arms and legs were flailing everywhere while being stuck in the ground. Well, most of my moments are about spazzing out. What are yours?
  19. After watching the NA vs EU BF4 livestream, I feel that there was really something missing from this community. Something that has celebrations and fun. Something where we can all get together and goof off. Something where we can accomplish our greatest achievements. The annual AJSA Gaming Olympics. It will have a lot of live streams up consisting of the following people: Angry Joe himself, Delrith, and the AJSAgaming channels. ​These live streams can consist of bunch of people competing in the same game. Ops may happen during this day and other events. Qualifying games for Olympics: Planetside 2, Dota 2, SWTOR, Warframe, War Thunder, LoL, and Battlefield 4. Events such as races, tournaments, and what not can be planned to this single day. This can be a very entertaining and hilarious gathering for all AJSA members. However, I will leave it to the high ranks to decide if this is going to happen. I hope many other people will support this as well. EXAMPLE OF A OLYMPICS: Forum Thread: The 1st Annual Gaming Olympics Livestreams up: AngryJoe - MOBAs, Delrith - Community approved games, and AJSAgaming - Tournaments. Op #5 Planetside 2 LoL tournament Some sort of a spectator commentary on each livestream Giveaways This idea popped out of my head as I watched the BF4 tournament on 1/12/14. This is a very interesting idea in my opinion.
  20. The place to talk about several classics many people loved during their childhood. It features from Rise of Nations, Age of Empires, Command and Conquer, to anything that is an old strategy game. I love. Rise of Legends. I even play it today.
  21. Well after watching several streams of both AngryJoe, AJSA_Delrith, and AJSAGaming I feel empty. Mainly Delrith and Gaming streams, those do not have much enthusiasm and made me feel a bit bored honestly. (Not trying to be mean here ) I mean, there's not enough "HOLLYWOOD MICHAEL BAY ACTION IN 3D FIVE STARS" stuff in those livestreams (except for Joe's streams). Delrith/Gaming streams should be a little similar to Joe's streams. Those streams that are unpopular (they usually have 16-50 people watching which is way too low) but they are really competitive and downright serious. The streams need just a little comedy and action, followed with long discussions. By the way, Delrith/Gaming streams are really good (maybe nostalgic) to watch. You guys should really check them out. However, I keep seeing people coming on the streams and thought Joe was streaming. (A bit ridiculous) Then they quit the streams and just never stay. I was annoyed at least. On the other hand, the community really needs to get involved a bit more. ​When games are approved officially, a lot of people come on the game. Then, after a few days the game's clan/guild has only a few people online. This also applies to Teamspeak 3, which there is not a lot of people in it. (Come on guys Teamspeak also has chat and mic. Don't be afraid. We accept everyone. Even if you are 12 or any other age) See, when a game gets approved (the topic usually has a lot of views and posts) I would expect a lot of people ingame and in teamspeak. However, out of all those views and posts there is not much people ingame. For example, SWTOR. It was approved and had a bunch of views/posts. Then after a while, not much people came on. I made this because some of these things got on my nerves a bit.
  22. I feel that AJSA should sell tablet and phone cases.
  23. Ever wondered the "Behind Scenes" of a game we all know and love? Ever wanted to learn dark secrets and truth of a game? The Game Theorists is a very interesting channel I have came upon (and AngryJoeShow, no worries no butthurt), they explain in depth information. Their videos explain a certain game into a theory, using mind-fucking mathematics and science. Please note I do not intend to offend, disgrace, or anything negative AJSA in any way. I love both the Angry Joe Show and The Game Theorists all together. The Game Theorists offers much interesting content and also entertaining. It is highly recommended if you want to ruin your childhood and get mindfucked. http://www.youtube.com/user/MatthewPatrick13 - Game Theorists Channel
  24. I, made this for people that do not get people in their liberators a whole lot or for people that want to solo liberators.
  25. Unfortunately, It has come to my attention that AJA is getting known for being a giant cert and xp farming victim and usually die a lot. Literally, a lot. AJA is getting more and more members that are completely new and do not intend to learn what is going on and what to do in the game. I have made this guide for any future members of the AJA outfit, so sit back and enjoy. PART 1: Introduction: Planetside 2 is a giant, vast, and michael bay free to play first person shooter that allows complete cooperation and teamwork skills. It is a game where you can not get a lot of kills, unfortunately. It is a game where you have to work together and capture/defend a certain base. There are a total of 3 factions you can play on: Vanu Sovereignty - Most notable for its advanced laser technology and alien influence. The Purple guys. New Conglomerate - Most notable for its hard hitting weapons and sweet ass music. The Blue guys.Terran Republic - Most notable for its fantastic technology and where the AJSA people play on. The Red guys.​ These 3 factions fight on 3 different continents and may consist of giant battlefields of 48+ players against 48+ players. Planetside 2 is a very excellent game. ============================================================================= PART 2: Knowing what to do: When you start off the game, you get to pick your faction and then create your character. Then, you have to pick a server that best fits your location. (Watterson is where AJSA plays on and is NA East) After that, you are set in a tutorial type training that explains the basic mechanics of the game. Next, you are deployed in a VR training that allows you to practice combat and learn a bit more knowledge of the game. If you get satisfied and feel comfortable about getting into a actual battlefield, then warp to a another continent. You can warp by using a terminal that has a globe on its screen. Now, the 3 continents that you can warp to are: Indar - A most desert type continent filled with flora and some grass. It is usually conquered by the Vanu Sovereignty and in my opinion where most action is.Esamir - A snowy continent that is filled with rock spikes that glow and obviously snow. It is usually conquered by either the Terran Republic or the New Conglomerate. This is where a bit action happens at.Amerish - A grassy continent that is a land of vast plains and grasslands. It is usually conquered by either the Terran Republic. There is barely any action here, but it depends on what happens.When deployed in a continent, you start off in a warpgate which is like the command base of each faction on a continent. Warpgates are enemy free and usually where the air support comes from. Warpgate can also allow you to warp to other continents as well. You can deploy from the warpgate to a battlefield that is happening by using transport or redeploying to another location. The giant and most heavily fought battlefields can be found on the map by its explosions popping everywhere on the certain Hex on the map. Battlefields depend on the structure itself, like Bio Labs, Tech Plants, Amp Stations, Outposts, etc. ============================================================================= Part 3: The Controls: WASD or Arrow Keys - Movement LMB - Shoot RMB - Aim down Sights Shift - Run Ctrl - Duck Enter - Chat Alt - Enable Cursor M - Map P - Squad/Platoon/Outfit ESC - Menu Tab - View Scoreboard/Alert Q - Tag E - Interact F - Melee B - Change Fire Modes ============================================================================= Part 4: Playstyles and Gameplay: You are then set in a battlefield, correct? Then, you are now dead. So why? Well, either you picked a bad class you do not like or just simply died. This part explains what best suits your playstyle and how you can benefit to the battlefield. Here are the 5 classes: Infiltrator (aka Sniper or Sabotager) - A class where you snipe out highly threatening targets and sabotage enemy equipment and bases. Your arsenal is a sniper rifle, a pistol, and a special gun that has bullets that detect enemy activity 25m unless upgraded. This class is most used in the outskirts of a battlefield or in a empty base that will get attacked later on. Your main goal as a Infiltrator is to support your Faction in succeeding to conquer a base. Light Assault (aka Soldiers) - A class where you are the frontline soldiers and deal some intense damage. Your arsenal is a assault rifle and a pistol. This class can be used in any situation and any location of a battlefield. This class can also allow you to maneuver across battles quickly by using a jetpack and you can also flank enemy positions. Your main goal as a Light Assault is to fight the enemy head on to capture a base. Combat Medic (aka Medics) - A class where you heal and revive soldiers to fulfill complete assaults on a base. Your arsenal is a assault rifle, a pistol, and a healing gun. This class is best used in the back of a assaulting group against a base, in the outskirts of a battle, or inside the base to keep up the pressure of attacks. Your healing gun is most used to heal friendly soldiers and revive dead ones. Your main goal as a Combat Medic is to support your allies and be concerned about their survival. Engineer (aka Mechanical Engineers) - A class where you repair vehicles, equipment, and maxes. Your arsenal is the same as the light assault, except you have a repair gun. This class can support rushing groups of maxes, armies of tanks, and fleets of aircraft. Your main goal is to repair the vehicles and maxes to fulfill their survival of winning over the battlefield. Heavy Assault (aka Massive Damage) - A class where you can take out vehicles or aircraft and flush out a enemy's position. Your arsenal is a light machine gun, a pistol, and a rocket launcher. This class is best used in the battlefields like Light Assault people and intentionally used to attack enemy vehicles. Your rocket launcher is most lethal and can deal a massive amount of damage if used correctly. Your main goal as a Heavy Assault is to deal the most damage as possible. Max (aka Mech robot) - A class where you are a big mech and usually tank against the enemy. Your arsenal is 2 hand weapons that can be either machine guns or launchers. This class can be used to tank against the enemy during a assault or to charge forward a group to capture a base. Your main goal as a Max is to tank and deal some intense damage. ============================================================================= Part 5: Upgrading: You have the ability to upgrade your equipment, weapons, and vehicles by using certs. Certs are the game's currency that allows you to buy weapons, attachments, abilities, suit additions, grenades, and utilities. Unfortunately, all of these things come with a hefty cert price so you are going to pay wisely. Upgrading stuff is adding addons such as zoom functions on a vehicle's machine gun turret. Upgrades can turn the tide of the battlefield a bit and can end in a win. Each class has its own special ability and special equipment to be used in the battle. Almost everything can have addons and upgrades in the game. Useful utilities such as medical kits and C4 can help maintain your survival or take out a whole group of enemy infantry. ============================================================================= Part 6: Tips: After reading a hefty guide full of information, you probably have the urge to play Planetside 2 right now. Guess what, stay the fuck here until I finish telling you the guide. Here are some lovely tips: Q Every enemy related stuff, you will tag them and hopefully other friendly soldiers will take them out so you can get XP for tagging. If you get shot at, immediately get out or get in cover. Do not underestimate a class/vehicle. Communicate and cooperate with your team more often. If a medic, revive anyone as soon as possible unless you are getting attacked by a army. If a max, shoot and get in cover. You will die if you stay in the open for too long. Travel to hexes on the map that are flashing and have explosions everywhere. Buy essential upgrades that will benefit to your class that you play the most and vehicles that you would like to upgrade often. Do not go rambo. Rocket physics matter in this game, no straight shots. To avoid this, shoot upwards a bit upon a enemy. Press V to open up a voice menu for some game communication such as (I need Repair, I need a medic, etc) Press P for your squad/platoon/outfit and M for the map. Press U to redeploy onto another battlefield. Use ALT to use your cursor for chat types (General, Squad, Platoon, Outfit) Do not kill someone that is on your side that killed you. Max your Flight Sensitivity for easy dogfight and flying. Upgrade all vehicle weapons that have zoom optics and ammo (both cost 1 cert) Do not jerk off in the spawn. Do not go idle for so long. If your scope on a weapon has a steady shot functionality, shift. Do not attempt to be a dream ace fighter in your plane. If you hipfire, do it when the enemy is bigger than your crosshairs (credit to Weynard's genius guide) Aim down the sights often at long to med to close ranges unless enemy is so close. Use your special ability often. Use PgDown to open up vehicle permissions for other people. (Open, Squad/Platoon only, Locked) Seek a medic as soon as possible if you have your health almost depleted. Duck if a enemy is engaging you in combat. If a Infiltrator, Cloak before and after a sniper shot. If a Light Assault, use your jetpack wisely. If a Heavy Assault, attempt to shoot out strong enemy nests, turrets, and vehicles. If a engineer, repair every ally stuff. Run away if a army is approaching. ============================================================================= Part 7: Video Guide: ============================================================================= Conclusion: Well, that is the end of my guide. All AJSA members can be found on Watterson (NA east) or the european server that is listed in another forum post. If you need a invite to the outfit of AJA, feel free to join a squad and ask. I know Weynard has made a guide for this game, I made a guide to explain it a little bit. Don't forget, AJSA is on Terran Republic. Server is Watterson NA East. See you on the battlefield, Soldier.